The Chase Freedom® Bonus categories of the third quarter until 2020 can be especially useful for those who are more likely to shop online Pandemic coronavirus infection covid-19.

From July 1 to September. By 30, 2020, the card will receive 5% cash up to $ 1500 at a joint cost of the following categories (activation required):

All other purchases automatically earn 1% back.

Chase Freedom® bonus categories for 2020

• Gas station.
• Select streaming services.
• Internet, cable and telephone services.

• Grocery stores.
• Membership in gyms and fitness clubs.
• Select streaming services.

• Whole food market.

TBD (In 2019, department stores, PayPal and Chase Pay.).

“We understand that the priorities of our cardholders have changed over the last few months, so we are excited to offer timely categories that benefit customers in these difficult times,” B.J. Mahoney, general manager of the company Chase Freedom®.

5% of bonus categories were not marked on Chase Freedom® since 2015. According to Chase, which buys, this quarter also includes Prime subscriptions, gift cards, digital downloads, Fresh orders and items sold by other merchants through Amazon.

The 5% bonus on the entire food market will also apply to purchases made in the US. Whole Foods 365 stores and online at However, this will not apply to Whole Foods purchases that you make through third-party delivery services such as Instacart, Shipt, etc., and will not apply to online purchases that are redeemed by gift cards from Whole Foods.

Information related to Chase Freedom® was collected by NerdWallet and has not been reviewed or provided to the issuer of this card.





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