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Top 10 Fashion E-Commerce Firms in India

Demystifying the Definition of A Quintessential E-Commerce Website

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1. Amazon

Based in the United States and one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon offers, in addition to various other categories such as books, electronics, home decor, bags and luggage, jewelry, etc., clothing and accessories to its customers. Products within this category are segmented by gender, such as men’s and women’s clothing and footwear; by brands such as Arrow, Chemistry, Manyavar or Benetton United Colors; by type, such as T-shirts and tops, ethnic wear, pants and trousers, underwear and inner clothing; or even toward stores, like that of a certain designer, and so on. The site offers a 30 day return for all your products in this category without any questions.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is an online retailer based in Bangalore, Karnataka, established in 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal. In addition to the basic categories such as electronics, home and furniture, books and media, etc., the portal offers two separate categories including “men”, “women” and “baby and children”, which include all types of fashion products such as footwear, clothing, watches, accessories, bags and wallet, sunglasses, fragrances and options in care and wellness merchandise. Flipkart also hosts a blog called ‘Flipkart Fashion Files’, where various authors provide contributions on global fashion news, trends, daily tips and so on.

3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is headquartered in New Delhi and established in 2010, is an online retailer that offers products in various categories, from cell phones and tablets, electronics, to daily necessities, sports and outdoor, even real estate and financing. Within the fashion category, their goods are categorized into men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, which are further categorized by type of clothing or type of fashion product. Snapdeal offers a variety of options within each fashion segment, both for men and women, such as Ethnic wear, consisting of sarees and more, anarkalis, clothing, sewn and half-used salwarkurtas, salwars and churidars, and so on further.

4. PayTM

Launched in 2010, Paytm is one of the latest online bidding platforms with global giants like Amazon and eBay, and has already been touted as a potential e-commerce giant, calling for big investments from big financiers. The firm began providing services such as mobile charging, bill payment, travel reservations, and later expanded to offer products within various categories such as home and kitchen, gifts and sweets, sutomatives, electronics and so on. In the fashion category, the company offers men’s, women’s and children’s products and contains various segments such as types of clothing such as ethnic clothing, types of accessories such as watches or footwear, or types of products such as glasses or luggage, etc.

5. eBay

eBay is a US-based e-commerce giant that facilitates sales between “consumers and businesses” and “two companies.” Founded in 1995 and one of the few online marketers to survive the dot-com bubble of the late 90s and early 21st century, eBay offers great deals in all kinds of categories like cell phones and accessories, laptops and tablets, cameras , etc. In the fashion segment, it offers products in women’s and men’s clothing, footwear, jewelry, t-shirts for babies and mothers, as well as bags and luggage.

6. Jabong

Headquartered in Gurgaon and founded in 2012, Jabong is an e-commerce platform that basically offers fashion products in a range of categories such as clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, home decor, etc. Being basically a fashion portal, it offers a large selection of options for women, men, children, in accessories, brands, sports and the like, and it also provides a special sales section, trendy apparel, and even a fashion blog called ‘Juice’. It offers its customers opportunities that range from local brands and designers like RohitBal to high street fashion brands like Dorothy Perkins, Wendell Rodricks, etc. Jabong has partnered with various agencies to facilitate its position as a leading fashion portal, such as the NBA in 2014 to launch India’s first online NBA store, or Lakme Fashion Week for the next 4 seasons, and even launch the 2014 Fashion Week online. celebrity mentors like YamiGautam.

7. Myntra

Founded in 2007, Myntra was founded in Bangalore, Karnataka with the initial concept of providing personalized gift items that later shifted to offering the brand’s fashion products. Formally merging with Flipkart in 2014 to compete with other e-commerce giants, Myntra has switched to a single-application business model to provide customers with a more focused and service-oriented experience. On the app itself, it offers all kinds of fashion options for men, women and children, and it also offers a homepage announcing sales, the arrival of new items, or any such information.

8. Fashion and You

Founded in 2010, Fashion and You is an e-seller, dealing mainly with high-end fashion brands and lifestyle products, and offers exclusive, mega discounts on most of its products. It is claimed to be affiliated with more than 1500 Indian brands and over 200 brands globally, aiming to be the best destination of destination for all fashion lovers. It offers high street fashion and lifestyle brands across apparel, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, footwear and so on.

9. yes

Launched in 2009, Jeb is an Indian, online shopping and services portal for lifestyle and fashion products. It offers categories such as footwear, clothing, cell phones and tablets, eye wear, furnishing, etc.

10. Koovs

Headquartered in Gurgaon and founded in 2010, Koovs is an online fashion retailer offering men’s clothing, women’s clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and so on. It offers its customers a special section that deals exclusively with new discounts, trendy lifestyles, and also features collaborations between fashion giants and designers.

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by Divya Kumar



Reverse Logistics within Ecommerce

 Web Application Development - A Guide to Success

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It’s no secret that the positive experience delivered to a customer determines if that customer will return. Retailers need to improve the customer experience before pushing the “buy” button, but also focus on the post-purchase site experience to keep customer retention data at satisfactory levels.

This is where many online marketers throw the ball; specifically with the processing and management of consumer feedback communications. By incorporating new strategies to optimize this process, marketers can increase customer retention and add new revenue streams to direct business.

Here are some key indicators to support your return optimization business case:

o 85% of buyers say they will stop buying from the seller if the return process is a hassle (Harris Interactive)

o 95% of buyers say they are likely to shop again with a catalog or online retailer if the return process is convenient (Harris Interactive)

o 40% of shoppers do not buy online due to problems with returns (Jupiter Research)

o Quickly resolved customers have an 82% buy-back intent (McKinsey)

Increased importance of online returns

Refunds are an indispensable fact of online commerce. As the depth of online product categories has become apparent over the last three years, the importance of online return policies has become painfully apparent. Enable a bad return experience and undoubtedly reduce the chance of a buyer returning for re-purchase.

For example, sectors such as high-end apparel, consumer returns reach as high as 20%, and an efficient return process is crucial to overall success. Faster inventory cycles and fluctuating retail prices are important not only to efficiently process consumer returns, but also to get them quickly in stock for resale.

Reverse logistics solves fundamental business problems

Retailers are becoming proactive, turning these operational challenges into competitive advantages and incremental revenue streams. By investing in solutions that integrate key platform components and data, online marketers can provide consumers with self-service return options.

A typical reverse logistics solution enables the consumer to initiate a return more easily by incorporating a subscription sticker in the postage. This label can be integrated into the cardboard or it can be a separate standalone piece.
Because label generation is powered by a warehouse management system, the label is able to collect key customer information for monitoring purposes, both for CSR and for the end consumer.

The label provides the customer with one primary source of value – convenience. Mail travel is not required, and retailers improve overall customer satisfaction while facilitating product returns to the distribution center.

When consumers initiate a refund through this process, merchants typically charge them a “handling fee.” This fee is usually 20% higher than the postage provided by the reverse logistics provider. That dollar has increased, between what the buyer is charged and what the retailer has paid the postage for, bringing direct and measurable earnings to retailers.

Improving communication with online consumers

A reverse logistics solution can dramatically improve customer communication during the return process. Newgistics is a great example of a reverse logistics provider that incorporates a customer-oriented communication process into its overall solution.

Once the return package is taken from the consumer’s location, it is sent to the Newgistics sorting and re-location center. During this process, there are strategic scanning mechanisms used to facilitate activated and branded email communication messages.

Email notifications received from consumers when certain milestones in the return process are reached, such as:

o return receipt
o (For example, we received your refund and you should receive a credit in the coming days).

o Completion of return
o (e.g. your return was processed)

Receiving these emails quickly enhances customer confidence, reduces customer service inbound calls, and provides another value-added feature to enhance e-commerce relationships.

Your company takes great risk if it does not provide a great after-sales experience. Feel free to contact Trinity to learn more about this type of initiative and how we can help discover, scale and implement efforts.

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by Craig A Smith



How’s Your "Ecabulary"? Shifting Our Perceptions of Words in the Ecommerce World

Make Money Online With Surveys - Steps and Warnings For Finding the Top Surveys

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Megan, a college student at Indiana University, transferred her credit card number to a website with a mailing address somewhere in China. She had to buy a new $ 800, 36 “free TV with free shipping for her Sorority house. It looks like there was an” accident “that found an old TV in a bath in a pink T-shirt and a happy face drawn on it with a lipstick – the day after the weekend “studio fun”.

Megan’s father, meanwhile, at home in Park Ridge, IL, cuts enough spam every day to fill enough scarecrows to protect a corn crop in Iowa, and he melts old credit cards on the stove and fires every other document that spells his name – even and an account from a lawn mowing service for planting leaves. He believes that inserting a credit card into a computer is like giving money to the devil to buy coal. Too risky.

Generational differences in perception, acceptance or not of e-commerce and internet communication are a hot topic and the biggest challenge for marketers is to get Megan’s father a credit card to buy online, trust the system or log into a social media website and get caught, man. Like any other technology, change is undesirable when it involves as much reprogramming of the mind as the remote control. Simply suggesting a shift in topic viewing may be enough to start a new dialogue.

One way to define these differences in generational views on the web is to use a fictional word to describe this phenomenon. Here it is: Ekabular. Yes, it sounds more like a medical term that describes part of the lower gastrointestinal tract, but still it is an easy way to distinguish some subtle and major shifts in the psychology of using e-commerce day by day.

Psychology and the Internet – how we buy, sell, research, learn, listen, talk, etc. it’s still less than 20 years old. The concepts of trust, intimacy, emotion and expectation fall below different levels of personal adjustment and acceptance based on demographics, gender, race, culture, religion, education, geography, as well as the level of sophistication of the employer and the technology used on a daily basis. job.

Here is a list of examples of old vocabulary expectations and new ecubular realizations, highlighting differences and consumer perceptions regarding e-commerce.

Relationship-relationship: We mean relationships in the more emotional aspect of human connection: to see, to touch, to smell, to hear. We are able to use all our tactile senses to shape relationships as they grow. Elationship are fragments of data, we don’t always know where, what, why, how or who is “someone” behind a font or even an image. Their voice is words to us. No rush, cadence, accent, stepping, breathing, laughing, sadness, etc. We begin to shape this person’s opinions from just a few clues – relying on our bias, stereotypes, and level of intellect to form judgments or rationalize the situation. Trust and commitment are serious concerns and linger.

Intimacy-intimacy: Intimacy is a highly charged word in humans; a word saved for special things, special people and rarely used by us in a casual context. Intimacy in e-commerce can be dangerous for our emotional balance, as we want to believe in individual expressions and honesty in any dialogue we have, but the lack of tactile leads and the conviction of a viable, confirmed / legitimate colleague leads many into constant doubt. people. Etymology is much more restrictive and guarded than what would be described as intimacy.

Authenticity-Authenticity: Authenticity suggests a certain groundedness and originality to something like a product, food, recipes, friendships and the like. Ethnicity with respect to products, services and relationships on social networks lacks the pieces of human touch and the chemistry that goes with it. Fragmented conversations, days between tweeters, tweets and posts create inconsistent messages, casting doubt on the authentic intentions of the relationship. Delayed gratification becomes a lost art.

Deal-Eal: Doing business, making deals on a hand and a promise are not part of our web world. Enter Ecommerce and the “Eal” tag. No face, no handshake, no just PayPal logo, security firewall that “looks authentic” and we give our customer a credit card number because the site looks legitimate or should we say “elegantly?” Be that as it may, we have become more conditioned, even desensitized, to disclosing the information we have kept secret, unless we tell the eyeballs of the person we have made an agreement with.

Emotion-Emotion: Much like intimacy, emotion can be based on words written, photos that might be real, or shares from Getty Images. Charts, statements, video presentations can also be 100% true, but because no physical presence, little doubt can remain. No fuss, no eye contact, sweat on the forehead, a broken arm in your head, a baby standing next to you. For us primates who are programmed for face recognition, e-commerce is a challenge.

Opportunity-Opportunity: Doubt hangs over e-commerce as long as deceptive people and thieves live on earth. Risk is constantly present and we are still looking for more checks and balances the higher the price. Brand businesses have an advantage in the trust factor.

Reputation-eputation: Social networking sites are getting better at dismissing falsehood. LinkedIn and others have filters and kill switches that will cut out those reported to be liars or deceivers. Big companies find it easier to sell their brand legally than those marketed in China, but that is changing.

Voice-Evoice: Tones, pitch, timbre, baritone, tenor, nasal, bass, soothing, irritating, authoritative, downplayed – all describe the human voice. Evoci lacks the human element of comparison / contrast and reference points. Evocatives cannot evoke memories, or they can help us find clues that will help us make decisions or validate impressions. It’s hard to create an Evoice brand called “individual personality” or humanity that will help us land. Technical customer service named Steve, who lives in India, is hard to accept for skeptics living in Omaha.

Identity-Identity: Like the other adult living space of beliefs, our identity outside of e-commerce consists of the experiences we have left to others, as well as the rest we take with us. Identity, defined as “you”, is complex and constantly changing in our understanding of ourselves as we grow, learn, love, fail or succeed. Uniqueness can be made magically perfect. Bugs, bugs, blemishes and age lines can be erased like ecommerce videos erase two second soap. One’s tidiness may be intentionally or unknowingly invented to fit our modified public self, which we choose to present and leave wrinkles and bad things in sight. Like the weight listed on your driver’s license: it never changes for some people.

Peers-Eers: Credible results, achievements, press, media exposure, Google pages can suggest more power, wealth even glory than is actually the case. Illusions abound and smoke and mirrors are on sale now. Top experts know you one way, but Eers just sees the face of a public relations turn and marketing angle, whether it’s your Facebook, LinkedIn, alumni bio, or your company profile. What appears on the screen can be distorted and assume that it is more or less what the actual person behind the credentials is. Good or bad, the consequences of basing decisions solely on Eers words can last a long time.

Perception-Perception: Like reputation and relationships, perception is based on related experiences that a person has to design certain biases or heuristic devices for quick decision making. Ecommerce offers multiple tools for marketing to target or exclude a person from doing something without more data, clues, or time to decide. “If you don’t buy these tickets in 2 minutes, they will be returned by the sales slot.” Decide NOW!

Attititude-Attititude: Attitude is determined by intention and self-esteem status. Etitude can be masked and disturbed by phrasing and imagery to convince on the basis of guilt, fear, loss, authority, scarcity, social proof, habit, consistency, among other elements of persuasion theory. Attitude when converting to Etitude takes time to sort through and define all the messages and intentions.

Energy-Egerny: Personal energy is more than physical activity such as gestures, speed walking / running, facial movement, speech speed, etc. Energy is an aura that surrounds man in ways that we cannot always define. The intellectual, sexual, sports, business energies are different. Egerny is subjective and, again, being produced the way the provider wants to present it. Like edited video tapes, different messages can come from the same mouth.

Credibility-justification: longevity, loyalty, success, value-all part of credibility. Eredibility relies on e-commerce policies and others for police to search the internet to sort out bad products and scammers. Reliability remains with compelling value, product launches and consistent reviews. Longevity in business is not an e-commerce value because of its adolescent age. Value is the word operant.

Behavior-Behavior: Bad Behavior / Bad Behavior, everyone is quick to notice and words spread even faster. Fortunately, some things remain the same.

Believe-Elieve: One phrase describes the similarities: Believe from other sources to confirm our impressions.

If you sell e-commerce products and services, ask yourself these questions as you regularly review marketing / branding / deliverables with the latest technology:

1. Do our product or service marketing tools have strong confidence and consistency in e-commerce vocabulary / vocabulary?

2. Do we allow / encourage / encourage the customer to use as many human senses as possible to experience our product / service for a faster and safer decision?

3. What can you do to add another emotional trigger to a customer’s sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell that will keep their attention longer?

4. Is there a way to allow shoppers to interact and buy in a review while shopping?

These four questions allow you to consider not only all of the client’s tactile potential, but also encourage you to look for other extras of experience and connections / alliances to secure all the senses. For example, by offering free music downloads, using humor with video or smart ads, coupons, teaching videos, etc. look for alliances and successful outlets that create exactly the sound you want. Ride their wave, rent their waves if you must.

And lastly, keep an eye out for topics, traditional events / celebrations and current events to help shoppers relate the current sensory states that are bombarded in our 24/7 news feed and tie your story and products / services right to their real need.

Follow these ideas and you’ll generate more income, er, even for a job from Megan … and her father.

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by Russ Riendeau



The Transition From Ecommerce to Mcommerce

5 Most Usual Mistakes That Could Break Your eCommerce Business

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Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter, giving users increased capabilities and greater reach to complete tasks and conversations. These technologies are no longer just a luxury, but are essential tools to improve business performance and provide customers with greater convenience and confidence in products and services.

Smartphone usage is growing and improving at almost dizzying speeds. From internet search, online banking, social networking, research, shopping and more, mobile apps play a big role in attracting people with services and each other.

People spend more time on their mobile devices as the number of mobile apps continues to grow. Among the mobile apps that people use regularly, the Nielson study shows a 12% increase in the use of commerce and shopping apps. According to, on average, smartphone owners spend 90 minutes daily on their phone.

Mcommerce is quickly outpacing e-commerce. Mcommerce is becoming more widely used and ecommerce will soon become popular. By 2018, mobile sales are expected to grow globally to $ 626 billion, and in the U.S. by 2016 alone.

Currently, more than a third of smartphone users use their devices to make purchases. Thirty-six percent use it to search for product information; 27 percent use it to find store information; and 25 percent use it to read reviews.

Today, every business uses e-commerce to some extent, whether it accepts online orders or sells to customers via email and social networks – e-commerce provides faster and easier access to consumers. Mcommerce brings that convenience to the next level. Although people don’t always have their computer with them, they always have their mobile devices handy. Promotional alerts and tracking notifications can be sent directly to the buyer’s pocket and the buyer has immediate access to messages and the ability to respond from the same device.

The mobile store offers increased convenience for customers and “tenants”. Customers can shop from any location at any time. They can get promotions, discounts and incentives based on their location, and their purchases are shipped immediately and directly to their address. Shipments can be tracked in real time, and customer service representatives can be reached immediately.

In the same way, etailers are able to target a wider audience without geographical constraints. They can send customers notifications of new promotions, offers and events, and use new metrics to evaluate customer satisfaction and needs. Retailers can also efficiently manage orders, billing, and delivery from a single multiple admin panel that can automatically generate reports to track sales information.

According to a recent report by ComScore, 60 percent of online shopping is made by mobile devices. This number will only increase, so companies need to take full advantage of the mobile wave to provide themselves with enhanced capabilities and the increased volume they need. Because of the simple features and accessibility of mcommerce, shoppers prefer to use mobile shopping apps and become more accustomed to it.

People between the ages of 18 and 30 are the most common phone users to access and shop. This demographic is technologically smart technology and is capable of making quick decisions about its implementation. They are vocal about what they love and expect speed and convenience in their shopping experience. If the site is not mobile, 61 percent of mobile users said they would go for another option.

The increased convenience of commerce allows consumers to increase the profitability of businesses using this new way of selling. When you have your own sales app that users can access by phone, you open your business up to 24/7 of the flow of customers who have the freedom to shop from anywhere. Mcommerce is the next generation of consumer experience: faster, easier and more connected.

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by Benedict Tadman



Build An Impressive Product Landing Page, Boost Conversion Rates

Marketing and Advertising - Similarities and Differences

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Today, the e-commerce business is being traded in the market and most people are very interested in buying online. However, depending on customer demand and demand, the number of online stores is also growing at an incredible rate. However, in order to stand out from your competitors in today’s business market, you need to design such a Magento store that not only impresses with its appearance, but its rich features as well as a large number of your business. Here are some effective Magento tips for putting together an impressive product landing page that will increase your conversion rate. Read on and make your Magento store a great success.

Use Visual Content

The secret to creating a successful landing page is to use visual content or images that are worth about 60,000 words in the right place. While using images on your landing page, try following the tips below for better results.

→ Use high quality and unique images

→ Use large images

→ Enable zoom if possible

→ Use video content

→ Use 3D images if possible

Encourage customer feelings

Well, textual content not only helps to build an SEO strategy, but it also helps explain the product and its benefits. Make the content so engaging and informative that customers can’t leave that particular page without clicking the “add to cart” button!

Try to avoid a lengthy description. Keep it short, simple but interesting, try to use an ash tone!

Activate the wish list feature

According to research based on customer experience, even though they have no plan to buy a product, they are simply surfing to check our different offerings, different product variations.

Now, while surfing, if they like any item, they would love to save it for later purchases. It is your job to facilitate this process of storing items. Obviously the marker option is there. But, adding products to your wishlist is much easier and not easy to think about! Help, enable this.

Use customer reviews

Let visitors see what other customers think of your product (especially, positive reviews from real customers). This is one of the most common customer behaviors that needs to go through customer reviews before purchasing a product. Well, don’t miss this opportunity to show off your products.

In the Magento store, go to the Admin panel to configure this customer preview feature. For detailed reviews and reviews, Magento also offers an extension.

Expose products out of stock

If any product is out of stock, have customers review it. Let them know you care about them so you will let them know when the product is out of stock.

Therefore, by offering them a subscription for stock notifications along with a pre-order service, you can build a reliable relationship with your customers. It will increase conversion rates and sales.

Offer customers a guarantee

When you add a warranty and show it with a product on the site, customers receive a guarantee. Such warranty offers would help you attract more customers and improve your sales figure.

How effective and impressive your landing page is for your site can turn many prospects into leads and regular customers, depending on it. Follow the smart and easy tips above and be an ace in the online business.

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by Rob Stephen



12 Trends In The E-Commerce Industry In 2017 That You Need To Know

Selling Wholesale Sexy Lingerie on eBay by Utilizing Drop Shippers

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12 Trends in the E-Commerce Industry in 2017 You Need to Know.

People have started looking at Internet shopping very seriously in recent years. If you are into an ecommerce business, you need to know the latest trends. Go with the flow to succeed. Plan to expand your business with 12 trends in the e-commerce industry in mind.

1. Content of the Website

The basis of any ecommerce business is the content of the site. Content that provides the information needed to make a decision allows the customer to stay connected to your site.

During traditional shopping, we prefer to visit stores that have custom-tailored buyers that provide more product information. The site takes that place in e-shops.

Make sure you provide fresh content with all the details you need to make your online shopping free. Also, include live chat options on your website to drive more traffic.

2. Payment Options

Most of us want to buy things. But when it comes to paying all of us, look for more options. To increase Ecommerce sales, be flexible with different payment methods. They include Apple Pay, PayPal Express, credit and debit card payments. In addition to adding more options, you can also choose an affordable payment method.

3. Delivery and delivery

OK, we had a great online shopping experience with attractive content and secure payment options. What next? Delivery and delivery. One of the keys to online business success is talking about fast delivery. But do you know? 58% of online shoppers add more items to their carts if the free shipping option is marked on that item. That doesn’t stop there, every 83 customers out of 100 customers don’t have to wait long to get their products if the postage is free.

4. Return policy

Smooth shopping journey does not arrive after delivery. In fact, it starts after that. Wondering how? Yes, after receiving the product, people are considering a refund policy for various reasons. To stay ahead of your business in 2017, you need to prepare to take on the cost of transportation not only for delivery but also for return. People will get an order online at your site if they can replace it at no charge after they have personally viewed the item.

5. Custom shopping

Digital store owners agreed that personalized shopping attracts more customers than buying generic products. Without a doubt, this trend will grow in the coming years.

Expand your web portal with advanced technology. Provide more brands and more product selection options. Customize loyalty programs. Understand that all customers never think alike. Get their pulse right to sell your product.

Are you aware? Your competitors started moving before this trend. Don’t wait to start planning to adapt to your shopping needs.

6. Video

You Tube videos were named in 2016 for ecommerce shopping.

In 2017, the focus shifted to using on-site video. Video description products had higher conversion rates. A case study conducted by Tassimo shows that the conversion rate reached 74% and 340% of customer engagement with on-site videos, respectively.

7. Voice Search

Voice searches were picked up in serious online business. No longer does voice search work as a fun tool. Use voice search on your website to increase sales efficiently.

How to benefit from voice search? Optimize the content on your site so that it appears in Google search results. This helps customers find the product by simply talking to Google’s voice search provision.

See a Google research report that confirms that voice search contributes to 20% of search requests.

8. Mobile App Purchase

Needless to say, mobile shopping began with the galloping of computers. Just click this to find out more. Keep in mind that an online merchant not only creates a website that responds to mobile devices, but also combines the functionality of a mobile wallet pinned to your store.

E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Apple,, Walmart, etc. use a mobile app that contributes a significant share of revenue.

9. Fraud Alert Tool

Imagine making an expensive house and not providing a door. Yes, building a great website and lacking a fraud management tool pushes your business down.

Customers do not shop online when private and security tapes do not meet their expectations. 2017 will continue to have a significant impact on this trend.

10. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday are attracting more attention from online shoppers. The 2017 trend confirmed that the gap between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is narrowing. Both shopping holidays have moved online.

11. Multi-channel shopping

The shopping trend has gained popularity through multichannel. We know that people want a device to buy. Customers who pass by your store do not physically visit your store. But don’t worry, he / she pulls out a smartphone and looks online to gather product information. He then orders an order after leaving home. Think of a warehouse Google Apis says 42% of shoppers are present in physical online stores to get home. Sounds funny? No, it’s true.

12. Social Sales

The trend of sales on social networks will grow through 2017. Each online store owner focuses on promoting their brands through social media platforms.

In the early stages of an online business, fire up online sales using Facebook live videos and show off product features. Once your business starts collecting, include on-site videos.

Quick conclusion

Risk and race become part of all business. An ecommerce business cannot escape this. Just adopt these 12 trends posted above to improve your online business with the marketplace.

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by Hari S N



11 Ways Fill Your Shopper’s Cart

What Makes Crafito the Most Advanced Odoo Ecommerce Theme?

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Because “shopping” is the ultimate conversion, it is necessary to remove as many obstacles as possible from the buyer’s research and purchase cycle. Providing visitors with key ingredients in their shopping experience creates a seamless transaction process and hassle-free. It is easier to shop and buy more customers, it will overcome the natural hesitations that many feel before committing to pushing the final “full order” button.

Search functionality

If possible, create an extremely robust and accurate search function for the site. A good search function should be able to provide visitors with the information they are looking for, even if the products are misspelled in the search box or if the search products do not offer any at all. Beware, because nothing less than a perfect search function serves only to frustrate and not help visitors.

Navigation paths

Make clear navigation paths from the moment you add a product to your cart. This time it should allow them to continue their purchase, continue through the purchase process, or receive additional questions as needed.

Calls to action

Information and product pages must consistently use clear calls to action to encourage shoppers to shop now, except for later or posting reviews. This not only empowers your visitors, it also forces them to continue through the process.

Product presentation

Showcase your products in a way that allows visitors to quickly gather the information they need. Use clean images, enable multiple views and enlargements to give the visitor a full view of the product they are buying.

Product availability

The Product Availability List is a useful signal that customers can buy this product immediately and expect to receive it soon. At the very least, be sure to tell your guests if the product is out of stock or if there is a delay in delivery.

Product Comparison Guides

It is extremely helpful to allow customers to compare product features and benefits side by side. If you are not selling more products then make a comparison between your product and your competition. Be honest, if your product lacks what a competitor has, a document that is appropriate.

Customer reviews

If possible, allow your customers to post reviews on your product pages. Do not discriminate against the removal of adverse reviews, they can be helpful and show that your reviews can be trusted and that you stand behind your products despite occasional negative comments.

Up-sell / cross-sell

Be sure to use your full potential and cross-selling opportunities. Provide a list of related products that usually go with any current items in your cart or product being viewed. You can also show similar products that have different features that might be more customer friendly.


If possible, allow customers to purchase additional services such as engraving, customizing, gift wrapping, etc. These features can create a nice sales opportunity and provide visitors with the customization they need for special purchases.

Contact a representative

Some customers want comfort when they know they can call and seek help with their order. They may even prefer to order over the phone. Meet your visitor’s needs by easily finding a 1-800 contact number along with other contact information.

Billing options

Give your customers more options on how to pay for their purchase. Some customers are comfortable with one form of payment over another, and allowing their favorite option may be all it takes to hit the pay now button.

They are not your products but your customers, but they are your most valuable customers. Most likely, the same products you sell can be found elsewhere and at cheaper prices. This means that you need to make sure that your customers are treated accordingly. By ensuring that your site meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of customers, it provides a comfortable and reliable environment that will make it easy to buy and buy. This, in turn, will improve conversions by selling more products at a lower cost.

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by Stoney DeGeyter



3 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Online Store

Does Your Website Deliver?

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An Introduction to Marketing Your Online Store

No matter how wonderful your products are, finding ways to encourage consumers to buy from your online store can be challenging.

With so much competition out there – especially if you’re competing with a big seller – that means you always have to focus on ways to drive traffic to your online store.

Here are three ways to grow your online store:

1. Create component content

Posting content that is valuable to your consumers is a great way to get people to your site. Potential buyers are more willing to buy than a seller who posts genuine blogs, reviews, and articles.

A study by Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, found that 84% of millennials use user-created content to make a purchasing decision.

Additionally, if you provide readers with fresh content, they are more likely to come back to your site and potentially buy them multiple times.

2. Focus on SEO

When creating organic content your readers will enjoy, it’s important to keep in mind SEO if you want to grow your online store. Organic traffic means that visitors find your site in a way that did not ask you to pay for that traffic to find you.

For example, if you wrote a book about relationship tips that you want to promote, you could create articles that contain keywords such as “relationship tips” and “love advice.”

You also need to extend your SEO campaign to:

• Include keyword descriptions in product images

• Create a sitemap and submit it to search engines

• Write page titles and meta descriptions

However, you’ll first need to research your keywords and work on targeting low-performing keywords that continue to get enough traffic to make your efforts worthwhile. This can really come in handy by an SEO expert.

3. Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program that can really help you drive traffic and leads.

Cost-per-click varies, but even a budget entrepreneur can afford to pay for at least a small campaign.

You only have to pay for an ad campaign when someone clicks on your ad, calls your business, or watches your video, so it’s a cost-effective way to increase traffic.

There are several ways to use Google AdWords:

• Show up in Google search results

• Promote ads on banners in Gmail or websites

• Create a YouTube video ad that targets your audience based on specific criteria

You will need to be skilled enough to manage campaigns, measure results and make changes, otherwise this will not help you grow your online store and it can end up being very expensive. If you are unsure, look for a professional to help you grow your online store through paid traffic.

Like most marketing strategies, getting traffic to your online store requires constant effort. Your competitors are likely to focus on the same techniques as you, so stay ahead of the game by measuring the results and changing what doesn’t work.

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by Susan Friesen



Start Your Online Store Business In Arizona – How To

 Affiliate Marketing - How to Do Keyword Research

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It’s been a year since I started an online commerce business with my partners. We went through many steps of learning. I think it would be helpful to shut down the processes of starting an online retail business in Arizona. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I’ll start a new job again.

These are short steps.

  1. For availability of the new company name, visit the Arizona Corporation Commission from the link below.
  2. Submission of the necessary documents to register the company as an s-corporation. If you like to start as an LLC, you can do so by choosing a different type of corporation and fee schedule.
  3. Download the submission forms from the link below
    • Cover sheet
    • Articles of incorporation for domestic corporations
    • Business Corporate Disclosure Certificate
    • Send a $ 95 check to the Arizona Corporation Commission
  4. If the document is filed through an expedited process ($ 60 + $ 35), it will take about a week to return the corporate articles document ($ 5 apiece). Otherwise, it will take about 55 days.
  5. After you receive the corporate article, publish the article in 60 days. AZ Capital Time can complete the entire process for about $ 91, including a published copy to send to the AZ Corporation commission. Of course, there are many public newspapers that can do this for you. Find the best for your need.
  6. After the process is complete, call to get a new EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  7. Download and submit Election Form 2553 S-Corporation to form an S-Corporation
  8. Apply your Arizona reseller license online at
  9. Sign up for a bank with a new bank account
  10. Apply a new business credit card
  11. Find a good company to buy startup packages (including by-laws, minutes, etc.)
  12. Register your preferred domain name at, which has a great price.
  13. Find a good hosting company.
  14. Setting up an open source shopping cart from It’s FREE!
  15. Customize the logo and layout
  16. Enter products
  17. Set up a Paypal Business Account and Cart Link (Paypal IPN)
  18. Obtain an SSL certificate either alone or with your hosting company. Without SSL, Paypal will not accept your credit card processing request.

It takes about a month to complete the application for the entire corporation. Now. It is up to you to run the business. A little note to remember.

AZ requires tax filing on a monthly basis. Fedral requires tax filing on a quarterly basis. Research your product supplier well. Many waste shipping companies charge extra if you want to unlink. Also be aware of where the product is made and shipped. If the product is manufactured in China, you can probably find different carriers of the same product with different brands. You can negotiate a price.

To succeed as an online business, both are customer service and the quality of your products. Ignoring your customer’s feed will cost you much more to recover the damage.

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by Terence Chang



Importance Of Ecommerce Website Design For Businesses In the Modern Era

Content Management System and SEO

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With the growing trend of internet and internet business, eCommerce website design and development have become an important part of B2B and B2C business. eCommerce is an online e-commerce site and eCommerce web sites are web sites through which online trading is conducted. These e-commerce stores allow merchants and merchants to do business around the world. There are several benefits to these online ecommerce stores. Some of the benefits are listed under:

• Traders can add a large number of products and services to the catalog. These products can be categorized into several categories and sub-categories through which customers can easily access the product or service they want.

• Website development eCommerce enables companies to advertise and promote their products and services worldwide. However, it is not limited to a specific area or region.

• Ecommerce development also helps increase merchant revenue by increasing website traffic. As more and more visitors come to your site and buy your products, your revenue will automatically increase.

• By designing eCommerce Websites, you can increase your brand and product awareness across the global market. As your online business expands to a wider group of users, it automatically raises awareness of your brand worldwide. Furthermore, your unique internet identity helps you gain a well-known position in the market.

• Online stores also help to provide more and more information about your company, business and products. With your online presence, customers can easily access your catalog, products and company information.

However, the benefits of ecommerce development are not limited to the above points. There are a huge number of benefits that a businessman can gain by creating their own online store. This is the most advanced and great way to do business and increase your profits. You can also take advantage of your own online store by creating an informative and unique website for your business.

Either you can hire a few qualified designers and developers to do the task for you, or you can hire any offshore eCommerce website design and development company to create your own online store. There are various companies available on the market that offer web design solutions to their clients. In order to hire the best company, you need to do an online research and make some business proposals to your business partners and friends and recommend a few for your business.

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