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PITTSBURGH, Feb. 25th, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Tru e commerce announced today that College outside, an online retailer of outdoor classroom teaching equipment for students and students, has successfully simplified links with key vendors with TrueCommerce Drop Ship and eCommerce solutions. In a recent success story, a global provider of connectivity, integration, and integrated trading solutions analyzed how its unified trading platform helped a new merchant eliminate manual bottlenecks and errors by automating the exchange of order and inventory data.

College Outside is an online retailer of outdoor equipment for outdoor education groups and students. This innovative company uses a drop shipping business model to sell products to more than 50 leading outside brands at a deep discount to their customers.

Working with so many brands presents tremendous day-to-day challenges around sharing order and stock information in multiple forms, as well as updating product availability on the College Outside website. This ongoing manual activity limits business growth and can adversely affect user experience by introducing errors and delays.

More connected, with unique integration and automation
To get more regular and accurate inventory updates as well as more timely shipping and tracking data, College Outside leveraged cloud-based integration made possible by the eCommerce TrueCommerce platform and customizable collaboration tools across the supply chain.

TrueCommerce worked directly with College Outside vendors to connect their systems to the reseller eCommerce platform. Integration automates the exchange of critical supply chain data to accelerate fulfillment, debug and reduce inventory.

Sarah Lockwood, Founder and CEO, explains: “Cloud-based technology on the TrueCommerce portal acts as a” middleware “between our eCommerce platform TrueCommerce Nexternal and our vendor systems. It brings automation that ensures that we get the correct stock updates, that our suppliers receive our orders, and that we get order status and tracking information from suppliers in a timely manner – very cool! “

The new integration also benefits College Outside vendors, helping to eliminate manual efforts, delays, and errors at their end.

The seller launched the new program with two key brands in October 2019. They plan to move more brands to a new, integrated workflow over time.

Prepared for what follows, with end-to-end delivery automation
When a customer places an order through the Shop Outside web store, it is automatically processed at the item level of the item, and orders are sent to all participating brands.

“Unlike most e-commerce platforms, TrueCommerce Nexternal can process line item orders out of the box,” Ms notes. Lockwood. “With our new integration, some line items are now redirected through the TrueCommerce Supplemental Portal and then on to brands as PO.”

Two brands that integrate through the TrueCommerce platform receive order makers directly into their order management systems. Then the vendor automatically returns the order confirmation. When a vendor drops an order, the solution automatically sends shipment return and tracking information, which is updated by the College Outside Nexternal e-commerce system. Nexternal then automatically notifies the customer that his order has been shipped and provides tracking information. College Outside also automatically provides an invoice for the shipped order, including shipping and freight costs.

“Persec all very clean, transparent and organized,” Ms. Lockwood State says. “Under the hood, data is exchanged using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), but our team displays the documents in human-readable PDF or CSV formats.”

Creating the best possible user experience
Integration with your vendors through the TrueCommerce Help Portal and e-commerce solution provides critical support for the College Outside Unique Business Model.

“Automation takes a huge burden off our team and allows us to scale up as we add new suppliers and increase sales,” Ms. Lockwood emphasizes. “More importantly, it enables us to create the best customer experience we can – ensuring that our website is consistently reflected in inventory, speeding up delivery time and ensuring customers are quick to order and track data.”

More supported, with responsible, dedicated customer service teams
College Outside’s commitment to streamline delivery orders is consistent with TrueCommerce support.

“The TrueCommerce vendor portal team is incredibly responsive and professional,” said Ms. Lockwood. “We trusted them to represent us with our suppliers and this experience was completely positive. Whenever a problem arises, they respond immediately and go into troubleshooting. “

College Outside has been a TrueCommerce Nexternal client for over five years, and the experience has been the same.

“Our TrueCommerce Nexternal account manager and support team were amazing,” Ms. Lockwood reports. “We worked with them through many iterations of our site. They go on to create the tools we need or help us customize our ecommerce platform, to support our unique business model and help us grow. “

The combined platform helps College Outside become a more agile and efficient team.

“Instead of being forced to hire a team of engineers to build the supply chain platform we need, get started with TrueCommerce – and it’s really great,” Ms. Lockwood shares. “I would definitely recommend this solution. Especially in terms of cost and ease of use, this is a great option for any onboarding company that works with multiple suppliers. “

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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