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Import and Export Business: Foreign Market Research

How to Attract and Win Overseas Buyers

Understanding the key features of a particular market requires a degree of primary and secondary research, and much of it is available for free online.

Primary research, such as product compliance standards, statistics, population statistics, and other facts, can be taught free of charge by international organizations such as the United Nations and Word Trade. Analyzing export statistics over several years can determine whether the market is shrinking for a particular product or booming.

Secondary research such as studies, periodicals, surveys and market reports could be found on government websites, market intelligence firms and international organizations.

The process of selecting a foreign market

Step # 1: Gather information on a wide range of markets

The market selection process requires a wide range of information, depending on the services or products being exported. These include the following:

* demand for a product or service,

* potential audience size,

* whether the target audience can afford the product or service,

* regulatory issues affecting product exports,

* proximity or ease of access to this market,

* availability of appropriate distribution channels for a product or service,

* business environment – politics, culture, language, etc.,

* financial sustainability of exports to the selected market.

Step 2: Investigate Deep Market Selection

From the results of the initial phase analysis, reduce your selection to 3-5 markets and conduct in-depth research related to your product. While doing this, consider the following questions that may arise:

* What products on the market are similar to yours?

* What makes your product unique? What are the specific key selling points of your product?

* How individuals obtain and / or use these products; and who provides them? Are these products imported? If yes, which country do they come from?

* Is there a local supplier or manufacturer?

* Who would be your main competitors? What are their trade names or major brands?

* What is the size, shape and structure of the market?

* How big are the niche markets, if any?

* Who are the main warehousers, importers, agencies, suppliers or distributors?

* What are some methods of getting representation or sales?

* What are the fees or prices in different parts of the market?

* How large are the contributions at different levels of distribution?

* What are import duties, regulations, duties, professional registration and conformity?

* How will your market promote your service or product in the midst of strong competition?

* If your brand of product – pictures, colors, etc. acceptable given the culture?

* Have you found a reliable and experienced freight forwarder who exports your products?

by Liz Servito

Get Your WordPress Website on Page 1 of Google

4 Benefits of Using Online Auction Websites to Shop

Digital marketing for WordPress websites

If your search term isn’t right for your business, too competitive, or just a keyword that doesn’t generate enough traffic, you might be wasting your time. If you are in a hospital and not doing market research, you can bang your head against a wall.

Digital marketing for WordPress

Online market research is very simple, accessible and honest. It is relentless and accessible at your fingertips.

What are keywords?

Generally speaking, keywords are words or phrases that people use to ask a question.

Free Market Research Tools

This step is often skipped because, let’s face it, this step is not sexy.

1. Google Keyword Tool

Google has free tools that you can use to research the market. This tool allows you to tap the database created by Google using AdWords. Google AdWords is a product used by Google to sell advertising space to people who want to advertise on a particular keyword.

The three main metrics we look for to find a keyword worth targeting are:

  • volume (how many local monthly searches for this keyword)
  • competition (number of sites advertising against this keyword)
  • commercial value

2. Google Trends

It shows us the amount of people searching for keywords over time. This is important because you do not want to spend time doing SEO for a keyword that goes down and few people search for the keyword.

3. Google Insights

Gives us a more comprehensive overview of keyword behavior. It gives you more insight into a keyword such as where and lets you make a more informed decision.

Three important concepts for choosing the right keyword

1. Volume – The number of people searching by keyword

2 Competition – what our competition is doing in the market. What clues do they give Google. We need to look at the quality and competition in the keyword market. If there is a lot of strong competition for your keyword, you may want to go ahead and choose another keyword. If a lot of people are advertising for a keyword, then it may mean that it has commercial value around the keyword.

3. Samurai Market – eavesdropping on customers and analyzing your competition to decide if your keyword is worth it

WordPress and SEO

So we’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the best WordPress SEO marketing tools. WordPress is by far the best blogging and CMS tool for SEO and business professionals. One reason is because of the large number of free add-ons available. So, take the time to complete your market research and focus on the right keywords to increase your digital marketing traffic for WordPress.

Free WordPress SEO Tools

  • Social wardrobe (free version)
  • WP Social SEO Pro (Free Version)
  • Article S2 (free version)
  • WPRobot (free version)
  • Thirsty Branch (Free)

by Stephanie Rosendahl

How to Create Effective Website Content?

5 Tips On Becoming A Successful Affiliate Markter

Content is invaluable, especially on the internet. If you create high quality content with high values, you will have better changes that stand out from the crowd. But creating valuable content is not easy, you need a content strategy and great ideas to make your content effective. Here are some tips to help you write effective content for your site:

1. Market Research – This is the first but far more important thing to create winning content. This is so important and you cannot overlook this piece of research. You need to do market research even if you already have industry knowledge. Do fresh research make your content very effective and powerful. If you are doing market research, be sure to do it fully. The more details you have, the more likely you are to effectively target your audience.

2. Read the previous promotion – read the previous promotion, because if you did something wrong, you have to fix it and if you are doing something right then you have to do it accordingly.

3. Structure your content – When you structure your content, you can easily write it down. It will save you so much time and make your content more efficient. When you try to structure your content, include in your content all the benefits you want to talk about. Complete the central idea of ​​your content. Make sure that the central idea throughout the content will be very obvious.

4. Don’t fuck around, go to the point – The idea you want to clarify, just go straight to the point – People don’t have time to focus on understanding your boring paragraph. One idea with one paragraph is a great idea.

5. Write captioning titles – Capturing the attention of your target audience is very important. Everyone on the internet is just trying to get their attention. But how can you stand out with your title? Well, write headlines that hold a very good idea of ​​something you are solving. You need to have an idea from the title, if you have a good idea, it launches the audience’s subconscious very quickly. Read some of the effective titles and try to copy the structure of them.

6. Write effective subtitles – Subtitles help to understand the content and arouse the reader’s mind. Write the key aspect of your content as subtitle. People don’t want to waste time searching through your web content. If they find the relevant information easily, it is easier to store it on the site.

7. Get it right – to clarify the idea, you have to paint the painting as an artist. If you do it right, people will remember you for an extended period of time. And that really makes sense, doesn’t it? Addressing all aspects of the topic you are talking about will make your content quite useful and effective.

When writing any type of content, make sure you do not write and edit at the same time. If you do, you may lose some of the most important ideas in the process. Try putting everything on paper first, then editing later. Remember, you can’t create effective content in the first place, but you have to keep rewriting and editing until it proves to be the best.

by Jain Ashish

Three Reasons Why You Need A Book Marketing Plan

Questions About a Zeno Pressure Cooker - A BergHOFF Product Review

A book marketing plan is a critical component to the success of a published author.

Still, many authors tend to waste time compiling it.

For one, they may find it time-consuming to put together a marketing plan for their book.

Or I may simply find the process too confusing.

In this article, you will learn three reasons why you need a book marketing plan if you plan to succeed as an author.

Book marketing is important in devising a strategy to put your books in front of the right readers. It is important to know exactly how you plan to read your books.

1. A smart marketing strategy will help you define the opportunities available to you in your chosen book niche. You will be able to identify these opportunities, as you will need to do the research as you develop your plan. This research may include locating book clubs that read books in your niche, finding magazines where you could advertise your book, and so on.

2. A book marketing plan will help you be clear to your target audience. Your target audience is out there; and they are just waiting to read your book. It’s your job to find that audience and get out in front of them. Putting together a marketing plan will help you discover exactly what your target audience is, causing you to research the market. Market research helps you create a user’s avatar. User avatar is a fictional person you create and symbolizes the type of person you see working with or in this case; who you want to sell your books to.

A clear understanding of your ideal audience, or your readers, will help you laser focus on how and what you need to do to reach them.

3. Your book marketing plan will help you stay focused on marketing. Yes, you read that right. Your marketing plan will help you stay focused on the task you are currently doing; which is marketing your book. Marketing is very important. If you don’t learn how to market your book, you won’t sell any books, and that’s true.

Most authors only want to focus on writing a book, not how it will market it. It’s a costly mistake that too many writers make.

Make a plan to focus on reaching people who are really looking for your books and you will see an increase in the sales of your books.

Take the time to work on your plan and seek professional marketing as needed to make sure you reach out to every possible outlet, to reach as many readers as possible.

A book marketing plan can really have to be agreed; however, taking the time to really put it together will prove to be one of the best decisions you could ever make in your copyrighting career.

by Sandra N. Peoples

The Platinum Rule of Marketing: The Number 1 Secret of Guaranteed Success

How to Create a Web Site That Works

Golden Rule Vs. Platinum marketing rule

The The golden rule countries ” Don’t make others as you would. “ While this practice civilizes us and helps us to get along socially, it works in marketing and building service businesses. Here’s an analogy; if you wanted to give someone a gift and you followed that rule, you would give them something you would like to receive, and that only works if they are just like you! However well-intentioned and unintentional, the message you send to your target audience is:

I care more about what’s important to me than what’s important to you.

Ooo! Most help professionals don’t intend to send this message at all!

The The platinum rule country “Tell others how they want to do it.” To do this, you need to connect with others and learn what they really want, not what you want to give them. It works great for sex; You are more likely to enjoy your partner doing what is good for them and not what feels good to you. Your sales will be much higher by providing programs and services that address what your customers want, not what you think they need. Your message to your target audience is:

I honestly care about what’s important to you.

This is the first secret of strong, overwhelming and effective marketing that delivers results

Most practitioners understand this, but it seems difficult to implement. I’ve seen many do market research (because they know they need to design their services for their niche) and then completely ignore their data and marketing flicks. It pains me to see such passionate, talented, well-meaning professionals struggling for a living because they find it so difficult to connect with the people they want to serve.

Market research: the key to guaranteed success

I cannot overestimate the value of market research. In fact, along with a few other key factors, credible market research is what differentiates successful trainees from unsuccessful trainees (or, if you prefer, business professionals and non-business practitioners).

Market research begins with learning the essential facts about your niche. Who are they? Where are they? What do they want? What works for them? What helps them? How are they used (if any) by other services? Ultimately, you want market research to help you create the profile of your ideal client. And ideally I don’t mean the prettier one or the one that will send you the most recommendations. Sure it is ideal, but not in the sense that it is used here. Instead, you want to make it clear who you are serving it to. You want to understand what motivates them and what they strive for, what they aspire to, what they believe to be success (because it may not be the same as you think it is, or even what you think it should be.) And so on.

Quality market research is conducted through 1: 1 conversations with people that fit your niche or focus group. And let me put it bluntly: polls are useless! Especially surveys or online surveys sent to a large group. The information you receive will not help you. Your goal is to learn about your niche from the inside out and get to know them so well that it becomes clear how they market and what services to provide. An email survey and an online survey did not achieve this. Got it ?!

Ideally, you will be constantly researching the market for existing programs, new programs, program ideas, and so on. Just as large corporations use market research to market themselves effectively and serve their customers, this is key to your success.

Here are five steps to conducting market research:

Step One: Explore your niches for their demographics, other professionals / organizations that serve them, other help approaches, websites, social networking groups, books, workshops, and so on. Call or meet with similar and complementary professionals and organizations to learn more about how they help people in your niche. Do your homework and become an expert in the data available to your target customers.

Step Two: Compile some ideas for programs, branding, services and so on. Create different program names to find out which one you prefer. It’s a great exercise to brainstorm this question: “To write a book or teach a workshop for my niche, what would I call it?”

Step Three: Identify 3-5 people that fit your niche. Ideally, these are the people you know. If not, then ask the network for recommendations. Contact them for informational talks.

Step Four: Conduct your informative interviews and ask for feedback on your second step ideas. Ask them what they read, where they hang out, what groups and organizations they join, what publications they subscribe to, and so on. Ask them about their experiences, needs, goals, and challenges. Ask them about what they did, where they went, who they worked with to get support for a need or goal that you will solve in your business. Listen very carefully to the language they use to describe their needs and goals. Ask about their three problems and their top three goals. Ask them to describe their ideal service or support program to meet their needs or goals.

Step Five: Compile your data and ideas and use them to design services, branding and programs for your niche. Follow your market research participants and get their feedback on your ideas, plus ask them for a recommendation. Remember: An important principle is that “people support what they help create,” and when you follow those who have helped you along the way, you will be pleasantly surprised by their excitement and support. In fact, a common and enjoyable by-product is that some of them can apply to your program!

Reminder – DO NOT USE SURVEYS! Read again above for an explanation if necessary.

Reminder – DO NOT SUBMIT MARKET RESEARCH and do what sounds good to you (this is all too common)

A word of warning

I have seen many savvy professionals acknowledge the wisdom of conducting marketing research to build their business and then ignore their data and fail or struggle as a result. Why? I suppose it’s effective, appropriate, and psychologically satisfying – a deadly trio when it goes wrong – to build your business on what “sounds good” to you or “looks right” to you. The golden rule is embedded in us.

No matter how good your results are or how many times in the past you have predicted what the marketplace will do, my advice is to first do market research and then design your services, programs and marketing on the hard data you generate. If this describes what you have already “hit”, then it brings you more power. But more often than not, market research will reframe your hypotheses; if not completely remove them (a humiliating but astonishingly informative experience).

Another way to remember all of the above – a more fun, more positive way – is simply this: market for your target audience, not for yourself. And make no mistake: you are not your target market. This is one of the biggest flaws in all marketing (by no means limited to therapists or coaches). Businesses of all sizes often forget that they are not their target market. Or to put it another way, they assume that it is their target market. So they just say to themselves, “Hey, this makes sense, so it must make sense to the people I’m trying to communicate with.”

Of course, all of the above depends on understanding the need to identify your niche as a target audience for your services. You cannot market effectively and help anyone and everyone; you need to target marketing to your specific, desired audience. See below for more information on choosing your niche.

So practice the Platinum Rule in your business, conduct market research and design your services, programs and marketing for your desired audience, and you can almost be guaranteed to be very successful.

by David Steele

What Determines the Buying Price For Land For Real Estate Development?

Content Management System and SEO

As mentioned in my previous article “Getting Approval for Developing Your Land,” I discussed the importance of market research in terms of many aspects of early stage development, such as finding out if you bought the land at the right price, knowing the number of units & # 39; you can & grow; on land, knowing the correct zoning regulations and land height just to name a few! I wrote this article because I want to reinforce the importance of market research for you before you go out and buy land and before you throw away your money!

Most of us do this because we passionately develop real estate, but we also do it to make money !!!!! And as the old saying goes, you must not break for profit. And that’s what’s evolving. I am following up a bit here, but I also want to reinforce the important point you want to earn, but you also need to make sure that your team (e.g. BUILDER) is happy and making money! So, back to market research, this is the time when you do some work. Spend some money on gasoline / gasoline and throw on your boots and go out to your patch area to make your own! This is another story, and something very important for your success. That is, choosing the right patch. I’ll help you later.

As a professional programmer, you will do this at the most basic level because it is essential to your success in this business! You will learn and be very familiar with qualitative, quantitative market research and analysis.

You need to identify different locations in your city / city, e.g. & # 39; richville & # 39 ;, poorsville & # 39;, & # 39; mediocresville & # 39; and so on. See what I’m getting at? This is the beginning of your market segmentation! Can you limit this information? What about boundaries in areas where you want to start your career development? Do you know how much you should buy the land in your patch, not the estimate, the exact numbers? You have to, I’ll show you this properly. This is what real estate market research is all about!

So basically what I get here is you need to know the exact price at which you should buy your land !!!!! You don’t guess the price because Mrs. Jones told you that Bob was on the road selling for X X, so blocking your viewing is on the corner, so you’ll have to pay at least X more! Things that are tangible and also not things that you buy from a real estate website that give you the prices of the latest sales in the area, or what they claim to be the latest sales, is a problem because we’re talking about & # 39; real time & # 39; market research and in this game it’s ONLY that counts. Developers relying on this information are out of character and have missed the boat. Markets are changing and finding a 3.6, 9 or 12 month old survey is just that, OLD! You need yesterday’s prices and today’s prices, I hear you asking how can I get it? Through learning the right way! How do I learn the right way? By learning from someone who has successfully done this over and over, choosing the right mentor and following a system that works without questions asked!

As the media continues to push our necks all the negative junk happening in the property arena, and you see more and more real estate developers not doing well, you should obviously ask yourself the question, why are they so bad? What did they do wrong? The basic answer to your question is in the above! If they had done their market research and were awake, there would not be so many of them in the situation that they are now. In Florida, research would show them that units are & nbsp; (residential flats), stockpiles began to accumulate and events would be put on hold. New markets analyzed and lots of money saved! Remember, after an expansion, there is always a recession, and after the recession, there is always an expansion and that will not change! So you ask yourself, then how do you know when the transition between recession and expansion will begin? RESEARCH YOUR MARKETS AS WE SHOW YOU AND KNOW YOU. You’ll be ahead of the game!

by Tony G Bennett

What the Market Research Paid Surveys Are All About

Shopify: The Best Platform For Ecommerce

Take some time to research various online surveys and you will see that there are many paid surveys everywhere. Also, the strength of market research companies is higher than standard survey companies and the big difference between them is that former companies pay better than standard ones. However, do you know what a great piece of survey work is? Let’s take a closer look at paid network surveys in the following paragraphs.

Paid research, in general, is a questionnaire that is asked to an individual / group to get the feedback or opinions they need about a particular product or service. Surveys are sent to people who have a good knowledge of a particular topic.

The next type of research that is raging these days is the focus group. It requires group discussions and effort. It usually takes a few days and the cost is much higher than the usual types of surveys. If you want to make more money, try studying focus group surveys. However, you need to have a good data set to get these complex types of research.

So, what inspires a company to spend seamlessly on these online surveys? This is simply because they become aware of the viewpoint intended for the audience about the products / services and their existing / potential requirements. In order to maintain popularity and demand, it is crucial for companies to meet the needs and desires of consumers. These surveys are usually a cardinal component of their research, planning and promotion programs. Market research surveys offer a number of reimbursement offers; incentives, rewards and free rewards to get large numbers of people in the polls.

When it involves compensation, there is a high or low demand for the condition of the company you work for and the type of survey you are welcome to conduct. Obviously, the company is large and if good revenues are stable then chances are that it will pay high rates. Surveys that are drawn out and more complex are, as a rule, taking a few days to conduct more money.

Anyone with a major opportunity will be happy to accept as many surveys as possible. Completing paid surveys is not easy and fun. Just be sure to sign up for a legitimate research site otherwise, there is a good chance that your efforts will become futile.

by Sean Weisner

Impact of Internet on Marketing Research

Shopster Dropshipping - How to Set Up Ecommerce Stores With Dropship Products Online

Marketing research has been around for a very long time. It comes in many different forms and has been used in many different ways over the years, but it’s really intended for one thing. This helps you increase the profitability of your marketing efforts by testing and finding facts. Until a few years ago, this research was done in the same basic way, but the Internet has changed many things. What is the impact of the Internet on marketing research?

The internet has brought together millions of people from all walks of life within the reach of any retailer. In doing so, it provided a brand new platform for testing new and existing products and services. People have taken advantage of it, not only because of the speed at which things can be tested, but because of the variety in which they can be tested. Something else came out of all this online marketing research, affiliate marketing.

It is impossible for any online business to cover all its basics. Too many variables are included for them to reach all the people in their target market. That’s why many of them have turned to using affiliate marketing promotion on the Internet (online). In doing so, they reach an even wider market that is still targeted for their particular product or service. Although they pay a high commission to their affiliates, they can still retain customers and make all the money they can on any back end product they can offer. The internet has certainly changed the way many people do business. However, it all comes down to marketing research and the speed with which it can be done. As the Internet continues to evolve, we will see even greater changes in the way research is done, and it promises to help us all in our marketing efforts.

by Blaz Banic

Marketing Research

Best Term Life Insurance Rate - Getting the Best Deal For a Temporary Insurance

Every person wants to continue their business what they ever have, but every business faces different market research problems in their lives. So I want to share my experience on what is market research? types, basic advantages of market research and what are the 10 mistakes in marketing research.

The process of marketing research involves the systematic identification, collection, analysis and dissemination of information for the purpose of knowledge development and decision making. Identifying and defining your problem: You have already identified the problem and need for information. This step is always the beginning of the marketing research process. At this point, the problem will be identified by at least one level of management, and internal discussions will take place. Develop your approach: In this step, you can develop your approach with project analysis, skills analysis and budget analysis. Research Design: Research design involves secondary analysis of information, qualitative research, methodology selection, question measurement and scale selection, questionnaire design, sample design and size and determination of data analysis to be used.

Elements of the survey design include: Measuring and reducing sample size Calculator of questionnaire design process Basic questionnaire for statistical testing. Data Acquisition: Often referred to as data collection or the survey field, this is the point at which a finalized questionnaire (survey instrument) is used to collect data among selected segment samples. There are different methodologies for collecting data that need to be considered such as online surveys, mail surveys, internet panels, mail panels. Conducting Data Analysis: Any analysis of questionnaire data will depend on how the questionnaire is constructed. Less complex questionnaire data analysis can be handled with any number of office suite tools, while more complex questionnaire data analysis requires dedicated research market analysis programs and finally Reporting and Presentation: Reporting and presenting market research is easily the second most important step, if not the first. All key business information and insights that come from investing in market research will be limited by the way they are presented to decision makers. So, these are six steps of market research.

There are now two types of marketing research. Descriptive Research: Marketing research to better describe marketing problems, situations or markets. Cause research: Marketing research to test hypotheses about cause and effect relationships between variables of interest.

Elements of Effective Market Research: Marketing research is a very important step in developing your business. Without research, you have no basis on which to answer even the most basic questions; questions you must answer if you really want to sell your product or service successfully. The questions should be based on your price, your market and your competition.

Six basic advantages of market research:

1. Increases overall competence and understanding of critical research concepts and provides enhanced ability to make well-informed decisions
2. Provides cost-effective ability to supplement company internal training (Group enrollment discounts are available!)

3. It provides a common bridge of knowledge with all parties involved in the research process.
4. It provides a specific starting point for people entering the profession.
5. Gives the company an objective tool to help develop and promote employees.
6. Helps researchers understand and distinguish good research practice from that which undermines objective and impartial research.

Top 10 Market Research Mistakes: Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make in conducting market research and tips for avoiding them.

o Excessive wear

o I do not know what you are looking for.

o Poor choice of reference materials.

o I do not fully explore competition.

o I do not research pricing information.

o Exploring the wrong group.

o Not honoring a good research instrument.

o Don’t be aggressive enough in your research efforts.

o Relying on one dataset.

o Neglecting your market research.

These are common mistakes that companies make. So try to follow the Marketing Research plan. So you all do the work without any hesitation.

by Rizwan Saleem

Conducting a Quality Market Research Survey

Top 10 Ways to Recognize Dishonest Sales Tactics

Research is a systematic method of collecting data from a population of interest. The purpose of the research is to collect quantitative information, usually using a structured and standardized questionnaire. A well-structured questionnaire is the basis of quality market research. It is an essential means of gathering data that is specific and critical to the success of your business. A carefully designed questionnaire can generate huge amounts of revenue or can dramatically change strategies.

Through market research, you can determine the likely performance of a product or service, consumer customer behavior, consumer awareness of a product or service, and the relationship of consumers to existing or proposed products and services. The effectiveness of the questions would depend on how they are structured so that your results are relevant, accurate and even compelling.

There are different methods of market research and they are categorized according to your target market or population of interest. There are so many factors to consider when conducting quality research surveys, but the most important thing is how to design a research questionnaire to help convince your respondents to answer correctly.

Composing a survey questionnaire

To have a quality survey, try to make your questionnaire as short as possible. Use only those questions that will provide the information you need. Don’t make it too wide and you will have to ask it too many questions or don’t get too big and you won’t be able to explore the subject in sufficient detail.

  • Determine your target market. This is the first thing that you need to consider when compiling your questionnaire.
  • Structure the survey in such a way that the questions follow a logical sequence and are educated from general to specific.
  • Use multiple questions whenever possible. This helps respondents understand the purpose of your question and save time by completing a questionnaire.
  • Avoid leading questions that may generate a false-positive answer. E.G. “How satisfied are you with the service our excellent waiters provide?” Instead, “How satisfied are you with the service our waiters provide?”
  • For questions that require a respondent to rate items, use the same rating scale throughout the survey. If you use a numeric rating from 0 to 5 or from 1 to 10, keep the same scale for any questions that require a rating scale.
  • Try to test the survey for at least 10 to 15 people before making it for mass distribution. After completing the survey, conduct an interview with these people to determine if your questions are easy to understand and easy to answer.

Professionally conducted surveys can definitely improve your results. Today, there are business process outsourcing or BPO industries that specialize in market research and you can be sure of a valuable result. With the advent of offshore BPO, market surveys that outsourced helped many companies evaluate evaluators, trends, and competitors.

by Rose Brazil

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