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The first step in marketing to someone is understanding. Start learning what their common fears, frustrations, pain, or urgency are. See what they want and who they want to be. What is their current view of the world? What situations do they experience? Are there irrational fears, desires, thoughts, or fantasies that amuse them? The question then becomes “Where can I find this type of information?”

There are many ways to research the market on the internet to find the answers to these questions. Look for research tools and strategies that will save both time and money for you as a marketer. Think of these tools and strategies as ways to “hide” your work and ethically spy on your competitors. You will enter the mind of your target audience and look for emotional words, phrases or patterns that develop. Collecting this information allows you to compose the most relevant message that will capture the attention of your ideal prospects and draw them to you. Below are the top 5 quick and easy quick research strategies and how they can be used to optimize your research:

1) Google Search Tool and Keywords – This is a primary market research tool because they are far and away the industry leader in the number of searches performed. There are two ways to use this valuable tool.

The first is to go to the Google search box and start typing in words that relate to your product or industry. As you type them in the search box, Google begins to list possible search results based on what you think you’re looking for. Pay attention to words and expressions as they can be very valuable to you.

You can also go to This is a free search and keyword tool that provides you with information on how many people search for a particular keyword or phrase over a period of one month. Enter some of your keywords and you will begin to see the power of this particular tool. You can also use this tool to enter your website domain, and Google will search and tell you the most powerful keywords associated with that site.

This is just search engine statistics and has nothing to do with the websites, blogs, and other sites on the web that your customers are on. That’s just one tool.

2) Twitter Search – This is one of the most valuable tools on the internet because it allows you to see what’s happening in people’s heads in real time and even join their conversations if you wish. This gives great content in very concise words, as Twitter requires that each post be no longer than 140 characters. It cuts the flakes of writing and comes to the meat. Go to Type words or search topics related to your niche and start looking at the emotional hot keys around that topic or word.

3) Group and forum posts – These are places where people who have similar passions meet to share ideas. The best places to start are with Google Groups or yahoo groups and enter the most basic keyword or phrase that has to do with your product or service or the main benefit your products promote and see what groups are out there. Join a few and then just hang out and listen to what’s being said here. Also pay special attention to people who write a lot of content. These are people to friends. As you post on the forums, be very clear about what you post and when you post. Be sure your posts add value whenever you can.

One quick caution: it is very easy to get bored of spending a few hours a day in these forums and groups, but keep in mind that your main goal at the moment is to research the market. Be sure to look for patterns and emoticons for quick posting in posts.

4) Spying online and out of competition – Start looking at various review websites and offline and online publications. A great review site is Many of the products they promote have customer reviews. You can start by comparing and comparing the benefits of your products with what reviewers say about purchases. People who care enough to write these reviews are very active examples of your target market.

When looking at trade magazines, pay special attention to the advertisements that are running as they can give you some great ideas for your own copy. If you have the opportunity to follow the publication for a few months, see which ads consistently run from month to month. These are the ones that work for advertisers and may contain valuable information about your target audience.

5) Perspective interviews and surveys – This is probably the most important tool of all, and the least used by traders. There is no better medium to explore than talking to someone about his needs, desires, wants and fears. The idea is to schedule regular phone calls with people who are looking for what you have to offer. This requires you to develop note taking skills and intense listening.

As you ask survey questions, you can answer them with absolute precision. This allows you to start building trust in people as you learn how to meet their needs, and by repeating what they say, they will feel heard and believe that the next logical step is to follow your lead.

You will need to do at least 100 of these types of surveys as they will not only give you a lot of insight into the needs, wants and desires of your prospects around what you offer, but will also help you gain more certainty of what you offer and how you can help meet the needs

Some other tools not widely known that will enhance market research are Quantcast, Alltop and Google Trends.

Quantcast is an online measurement service that monitors Internet behaviors and organizes and analyzes frequent websites. Take a look at websites that reach an audience. This allows you to observe how sites advertise to their audience.

Alltop will show you the main titles and most visited blogs in your category. You simply type in a keyword or category.

Google Trends allows you to compare different search terms against each other. It will graph your search volume history as well as relevant headlines and news related to your search.

In the next article, we will look at how to “narrow your niche” by developing your ideal outlook. Keep an eye on it!

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Diane McCain




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