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Most web designers and developers, and even clients who hire these services, focus on what should be displayed on the site. However, the irony is that with the addition of important features on web pages, equal attention should be given to eliminating unwanted and outdated features. Just like fertilizing the field, focus on weeding! So when you develop or develop a website, then along with the ‘flaws’ on the site, pay attention and ‘have no’. This will give a balanced image of the website to the surfer’s networks.


Keep in mind the interests of net surfers. They are the ones who need to convert to potential customers. Most sites aim to create and maintain a market. These potential customers visit the website to find out more about the products rather than about them unless you happen to be known. So putting your photo on the homepage would definitely belong to the ‘none’ on the website.


Although graphics are a good idea to catch the attention of online surfers or make a website attractive to them, but many graphical attachments, diagrams, charts, photos and photos will make visitors feel like they are wasting their time. This, of course, makes them think that a website is less a website and more an album full of photos.

Imagine what the reader would feel if the book merely displayed graphics without explaining the theory on which the graphics are based. The bad thing is, if a website only shows pictures and no details, the visitor is bound to think that his download site was OK. However, insert a graphic or two wherever you really need it.


Similar to graphics, time-consuming videos can also distract the visitor from visiting the complete website. As a result, he may not be aware of the detailed product details. It would not be able to generate a market or even maintain an already acquired one. Videos should only be integrated into the site when necessary.

Keep the site friendly

Remember to put the website online for the purposes of the visitor. So, keep it user friendly. It should not be difficult for a visitor to explore the site, otherwise they will think again the next time they visit the same page.

Keep the language used on your site simple and straightforward. The user should easily understand this. Do not use jargon. After all, menus should be simple to make navigation easier.

Additionally, you may occasionally update your site. The information should not only be updated, but also easily accessible with the click of a mouse. When a visitor clicks with the mouse, a webpage should open rather than an error message that the page cannot be displayed or is in the repair phase. If there are any bad connections, replace them with a functional one as early as possible.

Remember no one likes a boring job. So make it easy for the visitor. After all, it will affect your business. Helping your website visitor will help you grow your business.

Don’t overdo it

Only compliments get nothing. Of course, present all the plus points of your business, but don’t overdo it. No buyers will win you over. On the contrary, they may get bored and start downloading another site.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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