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Loyalty programs and referrals can provide your brand with important customer information, such as their shopping behavior and program engagement. But knowing how your customers barbecue Within your program is different from knowing how your customers are feel about your brand.

While fidelity data is key to better segmentation, it provides insight into the real customer feel – but, your can learn feelings from the ratings and opinions of your customers.

We introduced ourselves first Segments Plus so that brands can create detailed customer segments using loyalty data and referrals. We are now excited to announce key data points with ratings and reviews in the Plus segments, empowering brands to build a unique customer segmentation that combines customer behavior with customer feeling.

With more data, brands build better segments

Yotpo now sends customers’ number of views (including number of positive and negative reviews). average asterisk. the average rating of feelings and the rating of the last review, directly to the plus segment. This platform approach provides your brand with a tool to combine mood with the actual way of buying so you can make faster, more informed business decisions.

For example, if you only know that it is your customer made a purchase but has not yet made a recommendation, you actually know if it’s a customer like your brand. But if you know the customer he also left a very positive opinion about that purchase, you now know that the customer is most likely a brand representative – and you can compose a more personalized message with a request to instruct a friend.

Here are just a few high-conversion segments that your brand can create using rating and review data in Plus segments:

  • Target customers with high average ratings of opinions in their reviews who never left a recommendation to encourage them to participate in the recommendation program.
  • Customers of the segment that left low grade on their last review and then offer them bonus points re-engage them to make another purchase.
  • Select VIP customers who have left more than one product review, and then direct them toward messages that encourage them refer your friends.
  • Find customers who have earned points for leaving reviews, but it is never redeemed points, then send an email suggesting they spend points on relevant product based on past purchases.

By accessing this data across multiple platforms in the Plus segments, brands can make decisions that make better revenue faster.

How I start?

For Yotpo Customer Reviews and Ratings, this information will automatically appear in Segments Plus, For customer loyalty and referrals, visit Segments Plus today to take advantage of these additional segmentation features. For more information, see ours support article.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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