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Sometimes we like to imagine how it was at the initial marketing meeting for Chia Pet.

hedgehog chia pet

Marketing Manager: “Launch a new product. A terracotta animal that you cover with seeds that then germinate, similar to animal fur. Start faster by coming up with customer avatar

The №1 marketer slowly raises his hand: “Um … maybe avid gardeners who need a project for pets … understand? … In the winter, when they’re too cold to grow vegetables?”

Marketing №2 will sound: “It can work. Or maybe cunning bloggers-moms looking for a new creative medium for their art?”

The marketing manager writes down both ideas. “Both are great ideas. I think both of these viewers could really achieve characters with this product.”

Then the marketer № 3 raises his hand. “Actually, I think the perfect customer avatar is literally everyone in the world. I mean, we look at our customer avatar letter:

  • Goals and values? One who loves all things beautiful, who wants things to blossom before their eyes. All the chias are beautiful … obviously.
  • Sources of information? Someone is looking everywhere for a small bright spot every day, cleaning the Internet, watching TV, looking out his window …
  • Demographic information? Old and young! Man or woman! Who loves a plant that germinates from seemingly barren clay?
  • Problems and pain points? In a world where many things dry up and shrink, something so bright and magical can solve so many problems.
  • Objections?Is this really a unicorn plant? It does! How can anyone object?

The room is silent.

The eyes of the marketing manager light up.

Everyone starts slowly clapping their hands, then they whip the marketer № 3 into the air, cheering loudly when he beats the crowd around the office, when people throw glitter and confetti.

Well, that’s what happened. In fact, there are rumors i.e.Chia Pet’s marketing plan hatched at the bar after a clever marketer saw terracotta animals at the show. Like the marketer № 3, he saw a whimsical, eclectic product, and instead of throwing it in a dovecote, just a sold-out-sticky-gift shop, he saw opportunities. Opportunities that led to the run over three decades sell more than 500,000 units per year.

A lesson?

Chia pets are amazing.

The end.

Good, good. In addition, a brilliant marketing plan can sell any product – yes, any product – to multimillion-dollar businesses. There are hundreds of examples. Think Zucchini pot and Pu-Pura and HelloPlo Period Packages. In each case, a product with a seemingly limited audience and a tough market exploded into huge, viral money.

And if Squatty Potty can sell $ 33 million in toilet stools a year, imagine what you can do with your product.

All you need to do is as a marketer № 3 and go beyond marketing “the way we always did” and come up with a plan that not only decides your ideal buyer but also how you reach that customer and how to show them value in what you are trying to sell them.

How to do it?

Well, you have to go to the bar with your team. (Though you can.) And you have to embarrass yourself by making videos with united unicorns or uterine piñatas. (But then again, if you want, you can.)

Instead, you need vision.

Rainbow Unicorn Vision.

rainbow ice cream

While we can assure you that the bar meeting with the Chia Pet geniuses was one amazing encounter, we can also assure you that it is a one-off. Ideas started there, but they continued for weeks to come to the office, on board and at marketing meetings, where smart marketers, such as Marketer № 3, revived those ideas… and made Chia Homemade a must-have, by-product for almost everyone all over the world.

At DigitalMarketer we love marketing. (Surprise, surprise, right?) We wake up in the morning thinking about marketing, fall asleep, dream about marketing, and talk about marketing over our Caesar dinner salads.

Because we decided to use that love of marketing to create EPIC Challenge to help businesses overcome any growth trends and start making a profit during COVID-19. If your ideas compete with the ideas of Chia Pet and Squatty Potty and HelloFlo, you can only imagine the level of excitement around our offices.

In fact, we return it. You can imagine the level of excitement. It was probably the same as the day you found out it helped Groot Chia Pet.

And so, we remind you that we believe in you.

Think rainbow unicorns.

Think cherry tear for nails and holiday parties in the style of the 1950s.

Think outside the box expected avatars and customer metrics and ready to make a new plan – a plan that will be nothing but a horse.

Think of a great vision and be prepared to fulfill.

Just discussing, think Chia Pu. Someone has already thought about it. Sure, not sure this is Chia’s best marketing idea.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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