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17, 2020

7 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

Founder of Pandora Tim Westergren issued 11 credit cards to support live music.

throw a lucrative hedge fund concept to start Amazon out of your garage. He and the company approached financial ruin before the online store finally emerged.

The more risk, the greater the reward, right?

It is bad that you will believe in many stories of startup fame – in order to make it an entrepreneur, you need to do everything. But what about us of those who prefer a slower and more steady path? Is it still possible to get huge rewards without risking it all?

Arguing, arguing this. If you have an idea, but not quite ready to jump into the depths of the end, keeping an alternative path to launch success. Here are some tips for starting a business without the usual risks.

1. Save your day job

Maintaining daily work while working on a passionate project is a great way to start a business and reduce risk at an early stage – plus you will be able to gain skills and experience. Before I run my own company, I was a junior software firm developer. Early in the morning, at night and on weekends I worked on a start-up company in online form. But during working hours I learned valuable lessons about business management.

Feel free to fund both your fuss and your full-time job. As Katie Waldman writes New York TimesIt is not uncommon for outstanding artists to use their skills and talents in work unrelated to their art.

“The novelist goes for screenwriting like Dave Eggers or Ray Bradbury. The poet becomes an advertising man like James Dickie who created slogans for Coca-Cola.”

In fact, your daily assignment can give you a sense of structure and security as you prepare to start your own business. Like Waldman to write, he “can perform the same replenishments of ministry as a dream or a long time: removing the creative anger, returning the artist to his body and to the texture of the immediate experience.”

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2. Start small and be patient

LCD funding may seem like a quick path to success, however loading can also be very helpful. This not only reduces risk, but can also boost your creativity.

Ryan Smith, co-founder , writes for Harvard Business Review:

“When you boot up, you are forced to recover quickly. As humans, we prefer to make as much effort as we need, but whether we realize it or not, we all have additional mechanisms. Sometimes it doesn’t work until we we won’t get too hard and we’ll find gears that allow us to switch to super drive mode – that’s what booting does for you. “

When companies accept LCD funding, Smith argues that forts are forced to focus on short-term – attractive investors and early exit implementation – rather than long-term goals such as continued innovation and longevity.

Use the resources you have available. No matter how humble you can start small and grow slowly.

3. Focus on solving one problem

In “Enlargement: Amazing ways to complement a careerAuthor Daniel Roberts explains why the success of entrepreneurship depends on doing one exceptionally well.

Take Twitter: In the beginning, their goal was simple: to allow users to share real-time updates with characters of 140 characters or less. As reported Business Insider, Roberts argues that “Twitter has largely succeeded because it never lost sight of this simple launch principle, even as it began to monetize its services and add new features.”

To succeed, you need to either invent the bike or use the AI ​​cutting edge. All you need to do is solve one real problem. Like Kara Goldin, a former drug addict and founder of Diet Coke hint Inc. flavored water says:

“The beginning of the ‘hint’ was actually in solving a problem that no one else was working on.” For Goldin, the solution has become a healthy alternative to his favorite drink.

So ask yourself: do you have one question that you are just looking for?

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4. badly complicate ($) math

Specialized accounting systems can provide valuable information about your financial health, but in the end, here is one of the most important issues:

Is your company profitable?

To be profitable, you need to earn more than you spend.

As Neil K. Churchill and John Malins write Harvard Business Review:

“The key challenge for managers, who are causing a growing problem, is to find the right balance between spending money and getting it. If that balance fails, and even a thriving company may soon find itself without work – a victim of its own success.”

Sustainable growth is up to you . Hire a new employee if you don’t have a good salary value at the bank. An increase in cost increase without sales corresponds to an increase. Keep an eye on cash flow and stay in balance.

5. We lose sight of your core mission

In 2006, in an effort to grow the business, McDonald’s doubled its menu. Sales have hardly changed. Then, in 2016, gala fast food

rotary. Writes for Harvard Business Review, Tiffany Bova explains:

“He went back to basics, threw away most of those extra things and instead expanded his popular breakfast offering. Final sales jumped, store profits were 6 percent in 2017, and stocks rose 40 percent.”

With a more complete menu, customers were slower to keep order and services behind. McDonald’s fast food is starting so fast. When they instead offered customers the same goods they loved all day, the business flourished.

McDonald’s is a long way to go, but the lesson is invaluable: remember your core mission, whether it’s fast food or fast, reliable service. Glad why your customers are you in the first place.

6. Let people know

According to the developer and entrepreneur Jason Roberts, the number of trials you experience, “is directly proportional to the degree to which you do something enthusiastic in combination with the total number of people with whom it is effectively communicated.”

The most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is: unraveling information about your product or service.

Today, there are so many ways that are not part of traditional marketing to inform people about your projects: posting to blogs and articles, sharing on social media and personal networks. What’s more, teamwork can also help you refine and improve it – another way to reduce overall risk.

Communicate with the world and be proactive about expanding your zone of fortune.

Starting or running a business is inherently stressful, but hopefully with these tips it can be a little less. You can start solving one of the problems of non-gambling well-being.

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9 Bloody Brilliant Ways Businesses Are Navigating Meat Prices


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17, 2020

8 minutes of reading

This year has been full of unprecedented challenges for small businesses – especially those in foodand drinks. Deficiencies in the supply chain have been thrown into drastic relief, but nowhere more than among meat producers. The plants of the Big Four meat-packing plants – Tyson, Cargill, JBS USA and National Beef – proved to be very sensitive to outbreaks, and when they started operating at reduced capacity, meat prices soared.

The Ministry of Justice has since launched antitrust investigation in all four companies and accused heads of the chicken industry on charges of setting prices. Next, on the Edge Edge platform, between April and MayPrices for beef rose by 87 percent, pork – by 70 percent, chicken breast – by 23 percent.

It is costly for both consumers and companies, but more than ever, entrepreneurs are growing to challenge and ruin costs. We’ve heard from a business that does its best in a bad situation or even makes a bad situation work to its advantage. Here are nine key ways that innovation entrepreneurs respond to meat prices.

1. For small meat suppliers that go directly to consumers

At the time of restaurant closures, closed plants had already pushed smaller, higher-quality meat suppliers to an online model aimed directly at the consumer – and if large processors had to cut production, smaller suppliers had to take advantage of meat shortages. . Jeff Latham is the founder Nicknames USA, in the Pacific Northwest belongs to a meat supplier family and a butcher. He says he has made “radical changes to his business to stay afloat, including a core core of mostly local suppliers. restaurants to open a new channel directly to consumers. “

Ariana Daguin, CEO of the company D’Artagnan, a sustainable meat supplier used by chefs such as Tom Colicio and Bobby Fly, says that “while large processors have been forced to shut down, this is much less the case with sustainable meat products. We are seeing significant jumps in demand – 500 Before the pandemic, restaurant sales accounted for 75 percent of our business, but negotiations sought to keep pace with consumer demand by expanding our local delivery program and regulating meat.Due to our small and sustainable supply chain we lacked. ”

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2. Asking customers for a little flexibility

For lunch services that allow customers to customize their food deliveries, a small advance notice will be required to do the work of tracking fresh recipe ingredients. Katie Doug, founder of the meal planning service Individual foodSays: “We recently asked our customers to order food weekly on time, the day before usual. This helps us make sure we still get the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our food. We never want to compromise our product, so we spend extra a time when we will need to look for what we need elsewhere. ”

3. Negotiated prices with sellers, distributors and retailers

For Brooklyn Hot Dog Company, the obstacle was a huge increase in beef prices a time when hot dogs are in high demand. The company had to bear most of the costs, but they were able to cut a room on both sides of the supply chain. Owner Tony Fragogianis says: “We worked with our CPU and reduced the price, so it sounded crazy like it was in the first weeks, but still. So we also work with some of our distributors and vendors “We’re trying to talk to everyone about how to reduce the piece to become smarter.”

Based in Chicago Home Run Inn Pizza there has also been a huge demand for their frozen pizzas throughout the quarantine, and their food and beverage director Jeff Hursch says he has relied on his relationship with suppliers to move around the plant’s closure. “I keep an eye on pricing and have a great relationship with our sellers,” he explains. “When the pepper factory was closed, I secured stocks for another 15 weeks. As the pork factories closed, I ordered three cargo shipments of sausage. We hope everything will be better from now on.”

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4. Plant-based substitutes

Alternatives to the plant increased long before the health crisis, but the shortage of meat has certainly accelerated the interest of consumers and companies. Shaquille Jamal, co-founder of the subscription box Craft Co. says, “We’ve been playing with the idea of ​​exploring alternative sources of protein. While we certainly wouldn’t want to upset any of our customers by going on completely outcasts and just excluding meat, we’re thinking about offering the opportunity to include a jerk on We are meat lovers here, Craft Jerky Co., but I also believe that the joy of subscribing is a discovery and an experimental aspect. “

5. Dishes of fresh vegetables

As much as people love burgers in the summer, many in the hot months also ride at a lighter and more vegetarian fare. Ghost Ranch is a southwestern restaurant in Tempe, Arizona that has revised its menu to encourage guests to try low-fat meals while accommodating guests who are treated to meat dishes. “The menu will have weekly rotations, and the focus will be on fresh vegetables, vegetarian, vegan and fish options,” a restaurant spokesman said. “Protein can be added at an additional cost. They still plan to keep favorites in the main menu, but hopefully this additional alternative will encourage eateries to come and still taste great food at a price everyone can agree on.”

6. Ch. Section about seafood

Another silver lining for restaurants is that although the health crisis has had an inflationary impact on meat prices, it all happened with seafood, particularly lobster. Lobster is a traditional dish at the New Year celebrations in China, but the coronavirus destroyed most of the celebrations in China when the country left the blockade, leaving world prices for lobsters way down. У Concord HillAt a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they introduced a summer roll with lobsters and brought there oysters for a pickup.

7. Quality over quantity

A little can go a long way! У Rue Saint-Marc In Jacksonville, Florida, chief executive chef Scott Alter decided that instead of using large mediocre cuts, he would simply serve smaller pieces of high quality meat. “With fluctuating meat prices, they didn’t want to serve a sweet product,” said a restaurant spokesman, “so they reduced the size of the meat on the plate and added more plant ingredients. In addition to adjusting the portion size, they had to pick up the price of some dishes.”

8. Use a whole piglet (or cow)

Matt Carter is a chef at three restaurants in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, and each acquires creativity with less expensive meat expressions. “Now simple incisions are the hardest source, both because of affordability and because of cost,” Carter says. – Fortunately, lesser-known cuts such as legs, feet, ponytails, hangers, hangers, skirts, flat irons and the like. large manufacturers are still available. Even with such cuts, prices are above average, but still very economical and delicious for both the chef and the consumer. ”

As examples, he recommends sliced ​​pasta dishes and skirts, steak and pork shoulder. In our French restaurant, Zinc Bistro, ”he continues,“ we like to use so-called peasant cuts to deal with sublime versions of classic recipes such as duck legs for roe deer and flat iron steak for Paleron de Buuf.

9. Goodbye, brisket

Thin, small, these kebabs remain in fact add such individuality to the chest – but with this less expensive cut. Brent and Juan Reeves Bar-B-Que Smokey John & Home Cooking in Dallas, Texas, “switched to promoting goods such as extracted pork for special promotions to direct customers in a different direction from the breast.” And in Leroy and Lewis, A new school barbecue truck in Austin, Texas, they serve the brisket only on Saturdays. They also specialize in dishes that use all parts of the pig – from the cheeks and fried cartridge to the skin and bones.

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How Fast Decision-Making Reduces Risk and Creates Growth


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When it comes to decision making and customer satisfaction, speed is your greatest ally.

Grow your business, Not your mailbox

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17, 2020

5 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

Analysts spend too much time looking at the pros and cons business strategy. Before no action is taken if rivals are starving until your failure market share. 2010 study it turned out that Americans spend 47 percent of their waking hours thinking instead of focusing on current activities. In business, inaction is as dangerous as account collectors are waiting nearby. The street is smart entrepreneurs find out how they go.

A survey Interactive Intelligence found a few years ago that customers value a “timely response” more than efficiency, professionalism, and other factors for call centers. Another one survey the same group found that customers want “speed of service” the most support service.

That’s how fast a quick turn a company can make sustainable and is protected.

Speed ​​reduces risk

Impossible fast venture extraordinary efficiency and the high morale of the employee. Otherwise, quick purchases force businesses to remain lean and stingy, thus risking the common knowledge that Ssnoozers have lost and you should seek to bury slow competitors.

“It’s faster and easier than 99 percent of competitors,” Michael Nemerov says in a recent call. Participated in the CEO of Rush Order Tees, a A garment company that grew from $ 20 million in 2016 to today’s $ 90 million. “We have a deadline, which means we understand the importance of a date date. We have this opportunity unlike most competitors in this business. We always leave opportunities open to meet last minute customer demand in need of an urgent turnaround. “Usually other printing houses do the same.”

Speed ​​allows businesses to collect payments faster. This increases turnover, allowing firms to collect more profits. As the saying goes, perfection is the enemy of growth. A slow competitor may seek to supply the perfect product, but such an approach will reduce the volume of transactions. Speed ​​allows you to drive out competitors because the faster you do business with customers, the less they buy from competitors. You ate to get a large share of the limited cash income spent on your category.

For example, ADHD clients

And 2015 study Microsoft has found that Americans have less attention than a goldfish: 8 seconds. Fast delivery of a product or service satisfies an impatient audience. This satisfies phone addicts.

Fast purchases are a natural progress of business, which corresponds to today’s fierce way of life.

There is still a need for appropriate qualities of solo runners, which are based on charging, taking into account prices. A memorable logo and information pack also help. However, speed overcomes the lack of size. What killed Goliath? Slingshot David. Speed ​​can reduce competition in your area. And it allows to stay fresh in the minds of customers. Rather, quick purchases boost reputation. If you can deliver very quickly, people believe that God is in your craft.

“Doing business is an extremely creative process and the most important form it’s resourcefulness, ”says Michael Nemerov.“ You can be resource-constrained and come up with incredibly smart solutions to the problems you face. You can also have a ton of resources and never come up with a solution. Yours , business ability to solve problems and manage people.

People have high hopes

The younger crowd loves instant fun. A long wait, either at a restaurant, at the airport, or at the concierge, will upset people. Large enterprises, whose executives consider invincible, become the prey of paralysis analyzes and become the slow dinosaurs that have bankrupted the once dominant companies. Where , Blockbuster or JCPenney now? A business with a speed of thinking means providing a product or service almost at a time when consumers expect to grab it.

Why McDonald’s continues to be the leading food chain. The starving patron can eat within seconds of entering the Golden Arches. He chooses not to wait for the infinitely tastier porcelain steak, which takes centuries to refuel on the grill. Restaurants provide free bread or peanuts to promote hungry snacks. Complementary rubber creates the impression of immediate empathy.

Mistakes should pay dividends

“Take responsibility and understand that mistakes are part of the process,” says Alex Nemerov, co-founder of Rush Order Tees. “There is no such thing as perfect, but there is such perseverance. Along the way, we have made thousands of mistakes … None of them really matter as long as you make the necessary improvements in order with customers.”

Finally, fast-paced business is restoring the mental health of solo entrepreneurs, and delays are undermining his sanity. Speed ​​relieves self-doubt and restores self-confidence. This means that the business shoots at all the cylinders, and the cash register rings loudly and very often. As the saying goes, happiness prefers the brave. Not those who hesitantly ponder options in a conference room when time is up. Unfortunately, thinkers are noted by scientists and well-known fans. Thinkers ponder, asking the girl about a date if another gentleman has already asked her out of wedlock.

Slow action is extremely dangerous in a crowded market. Be like David and use this slingshot, because agile surgery has a great chance success.


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Why We Need ‘Dadpreneurs’ to Step Up Now


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


17, 2020

7 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

Feared no doubt ate a Time is tough to be an entrepreneur. Unprecedented changes in the way we work and live have ruined the best plans of most business owners, no matter what stage of business development their business is at. For entrepreneurs which of the parents, however, the problems they face are even more terrible. They are now tasked with running a fragile business, as well as overseeing home schooling, round-the-clock childcare and household chores without a break in sight. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurial parents feel overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted.

For many moms who are entrepreneurs, the point is this raising children responsibilities and entrepreneurial goals are deeply intertwined, nothing new. In data collected over the months leading up to the global health crisis, study co-author Kylie King found that women almost twice as often identify themselves as “mom-entrepreneurs” than parents who identified themselves as “dad-entrepreneurs”. . “In part, this speaks to permanent child care units. Dr. King found that entrepreneurial parents were almost twice as large as spouses / partners who do not work and work part-time.

However, it also speaks to a persistent gender bias in our conceptualization of what an “entrepreneur” looks like. Generally speaking, a defaulting entrepreneur is perceived as a white childless man – and other entrepreneurs are judged by the degree of deviation from this image. Indeed, the popularity of the term “mompreneur” signals the extent to which many mother entrepreneurs are defined (themselves or others) by gender, parenting, and career (as well as by mother’s colors, by race). Whether you consider this term contemptuous or legitimate, it nevertheless signals a greater individual and public recognition of the intertwined nature of parenting. for the mother. We recently asked Puppet hitha, CEO, entrepreneur and investor as he refers to the term “mompreneur”. She aptly noted that we used a “tadprener” to describe parents who are entrepreneurs. But we have to.

This crisis has made it clear that parenting and work are not separated. Indeed, they never were. However, so far many parents-entrepreneurs have had the privilege of creating the illusion of separation. This is made possible by partners who have taken on most of the responsibilities of caring for children and the household, and by the fact that our collective ability is to share professional and parental identities when we think of men. The health crisis has caused a curtain that separates the two worlds into a rift.

Now is the time for entrepreneurial parents to reinforce and accept these dual identities. Jill Salzman, CEO and Founder Founding mothers (an organization dedicated to the promotion of mothers-entrepreneurs), notes: “If ever there was a time for parents of entrepreneurs to understand that their work and raising children no longer need to be separated, now is the time. Quarantine has introduced a new era for adults to learn to weave your work into your own family lives. Those who struggle to keep them separate feel more stressed and frustrated as they work against what they really are – parent entrepreneurs. ”

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During this time, by consciously accepting the “parent entrepreneur” certificate (or “tadprener”), parents can gain greater recognition for recognizing and fulfilling multiple life roles. As a result, when this pandemic subsides and we return to some common emblem rather than insisting In order for mothers-entrepreneurs to sublimate their parental role in order to take them seriously as entrepreneurs, we may have a more egalitarian mentality that allows all parents to accept them.entrepreneurial journey in accordance with parental upbringing, not the other way around.

For parent-entrepreneurs who are willing to go for this leap, I co-authored a book appealing to Stu Friedman Parents who lead. Here are some key ways.

Pass on your values

While most entrepreneurs know the importance of shaping the mission and vision of their organization, they often cannot express what is important and important to them. This crisis provides an opportunity to more vulnerable to share what is most important to us, with others. Women who perceive the identity of “mother-entrepreneur” clearly communicate the value they attach to parenting. Now, entrepreneurial parents need to reinforce the value of their parental identity in conjunction with the entrepreneurial identity.

Share your reality

Poorly conditioned representation of a polished, professional image of oneself to the world of the surrounding home. Explore ways in which you could more accurately demonstrate the problems, entanglements, and disruptions in raising children while working from home. This will help normalize the reality that these parts of life are not really separated, especially now. While you probably shouldn’t tolerate dirty laundry (literally) against a background of magnification, you can more vocally acknowledge that meetings need to be arranged around children‘S schedule or have a child sitting on your lap during the meeting. Moms-entrepreneurs often had nothing else to do, so it’s an opportunity for parents to actively do it.

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Attract the people who matter most

Since our lives have been turned upside down, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are rapidly transitioning to survival mode. However, this default mode may not best serve you as a person, your business, or your family. By interacting with the people who are most important to all aspects of your life (e.g., children, partners, colleagues, investors, friends), you can summarize how things are going and identify opportunities to better meet each other’s needs.

Try a new way

Try experimenting with how you manage your time, attention and energy. Rather no one is now the “right way” to become a parent-entrepreneur, but if you are looking for them, opportunities for greater consent. Ideas for new approaches often arise as a result of communicating your values ​​and reality with the people who matter most. As a parent-entrepreneur, there is an opportunity to find new ways to integrate work and life. Get ready to try a new path, evaluate how far you go, and adopt a new tactic if you’re not quite right.

It’s hard to go be an entrepreneur. It’s a hard time being a parent. But, more fully perceiving how these roles intersect, dad entrepreneurs can join moms entrepreneurs, expressing both the challenges and joys of these dual identities. If we move on to the next chapter, whatever it may look like, it will create a basis for greater /////////////////////// ” capital of mutual potential in entrepreneurship. It will change our perceptions of what an entrepreneur should look like.

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How This Tech CEO Is Leading His Company Through Racial Unrest


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17, 2020

6 minutes of reading

Travis Mantak based his campaign on a basic principle: the way we communicate today fundamentally deters people from empathy. If we can hide behind keyboards or phones, we are more likely to say things we really mean or report incorrectly. His company, Haller, seeks to change this through its interactive gifts and stickers that can be integrated into everything from dating conversations to Venmo payments.

Because the main mission of Fr. Mantaka Company helping a wide range of people share a common language and speak in a new way, the events of the last few weeks have made him think about the role his company – and technology in general – can play in talking about racial injustice happening nationally. But, Mantaka too a black CEO in the predominantly white world of technologyso it feels even more personal.

A few days later, to reflect, Mantak went to LinkedIn to share a memo he sent to Cholera staff in an article entitled “Actions on words”. In the introduction, he writes, “Gathering all my thoughts and feelings on the page was not easy. Because it is true, words are simple enough to express how I feel in our society. But, in Holler, he made it our mission to have a conversation. and I know I’m just silent.As a black man and as one of the few black technicians CEOs in this country I found it necessary to speak. “

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Mantak went on to outline how his own campaign would act to combat systemic racism and continues to write on the topic for other outlets since then. In a moment of rare downtime Mantak spoke Entrepreneur about why he felt compelled to speak out and what he would ask CEOS technical giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook if given the chance.

How does your work at Cholera intersect with your thoughts on current events?

Mantak: It hurts about internet communication, which essentially makes us less sensitive to each other. You’ll be under a lot of pressure to find a situation where someone comes up to you and tells you, “I hope your kids are dying,” but on online platforms the general rhetoric persists. We believe that some fundamental things that evoke empathy between people are absent in conditions that consist only of texts.

Our “why” is not to hand out stickers and be funny, but to cultivate empathy and understanding among all people online. If this is ours, then racism must be something addressed. Obviously, it’s not the personal aspect of being a black CEO, but even if I wasn’t, we need to deal with the subject the way we do.

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How has this shaped your actions as CEO?

An expression for everyone. We put a lot of effort into trying to understand the nuances of how different people around the world communicate, and try to provide them with the tools to do so.

As for how we work as a business, it’s important for us to think about how we make up our teams. We need to be representative because we know the expression is so diverse. How do we develop programs that allow us to represent it internally so that we can most effectively maintain it externally?

After the death of George Floyd on May 25, which led to nationwide protests, what were your first steps as CEO?

I needed to take a step back and think – to gather my own thoughts and feelings around the situation. The first couple of days I listened to all the different looks and looked at the things that were coming from our team. I didn’t want to show that in all the answers. I have had meaningful discussions about this guide team: What is the right thing for us to do as a company and as people in this matter?

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Were you disappointed in the reaction?

The problem is too complicated to fix in a day. The reactions of companies, which I see as some of the most unfortunate, are very often a problem. If you’re in a hurry to say, “Okay, sacrificing this place and doing it alone,” people don’t ask. [They’re asking] what will we do to correct systemic racism.

Everyone is in a hurry to create a program of variety and inclusion and hit ratios. “By 2025, we want the number of our employees to become Y.” Diversity doesn’t have to be the only goal you face when hitting a relationship. There must be a radical change in the mentality of the company.

What would you ask technical directors like Mark Zuckerberg or Tim Cook if you had the opportunity?

Systemic racism is endemic. These mass campaigns are responsible for so many people. They need to create very aggressive agendas to teach people unconscious biases and other issues.

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What about the heads of small companies who have spoken out on similar issues?

People are turning to the government to manage who we are as a team, but I believe that companies play an equally important role in the world. When I think about why it was such a simple decision for me to put it first on my agenda, I did it because I did it right. After all, people are looking for companies that are doing the right thing, not just for their customers, but for society as well. People want to work in companies that have missions.

Indecision is a solution. Where business leaders for large and small companies will see a return from employees or the people they work with when they share a position where they stand on the subject. In my opinion, nothing can be done.

Then, right after you take the position, you need to explain how to translate it into action. It is bad to have no answers, but you have to state your position and make a plan based on that position. Let people know what to do and then execute and follow.

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Algae Is the New Popcorn. And Pasta. And Bacon.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


17, 2020

6 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

So you’ve got your leafy vegetables and hearty legumes down. But if you haven’t already, use another type of greens you can think of to supplement your diet: algae.

Yes, mucous things that grow in bodies is surprisingly edible – and nutritious. And not a whole new addition to the culinary world. Seaweed is just an algae that grows in the ocean, and if you’ve ever enjoyed sushi or miso soup, you know how delicious a seaweed can be. Everything different species of seaweed commonly used in , from burrows (all you have sushi), wakame and kelp – often used in salads and soups – to agar and carrageenan, which are used as thickeners and binders in many plant-based foods. The exact nutritional properties certainly depend on the type, but in general edible seaweeds usually have extremely dense in nutrients needed by the human body.

Other species of algae in recent years have become common additives and food ingredients, especially spirulina and its derivative E3 blue magician. In the corner of healthy eating on Instagram, there is probably a spread of smoothies and other drinks in extremely rich shades of blue and green. Because, in addition to its fun and unusual color, there is evidence to suggest that algae offers a number of health benefits from its impressive effects. antioxidant and vitamin B The content of its amazing protein density. Poorly it was even found to be possible antiviral, anticancer and antiallergic properties follows further scientific study.

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Going into an ancient innovation

Again, this is nothing new. Spirulina was known and used by the Aztecs, and it was reintroduced into popular culture in modern times. NASA. There are now many innovative food companies and scientists in our modern diets that are finding smart and new uses for algae. While we are looking for ways to feed a growing population, mitigating the effects of our food systems on the environment, mucous green aquatic plants can become a problem-solving problem. Worried surprisingly, the algae industry is expected to grow from an estimated $ 717,140,000 in 2018 to the forecast $ 1,365,800.00 in 2027 much more than seaweed salads and bowls of cocktails that go down the pike.

One company has already praised the simple but obviously ingenious use of algae. AC the kelp was jerky The invention of the year of sustainable development past TIME Magazine and past The company’s “Changing Ideas” awards are a fast-paced campaign. Snacks, in addition to delicious, high in protein, iron and B vitamins. And in terms of sustainability, their advantage is that kelp is used for regeneration: it provides habitat for aquatic life, protects the coast from thunderstorms and absorbs coal from the water .

Some companies make simple and subtle substitutions to incorporate algae into foods we already know and love. Pop Zero Popcorn makes its products – just fragrant popcorn – with one unique difference: algae oil instead of sunflower oil or more commonly used vegetable oils. In addition to the vitamins, proteins and omega-3s present in algae oil, Pop Zero boasts that their corn-rich oil is lower in saturated fat and higher in unsaturated fat than in most traditional foods.

Paying attention to the environmental impact of where our food comes from, Pop Zero also uses seaweed oil because it has dramatically higher yields per hectare than other vegetable oils such as coconut and canola. So it’s not only the best choice for you snacks, but also more economical land use.

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Not just sustainable but also regenerative

In fact, algae require extremely few resources to grow. Apart from low soil needs, it also requires fresh water, fertilizers or pesticides. One company, Seaweed Cascadia, became interested in this and began growing seaweed for a variety of purposes, from food to packaging. Cascadia argues that growing seaweed can create habitat for other marine life, use excess ocean nutrients and possibly even mitigate ocean acidification. According to the company, the process of growing algae has not only a negative impact, it actually has a positive net impact on the environment.

Cascadia works with companies from all different sectors to transform their grown seaweed for a wide range of applications: ready-to-eat fresh, dried and frozen seaweed, as well as flavorings and mandatory ingredients in industrial cooking and even in general. -products are used as cosmetics and environmentally friendly packaging. Back to science yards it is another startup that develops algae products for use as herbal food supplements as well as food dyes as well as non-food uses such as agricultural biostimulants. Their Chicago-based lab focuses on developing the commercially viable use of algae derivatives.

But even as inventors are increasingly considering the use of algae, they continue to return to food. Dutch startup Seamore came up with a variety of delicious products made in part or in whole from seaweed. Their chips, wraps, pasta and »“Offer highly nutritious plant-based food options for the starchy and fatty foods we love – while packing a fragrant punch.

In today’s world, almost everyone has a delicious nut. It seems that we see only more and more companies trying to marry for taste and nutrition as well as convenience, affordability, practicality and other consumer concerns. Algae remains a key component of food and other products produced for the modern consumer, while balancing the needs of our threatening planet.

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5 Signs Your Startup App Idea Isn’t Ready For Development Yet


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17, 2020

6 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

You started getting stronger by developing the app and bringing it to market. But before you do that, ask the question that needs to be answered: Is your idea ready to run the app 100 percent?

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of taking action. However, if you get ahead of yourself, it can kill your app idea before it has a chance of success. Yes, you can get an idea of ​​the fairness and viability of your app’s idea after it has been developed and launched. The risk of this approach is that you can invest blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money in an app that you could know about with almost no chance of success.

With that in mind, dive into the five obvious signs that the idea of ​​your app to run is still ready to develop.

1. You have discussed your app idea with the target customer

Your idea looks good on paper. Your friends and family tell you everything you want to hear. You are ready to move forward at full speed. But before you do that, discuss the idea of ​​the app with the most important person: the target customer. Talking to potential customers is the easiest and most effective way minimize business risk at an early stage.

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Your goal is to validate your idea and determine if your potential users are willing to pay for it. You can do this by asking questions such as:

  • What is the main goal regarding the solution that your application offers?
  • What are the main challenges you face regarding the solution that your app offers?
  • Are you currently using an alternative solution to achieve your goals and overcome problems?
  • How much time and money have you spent pursuing your goals and solving your problems?
  • Are you open to a better solution? What would you like to see in it?

Start by asking, for example, “develop an app that I think can help you. Is it good to send you future updates?” Discuss the idea of ​​the app with your own helps avoid unnecessary failures and costs, and better understand what potential users are looking for.

2. You have confirmed your idea

Even though it is designed for customers and their feedback is taken into account, it still means that they will take action when the product is ready.

Not good enough to assume that your app will resonate with your audience. The idea of ​​the application should be confirmed first, as this is an important step in determining whether to solve the problem. Here’s how:

  • Discuss your idea with potential customers (see № 1 above): With open-ended questions you can place yourself to gather information that allows you to identify pain points and potential solutions.
  • Create a demo: Create a visually appealing demo to see if your audience is taking action. If your test team finds your app valuable, chances are good to take on board when a complete solution is available.
  • Sell ​​it: you have everything you need to start the sales process. A proposal that is too good to refuse should evoke a type of response. If that doesn’t work, go back to the interview stage to find out what went wrong. Rinse and repeat until nails are.

With this approach, you have the opportunity to make changes before incorporating everything into the development process. This will probably save you many months of work and thousands of dollars.

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3. You get to know what a building is

You do your homework, talk to your target audience, and you have a plan to get the app to market. But if you really know what a building is, you believe everything in vain. Whether you’re building a prototype, a minimum viable product (MVP), or a detailed version of an app, you need to identify and refine what you’re building. Failure to do so can lead to time delays, increased development costs and unnecessary stress.

As a startup founder, your job is to get insights and use that data to meet the needs of your audience. If you quickly create and release small versions of the app, they can change course as needed, helping to avoid the time and expense associated with redevelopment.

4. You have the right team

You’ve only come as well as the team you surround yourself with. So if you have the right team, you are not ready to go into the development phase. According to CB Insights, neglecting the right team is the third common cause of startup failure. Anyone can create you an appbut not everyone can help you create a launch. If you build a real company from scratch, you believe more in your plate than in development.

If a dead dead weight is on your team, cut it. If you are missing a key manager, take the right person on board. As mentioned above, a robust app guarantees success on startup. Focus on the big picture when you create your team.

5. You know how to create a startup

Cool cool to create a startup. You have the ability to build something yourself from scratch, but as much fun as anything that sounds is not enough. You need to dig deeper, revealing exactly why this is a career path.

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Are you interested in creating a startup in the hopes that it will increase your wealth? Are you looking to make a name for yourself in your field? Is this your way of gaining freedom from the traditional 9 – 5? Once you know why they started building a startup, it is easy to create a plan to achieve your goals.

For example, if you are creating a startup to strike a better work-life balance, you want to bite off more than you can chew. This can lead to you look for a partner who can take on the responsibilities stored in your scar.

Refusal. It is bad to swallow a pill, but with each entrepreneur again and again face. To minimize the risk of failure when developing application ideas, actively address any call, checkpoint and sign that is headed down the wrong path. It guarantees success, but helps you create an app that people need, enjoy and are willing to pay for.

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Has Working From Home Become a Pain in the Neck, Back and Hips?


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17, 2020

8 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

By March 2020, we might get weird looks from our colleagues if we leaned down to the dog in the middle of our office, in a daily working position. But now we have a home athletics, there is no excuse not to move; or do simple exercises throughout the day. These activities can continue to work at home literally becomes pain in the neck, back and thighs.

Bad was the ergonomic home office with a standing table and it’s a shiny chair for years, but during quarantine I allowed my husband to occupy my office while I worked downstairs and supervised our children. When the lock began, I began to sit at our kitchen counter, at the dining room table, and sometimes on the couch in our family room, and quickly felt a lingering pain in my thigh. This allowed me to run and ride my bike outdoors or do Peloton as often as we still like. I’ve realized that I’m getting too out of place (I rarely want to be at my adjustable desk) and I guess you can be too when you’re working out of bed, couch or other casual work areas.

A recent study by the Employment Institute A survey of 500 people in the first weeks of closure found that more than half of the participants reported new aches and pains, especially in the neck (58%), shoulders (56%) and back (55%). Prior to this the two-sided sword is that these pains prevent us from doing the physical things that nourish our mental and physical health. . I was sick, but as in this pandemic, I remind myself of my patience and trust the process – over and over and over again.

Become strategic with respect to daily exercise

The human head makes up about 8 percent of our body weight, and when we’re going to look at our screens, which include Happy Hours zooms and Netflix binges, we put a lot of pressure on our necks and backs. We are also likely or standing with a bad posture that affects our legs, hips, knees.

Matt Pippin, CSCS, mobility expert and co-founder Pippin’s performance, this is me whom I met through a colleague and he really helped my hips. Pippin explains that “more aches and pains occur because we walk less and our usual body treatments such as massage, chiropractic, exercise adjustments, exercise machines, yoga class, pilates, etc. either have been completely eliminated or have been severely compromised. We also don’t use the chairs properly, and above all, the stress level is now through the roof. ” Studies have shown that chronic high levels of stress were associated with greater pain throughout the body.

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Pippin offers several ways to alleviate this:

  1. Corrective exercises – “CARS”, which means controlled articulated turns, are a series of exercises designed to take your joints through the greatest painless range of motion. Pippin explains, “The beauty of these exercises is that they take your big joints, hips, shoulders and spine, and when moving act as anti-inflammatory for them, providing vital nutrients to the joint capsules.” I started making these machines during the day (for example, I try to make them after every break in the bathroom build a new habitat did it right after making a habit) and I can do hips and shoulders while standing over my computer. At least try. Below are links with video instructions:
  2. Set multiple alarms / reminders – Hours can pass very quickly if you scroll back and forth to enter the screen. However, by setting an alarm throughout the day to get up and follow these steps, keep it in a much better place at the end of the day.
    • Walk around the house.
    • Make a car.
    • If possible, switch workstations (for example, maybe your area has a standing area and then sit at a kitchen table and then a comfortable place like a couch or lounge where you’re not hunched over).
      • Do anything to get rid of the work for 5-10 minutes. “
  3. Sit on the floor. Pippin recommends this to many of his clients, instructing them to “place either thick pillows, blankets, or, if possible, a few blocks of yoga on the ground and sit cross-legged, with the computer on a chair or couch. Sitting on the ground is great for the hips, plus if you’re focused on maintaining a long spine, train all those little muscles that are responsible for maintaining a beautiful posture while strengthening the foundation. Think of it as a mini-workout until you start working out! ”

How do you sit reading this article? Pippin offers three quick and easy posture checks that come in, setting my phone’s alarm every hour, and they’ve helped a lot:

Double chin – It sounds awful, but using your index finger to push your chin, it will allow your cervical spine to be in a better position, forcing you to squeeze those deep muscles of the front neck.

Sternum up – Lifting the sternum a little (think of the chest), replace the thoracic spine with a more neutral position, forcing you to tighten the muscles around the middle back.

Roll these boundaries – When you drop your shoulders in the reverse image, you begin to mobilize those annoying shoulder blades that, if they get stuck, can become so dense and aching.

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A little yoga goes a long way

I also looked up to my friend and one of my favorite Peloton yoga instructors Christine McGee I could do some breathing and stretching all day to inspire my kids to do with me because YES, they too they sway like they do work from home.

McGee recommends these three yoga classes as a place to work or during the day:

The dog is downA: You can do this on a mat, or on the floor, or on a towel, or even use your desk by putting your hands on your desk and sending your feet back until your body is parallel to the floor. You will feel an amazing stretch along the back of your body, legs and feet. Down the dog is a soft inversion into which blood also enters the bloodstream.

The Great Altar: This can be done sitting or standing. Intertwine your arms and turn your palms over when you press them on your head. Relax your shoulders down from your ears and find the length of your torso. Take a deep breath, feeling the elongation of the body and the rise of energy.

Ankle posture to the knee: Tight hips lead to low back pain. Up to the ankle to the knee can be practiced in a chair or on the floor. Place one ankle on the opposite knee and allow the knee to drop to the side. When you are in a chair, keep your lower leg relaxed on the floor and start leaning forward to feel the stretch. When you are on the floor, you can hold the opposite leg for a long time or bend it under the upper leg, which is bent to fold the shins and get an even deeper stretch. Hold both sides for 5 – 10 breaths.

Take two minutes and do it now. Go ahead, establish a habit.

My favorite reminder from McGee is “make sure you don’t hold your breath while working”. So when you set this time to do some posture checks or exercises on the CAR, it also takes a deep breath. It makes the world a difference for mind and body and relaxing while reducing stress.

When I challenged Matt, my hips improved A healthy hip challenge (it takes less than 10 minutes a day) and practice yoga as much as possible. Well also liked to keep a little massage ball like this (but the tennis ball will be) under my feet and rolls my feet over it.

Takeaway for you? Sit in one place for too long. Going outside and moving around is just as important for your overall physical and mental health. Make sure you take the time to turn off work and take care of yourself, because health, as we understand it every day, is our wealth. Start now, approach the dog something down before returning to work.

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Facebook Lets US Users Turn Off Political Ads


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Four years ago, Facebook was zero for Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. Now the social network is launching an information campaign on the vote – “the largest in the history of America.”

“We’re building a new Voting Information Center that will give millions of people accurate voting information and also provide them with the tools they need to register, and their voices are heard in the ballot box,” said Naomi Glate, Facebook’s vice president of product management. and social influence, he writes blog announcement.

The goal – once again stressed the head of the company Mark Zuckerberg USA Today op-ed—How to register four million voters via Facebook, Messenger and Instagram (estimated at two million more than was enrolled in 2016 and 2018), and help them go to the polls in November this year. The path of the 2020 election campaign will always be warm – even before the global pandemic and racial justice movement turned the country (and the world) upside down. And in this online culture, many people form their opinions and beliefs by scrolling through social media channels.

“By getting clear, accurate and authoritative information for people, we reduce the effectiveness of malicious networks that may try to take advantage of uncertainty and interfere in elections,” Glate said, stressing that the Voting Information Center is a registration information center. and requests absenteeism for voting or mailing.

Facebook also works with government election officials and “other experts” to provide accurate and timely information in each state as we go through different phases of the election – from registration deadlines to early voting to election day. Keep an eye on the voting information center – this summer you’ll find Facebook and Instagram early.

According to Facebook, advertising plays an important role in the election, and therefore the platform allows all US users to disable social issues, electoral or political ads that disclaim “Pay Per”. Just visit the ad settings in the app or drag the module directly from the ad. Additional steps toward transparency include the imposition of waivers on general advertising and a new ad library feature that allows people to track spending on homes, the Senate and the presidential race.

“I believe that Facebook is responsible not only for preventing voter repression – it is disproportionately targeted at people who paint color – but also for actively supporting well-informed voter turnout, registration and turnout,” Zuckerberg said. “In 2016, we slowly detected foreign interference on our platform. Since then, we have created some of the world’s most advanced systems to protect against electoral interference.

“Ultimately, I believe the best way is to bring politicians to justice through voting,” he continued. “And I believe we need to trust voters to make their own judgments. So I think we need to support as open a platform as possible, accompanied by ambitious efforts to increase voter turnout.”

So as long as Facebook allows you to disable political advertising, it won’t stop reminding you of the vote.

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The KPIs Every Franchisee Should Monitor


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17, 2020

9 minutes of reading

Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

Scott Greenberg Wealthy Franchisees: Steps that change the game to become thriving Franchise Superstar will be released through the Entrepreneur Press on November 17th. It can be configured through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“So do you execution “.

– Well, you know, as they say, most businesses close in the first year? It’s been 18 months and stay here! “

“David” came to me for the purpose of business coaching for his trading franchise. From our meal it was clear that he had no idea how he worked in his business. He was fine. The money was in the bank. He was busy. But in reality he had no idea whether he was growing or going bankrupt.

David is not alone. I meet so many smart franchisees who feel their way forward without data. Some owners are too busy to worry about accounting. Others have bad habits in accounting. One franchise I coached was nine months behind in his QuickBooks records. He evaluated business results based on the balance of his bank account. Another franchisee I worked with admitted that she was very embarrassed to stay in the room. She already knew they would be fine, and wanted to fight it.

Ten years as a franchisee himself Edible Arrangements, I know it looks like being busy. Financial data entry is important but not relevant. It was easy to put it off. I also know that you feel bad report management and cope with poor performance. So much of my work with a franchisee goes to the emotional side of doing business. It’s easy to hide from this by focusing on operations. Hard work feels good.

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Business development requires a transition from emotional to objective. I encouraged positivity in my clients. I urge clarity. Seeing things as they are. The numbers introduced lies. They also tried judges. You need measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to know the truth about what is happening.

Never before has data been so readily available to franchisees. Modern POS systems, good accounting software and sophisticated data entry habits give you access to a treasure trove of information in seconds. Monitoring this data is vital for plugging holes and seizing opportunities. Pilots wait until the end of the flight, look at their devices. They regularly inspect them to ensure flight efficiency and safety. Franchisees should monitor their number with the same concentration.

Here are some KPIs you need to monitor to ensure your business is healthy.

This is the most basic dimension of business. This is of great importance to your franchisor. They use it to accommodate you and calculate their royalties. Although gross sales is definitely one of the most important performance indicators, there are many, only this number does not tell you, for example, sales trends, where sales come from and, most importantly, how much profit you make (or money you “we go out”) Gross sales mean very little, with no other KPIs to provide context.

Growth rate

This is a comparison of the effectiveness of your sales with a different period of time. It tells you when your business is growing, shrinking and at what rate. Like gross sales, context matters. The franchise, which goes from $ 300,000 to $ 360,000, has grown by 20 percent. The franchise, which goes from $ 800,000 to $ 920,000, has grown by 15 percent. As gross sales increase it is difficult to grow by the same percentage, even if dollar growth increases. Twenty percent more than 15 percent, but sales growth of $ 120,000 is twice as much as growth of $ 60,000. But is a $ 920,000 business necessarily better than a $ 360,000 one? You really mean it until you see your expenses.


This usual overall figure is useful only in moderation, mainly because it is based on gross sales. Who knows if these leading franchisees are making a profit? If you don’t know their costs, you appreciate how good business they are. Guaranteed you rating would look completely different if they were based on a profitable unit.

Having said that, something drives sales for senior positions. If you provide their location, not much can be done with this information. But it could be them , their continuation or some other factor that you can copy. Pay attention to who is upstairs and look at their ideas.


The expense is the opposite of selling. Monitoring costs are critical to ensuring profitability. They say, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” But when franchising you pay a royalty salary. That means saving a penny is worth it more than pennies earned. But you can save only if you really know your costs.

Many franchisees exist. I recently coached a franchisee who worked without P&L. Not only was he unaware of what he was spending, he was equally in the dark about how much it cost should to spend.

I helped him develop a profit plan. We have set benchmarks for what he or she should spend on each account as a percentage of sales. He wanted to get a minimum profit of 10 percent. Our benchmarks were limited to 90 percent of what it takes. So we went down the list of expenses, determining what he should spend, and comparing it to what he was costs. Fees were fixed at 10 percent. The industry standard for marketing was also 10 percent. He was half that. We considered labor, cost of goods, rent, and all other expenses. In real time, it spent 102 percent of gross sales. That meant he was running at a loss – even though he was in the top 50% of the franchisees in his system. To achieve its goals, it seeks to spend more on marketing while reducing overall costs by 12 percent of gross sales.

Attack in sports is more glamorous, but most coaches will tell you that defense wins in games. Cost control – business protection. Make the necessary investments to increase sales and customer service, but keep a close eye on the conclusion.

Number of customers

It is important to know how many people it serves and how many times it serves them. Re-business means providing good service. New business means your marketing is working. (It can mean providing good service and your customers telling their friends.) You always need to attract new customers and turn them into ordinary people.

Average ticket / sale per employee

Most franchisees consider transactions, but they always look at how much each customer spends. Sales can be both deep and wide. More customers are great, but more sales per customer are also good. You need to focus on both. The market is more to attract customers. Sell ​​more to increase the average ticket price. Also look at the average ticket per employee to find out who needs help and who can provide it.

The cost of living and the cost of acquisition by customers

Once you’ve learned about the number of customers, how often they come and how much they spend (on average), you can use those numbers along with the costs to calculate the value of the customer’s life (CLV). How much net profit does one customer bring to your business over time? Your CLV is an important amount to know, especially when planning marketing campaigns. This amount should be less than the customer acquisition cost (CAC), which is how much you pay to win each customer. For example, if you have a franchise with frozen yogurt and you decide that on average one customer makes a profit of $ 100 over time by consuming their CLV. If a marketing strategy is going to cost you $ 5,000, you need to attract 50 customers to bring down. (In this case, your CAC is $ 100, the same as your CLV.) If your marketing brings 75 customers, your CAC is $ 67. Make a profit of $ 33 per customer after paying for marketing.

The purpose of marketing

“How did you find out about us?” The tabularity of customers ’answers to this question is very important to find out where they come from. The only way to know if a marketing campaign is working. This question also shed light on yours . As the service improves, more and more customers will say they have heard about you from a friend, reviews online or what they have used before.

Customer satisfaction

Excellent customer service increases the number of customers as well as the average ticket price. Feared alone the best way to expand your business. Afraid how I built the mine. I have found that very well in my marketing franchisebut I have made customer service a top priority. It got us major sales.

Like other elements of your work, you can measure customer satisfaction. There are many tools for this, such as the Net Promoter Score®, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSAT) or the Customer Effort Index (CES). You can also monitor your reviews online. Of course, the actual dimensions of customer service are repeat transactions, word of mouth and the actual increase in sales.

Satisfaction of employees

After speaking with the privilege of a fast food restaurant, I exhibited a slide that showed a digital correlation between online customer reviews and online job rankings for five different competing brands. Happy employees provide better service. This means you need to monitor and measure your team’s satisfaction level. Be mindful of assumptions, especially about your best employees. They are competent professionals. They work great and look happy looking for another job. Talk to your team and conduct surveys that measure their level of satisfaction over time.


There are countless statistics in sports, but the only one that really matters is the final number. In business, the only KPI that really matters is profit. The lie of your North Star. Fear the reasons for doing business. Other statistics are just indicators of how things are going and what should happen. You respond to these metrics to know how to set up transactions and improve margins. Each KPI needs to be looked at with profit.

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These figures are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a data manager and you like percentages and odds, numbers are missing. Most franchisees are too busy. Anxious to worry. With good habits and technology, entering data and running the right reports shouldn’t take more than a few minutes a day.

You started working hard. Keep an eye on the numbers to make sure you keep working smart.


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