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Left a a huge mistake.

And yet, I see it happening all the time.

And the marketer or business owner is so focused on what they are selling that they forget to think about who they are selling to.

It’s a kiss of death for a marketing campaign and sometimes even for an entire business.

You may have the biggest product on the planet, but if you’ve tried to sell it to another person – never go for a hit on sales.

It is bad why it is so important to understand the customer’s avatar (AKA the buyer).

Well that’s why we created Customer avatar letter (that you can download for FREE) to help you document everything about the client avatar.

Before you can effectively sell anything, you need to understand …

  • What are their problems

But as a matter of fact to do all that?

Anxious concern – do your best to dig into the details further in this post. First, I want to make sure you understand why customer avatars are so important, and why I call them a marketing “army knife”.

Knife marketing army of Switzerland

Digital Marketing consists of many different disciplines.

Related content marketing, e-marketing, paid traffic, product creation, social media, copywriting, analytics … the list goes on.

Each of these disciplines has its own unique skill set.

But knowing how to identify a customer’s avatar is one of the few skills that applies to every marketing discipline. Swiss Army Knife – you can use it in any marketing discipline.

For example…

  • Content marketing: By knowing your avatar, you can determine which blog posts, videos, podcasts, Leading magnetsetc. you should create to attract more customers and clients
  • Paid traffic: Knowing your avatar, you can find out from which ad platforms you should buy traffic – and from what targeting options you have to use
  • Product creationA: Knowing your avatar will help you create the product that your customers need
  • Copywriting: Knowing your avatar helps explain your suggestions in a way that speaks to your avatar’s problems and makes them want to buy
  • Email Marketing: Knowing your avatar will help you get more open bids and higher conversions in your emails … and can even be used to segment specifics email marketing campaigns on different avatars

Any part of the marketing and trading process that “affects” the customer (that’s almost all) improve when you understand the customer’s avatar.

If you understand the characteristics of the person who is going to buy your products and services, make it much easier find and present them with a message that pushes them to action.

(Download the client’s avatar email for FREE and get started now.)

One of the avatars of our clients looks at an example.

Example of a client’s avatar: Meet Eric’s agency

One of our products at DigitalMarketer is ours Certification classes. These trainings include exams, certificates and badges – plus, we also give you third party credentials that you can post on your website, at LinkedIn, resume and so on.

So who could make this product a good customer? We have identified 4 separate buyer staffs:

  • Freelance Marketing: Interested in training and certifications to differentiate yourself from competing freelancers
  • Marketing Agency Owner: Interested in trainings and certifications to sharpen the marketing skills of its employees, so its agency can provide more / better services to clients.
  • Employee: Interested in trainings and certificates to excel at work or secure a new job or promotion in an existing company
  • Business owner: Interested in training and certifications to improve his own marketing skills and the skills of members of his internal marketing team

As a result, 4 new “Customer Avatars” were born. Here’s one of them, “Marketing Agency Owner,” – you call it Eric’s Agency.

Client's Avatar Letter: Eric's Agency

Rather go through it Customer avatar letter, step by step.

Customer avatars: what to include

There are 5 main components for a client avatar:

  • Goals and values
  • Sources of information
  • Demographic information
  • Problems and pain
  • Objections and roles

In some cases we need to conduct a survey and in fact to talk with existing customers find out who your customer avatar is and what they need from you.

In other cases, get acquainted with the characteristics of your ideal customer.

In any case, move forward.

Expect expectations to conduct surveys or interviews to create your first avatar project.

Make assumptions where you have neither data nor feedback, and put them in your short list of tasks to complete the research if you can.

At the same time, the benefits of having an avatar are already built – even if you have to go back and test a few assumptions you’ve made.

We will now consider each section Customer avatar letter.

Goals and values

The best way to start is to think about goals and values ​​that are important to your ideal client.

Here’s what we came up with for Eric Eric:

Goals and values ​​on the customer's avatar letter

Write down the goals and values ​​they have concerns the products and services you offer. You used this information to find out …

  • Product creation
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Email Marketing

For example, we know that Eric is interested in “increasing his team’s capabilities”.

We could compose an email on this avatar by promoting ours Content marketing certification with the topic:

Let’s train your team in the context of marketing

This should catch the attention of Eric’s agency.

Sources of information

This section of the client avatar worksheet is crucial for determining “where” your client avatar is.

  • Where do they hang out (both online and in person)?
  • What materials do they read?
  • Which gurus do they follow?

This is information can help you determine the best places advertise online to your avatar.

Customer avatar letter: sources of information

To complete this section, use “But no one else will.” trick. You have completed the following sentences:

  • My ideal client would read [BOOK]but no one else wanted.
  • My perfect client signed up for [MAGAZINE]but no one else wanted.
  • My ideal client would attend [CONFERENCE]but no one else wanted.


The idea is to find niche books, magazines, blogs, conferences, gurus, etc. that only your ideal customer would attract.

For example, if you are in the golf products market – you want to appoint Tiger Woods as a guru. Tiger is a famous golfer … however, so does everyone else.

Instead, choose a more golfer in a niche like Rory McElroy. The average non-golfer knows who he is – but your customer’s avatar will.

When buying traffic from ad platforms like Facebook, is often capable better target your audience by focusing on those niche interests– To exclude prospects less than ideal.

Demographic information

Applying demographic information can really help enliven the customer’s avatar.

Customer avatar letter: demographic information

Of course, this section includes all the usual facts – for example, a person’s age, gender, marital status, income, job title and so on.

We believe that filling in the “Quote” field is one of our favorite parts of this section. Submitting your avatar quote can be especially helpful to get into your client’s head.

Forget FREE to upload your avatar worksheet.

This section can also be useful when choosing targeting options on ad platforms such as Facebook. In our case, we might want our goal to include people with a college degree or people earning at least $ 150,000 a year.

Demographics can also help with writing content, emails or sales copies. Try it: pretend that your avatar is sitting at the table away from you. Write the words you would say to them in a normal conversation.

You’re looking for demographic information, such as age, gender, and location, to give your person a look and feel that will help you communicate more convincingly to them.

Problems and pain

Next, think about the problems, issues and painful moments in the life of the client’s avatar.

Customer avatar letter: problems and points from pain

This information can help you in several ways.

On the one hand, it can help push ideas for new products or services that can help solve your avatar’s problems.

It will also help you write a copy and advertisement that reflects their pain points, forcing them to act.

For example, when selling certificates to Eric, we want to hit the pain points, for example …

Are you tired of losing offers simply because you provide marketing content to your customers? Certify your team with DigitalMarketer’s master’s thesis content course and certification to help keep customers charging higher prices.

These …

Do you feel like your agency is constantly struggling to keep up with the fast-paced digital marketing scene? Sign up for DigitalMarketer HQ to automate the learning process and keep your team up to date with the latest marketing strategies.

It will be so to copy get an answer from Eric’s agency as he directly talks about the challenges facing his business.

Objections and role in the purchase process

Finally, think about the reasons why your customer avatar may choose NOT to buy your product or service. These are called “objections”. they need to be addressed in your marketing.

Customer avatar: objections and role in the buying process

For example, if we know that Eric is concerned about the amount of time his team members will “go out of pocket” to get certified, we can send an email with a topic such as …

Content marketing content (one business day)

The phrase “in one working day” helps to overcome his objection by assuring Eric’s agency that his team will only need one day to pass the certification.

You also need to determine the role of your avatar in the buying process.

  • Are they the main decision-making bodies?
  • Do they influence the decision?

If your avatar is not the main decision-maker, he needs to come up with a strategy to address who that person is.

Understanding your ideal customer’s decision-making process is paramount to the success of your marketing and trading campaigns.

Create multiple avatars

Start by creating one avatar – but always focus on what you have achieved. There are almost certainly a few ideal buyers in your business.

Once you get the hanging, it starts beating multiple avatars representing different segments of your market.

Any profitable market segment with a clear set of goals, sources of information, pain points, etc. deserves the customer’s avatar.

Forget FREE to upload your avatar worksheet.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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