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Shopify Full MasterClass 2020 – I’m Crazy For Revealing This

Shopify Full MasterClass 2020 - I'm Crazy For Revealing This

Want to start a profitable online store but found the setup too complicated or had doubts about the process of creating a successful online store? Then this course is for you! I did my best to be transparent and to cover everything without a lot of waist time and meaningless conversation. I went over the matter and delivered everything you needed to know in just 2 hours.

In this course, I will help you master the online maping skills of Aliexpress and Shopify. After you finish watching this course, you will have your first highly profitable automated online store and you will know a lot of hacks to jump-start your Shopify business.

So, what exactly will you gain by enrolling in this course?

In the first part of this course, I will cover the basics of drop shipping and will also teach you how to find any Shopify store in the world and those profitable ones. In the same chapter of this course, we will cover the software Ober from A to Z and learn how to build a professional Shopify Store and optimize conversions with the best apps (free and paid). We will later learn how to successfully import products from China and create conversion descriptions for them. You will learn how to edit products, import them into your own Shopify shop and more!

In the second part of this course, then we will concentrate on finding products that are currently for sale and prove that they are selling step by step. I will cover this with my personal system and also give you other tricks for finding winning products than usual. Nothing will be left out, nothing will be left untouched.

In the third part of this course, we’ll talk product marketing (how to get first sale) – I’ll show you step by step how to set a a professional marketing campaign on Facebook ads and how to use Instagram Influencers, We will detail traffic, engagement on Facebook, and will cover email marketing.

After watching this chapter, you will not only know about technical background and the import process, you will now know what the keys to this + job are hacking that no one is talking about can make your business six figures.

Now you will be able to recognize, offer, promote and sell your products worldwide!

After watching this course, you will know what it took me over a year to learn. You will be an expert in identifying and importing products for sale, setting up online stores with very transformative potential, and will know exactly how to generate not only your first sale, but your first 1000+ sales.

While other courses leave you confused and just give you a look at Shopify Drop Shipping, this is the A-Z guide to creating a Six Figure Shopify!

Now I want my students to always feel comfortable shopping, so I offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

They have NOTHING to risk, but GET ALL!

Percussion time to take action. This offer lasts forever.

Just go ahead and click the “take this course” button and we’ll see you on the course. Thanks again for the entry!

Who is this course for:

  • Who wants to build a financially secure future with e-commerce.
  • Who wants to know how this business really works and succeed with Shopify

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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 5 Easy Steps

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 5 Easy Steps

Setting up Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2020.

The growth of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and other online markets and platforms means anyone can start an online store for just $ 20.

But with the barrier of entry so low, dropshipping has increased over the past decade, which means that many markets are highly competitive.

If you are thinking of starting a Dropship business – whether as a crowd or leaving a full-time job – you can save time and set yourself up for success by following the simple steps outlined below.

But first, what is a dropshipping job?

A dropshipping business can sell goods to customers without any inventory. The buyer buys the item from your store at the retail price. Then pass the order on to your reseller, who is paying the wholesale price. Once your supplier receives an order, the item ships to the customer directly under your business name while earning a profit margin. All you have to do is set up a retail website, find customers and handle customer support.

Thousands of people around the world who make five, six, and seven digits from shipping with a drop and save without reason why you would do the same.

In this complete sender shipping guide, we will show you how to get started with the drop shipping business in 5 easy steps:

  1. Choosing a profitable drop niche in 2020
  2. Finding reliable ship suppliers
  3. Obtaining a sales tax ID
  4. Choosing the right sales platform for your business
  5. Implement customer acquisition strategy

What is dropshipping?

https: //www.yo uterine service .com / watch v = ZWN1WdhMt3o

Understanding how the dropshipping business model works is important because it is quite different from traditional retail and e-commerce.

Here’s the official definition:

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the merchant does not keep the goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment information to either the manufacturer, other seller or wholesaler, who then supplies the goods directly to the buyer.

How dropshipping works

In simple terms, dropshipping works this way:

  1. The buyer buys the item from your store at the retail price
  2. The order is forwarded to your supplier (you pay the wholesale price)
  3. The supplier ships the item to the customer directly under your company name

This means that you – Droppers – have to buy and store supplies, which saves you having to invest a lot of money upfront.

This also eliminates the risk of wholesale buying and not being able to sell all the products, leaving you out of pocket.

This is why dropshipping is so popular – it requires minimal investment, but brings similar benefits to traditional retail models.

Number Release Statistics: Are numbers being added?

The rebellion over dropshipping means that some people are skeptical of it as a viable business model and careful about diving.

There is limited data on specific Dropshipping, but this information should give you peace of mind (and, hopefully, a sense of excitement).

  • 22-33% online companies have adopted dropshipping as their core business model.
  • Dropshipping accounts 34% products sold on Amazon in 2011 delivered $ 14.2 billion of shipped products from just one online marketplace.
  • Average earnings of the manufacturer 18:33% more than a manufacturer using traditional retail models.
  • Global ecommerce sales were at $ 2.3 trillion, Projections show growth up to $ 4.48 trillion to 2021
  • 84% Internet marketers say that establishing positive relationships with drug suppliers is the first barrier to starting an online business.

Google Trends data also shows a significant increase in dropshipping interest in recent years.

What you need to get started with dropshipping

Aside from a positive attitude, good work ethic, and genuine motivation to be committed to your new business venture, there are only a few basics to start a business with Dropshipping.

They are:

  • Product for sale
  • Supplier of this product
  • A platform where it can be sold
  • Sales Tax ID
Explore them in more detail.

How to Get Started with Dropshipping in 2020

Step 1: Select a niche drop

Niche is a market segment. For example, bluetooth speakers are a popular niche in the home audio market. You can even say that external, waterproof bluetooth speakers are sub-niche niche bluetooth speakers. You get the idea. The more specific your niche is, the better.

Choosing a niche is the first step to launching Dropshipping. The rise in popularity of dropshipping means that it is increasingly difficult to find niches that are already saturated. But new products and niches are emerging every week, so the possibilities are almost endless.

A common misconception about dropshipping is that you can be successful and profit in any niche, but it’s just not true. If you choose a niche that is already saturated with sellers or dominated by major brands, you will face a futile battle with your new job.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the niche niche that will make you money online in 2020:

  • Start with your interests and passions: Use your hobbies and interests. If you enjoy traveling or hiking outdoors, you will have a unique knowledge of products and trends in those markets that can help you identify a sustainable niche.
  • Cleanse your itching: This is old school entrepreneurial advice. The theory is that if you have a problem in your life, chances are that others will have the same problem. If you can identify a product that solves this problem, you may have discovered a great niche for crushing.
  • Competition Research: Is a niche interested in oversaturation? If so, is competition easy to beat? Better yet, are they worth winning? You often find that the niche most interested in joining is the one that almost everyone is already a part of. That means you have to jump on the belt, just be ready for some competition.
  • Ensure the niche is profitable: The goal of the business is to make money, right? Otherwise, you need to check the profitability of each niche and product ideas you come across. Ideally, you want to get a profit rate of at least 40% after shipping costs, fees and seller costs, but you should aim for margins of 100% or more.

    PRO TIP: With this online calculator you can determine the profitability of the products you plan to sell. It subtracts Amazon’s fees from the retail price and estimates how many items are sold each month, which is a demand indicator.

Dropshipping products that work well on Amazon and eBay

While it is possible to throw everything from toothpicks to kitchen sinks, some products are more suitable for crushing than others.

The perfect dropshipping product is mainly:

  • Not dominated by major brands: What is the first company that comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘smartphone’? Apple, probably. Or Samsung? These major brands are launching the smartphone market and it will be difficult for any business to compete for a slice of that cake. A good dropshipping product dominates the main brand, so you can have a better chance of capturing a chunk of the market.
  • Small and light: It is a general rule that a good bottle delivery product can be fitted into a shoe box and weigh less than 2 kg (4.4 lb), which is a weight limit for ePacket. This will save you an extra amount of shipping.
  • Off-season: Ideally, when you start out, you want to avoid products that are only in demand once a year. For example, selling something you only spend on the beach during the summer or Christmas decorations really limits your sales power during the off-season. Choose products that look for products throughout the year.
  • Retail between $ 15 and $ 200: This price range is known as the “sweet spot” of e-commerce. Anything cheaper than $ 15, not making a big margin, and anything over $ 200 will be hard to sell en masse. While there are plenty of exceptions to this rule, following it will make it easier for you to begin your Dropship journey.

Brainstorm business ideas

Now that you know the criteria for a good niche of dropshipping, you can start narrowing down product ideas for your ecommerce business.

You should keep in mind to imagine at least 10-20 product ideas, then use the guidelines above to remove or remove them from the list.

When you are done with this process, you may only have a few ideas for products that you think are viable. If you do not have one, then you must restart the process.

If you have at least one solid product idea at this stage, you’re ready to move on to the next level.

Use SaleHoo Labs to research the market

SaleHoo Labs is a powerful market research tool for dropshippers and e-commerce store owners. It provides you with valuable information on tens of thousands of products in 25 categories, such as:

  • How much competition is there for each product, based on the number of people who sell it on Amazon and eBay
  • The average retail price per product is sold online
  • Sales rate of each product
  • List of trusted product suppliers you can contact immediately

This can help give you product ideas and save you the time you need to manually research the market.

How to outperform and sell out your competition

If you want to stand out with the thousands of others who are considering launching dropshipping in 2020, there are a few tricks up your sleeve.

You need to find a way to be better and smarter than your competition to be more efficient and get more sales from them.

How do you do it? In the same way that championship sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles or Golden State Warriors prepare each week – by studying the competition.

  • Determine your competition: Start by finding the best sellers in your niche on Amazon and eBay. Also consider how many sellers there are in the niche.
  • Analyze their product listings: How do they set up their product lists? What are their photos? What kind of sales copy do they use? Find ways to improve yours. You may recognize unique selling points that you can use or other enhancements that will make your product listings more attractive to potential customers.
  • Read customer reviews: Take some time to scroll through the top best sellers in your niche. Take into account what your customers liked and complained about so you can improve your access to customer service.

When starting a dropshipping business, you should absorb as much information from as many sources as possible. Product listings and best seller reviews in your niche are perfect places to look for ideas to improve on your competition.


The first step to starting a dropshipping business is choosing a niche. To restart the restriction:

  • Choose an easy-to-buy product / niche
  • Make sure they are sufficient for your products
  • Research your competition to give yourself an edge


See this guide for more information on deciding what to sell online

For product ideas that will make money online, see this post

Step 2: Find your boat supplier

For many ecommerce entrepreneurs, finding a trusted supplier is the hardest part of starting a business with Dropshipping.

You trust your suppliers to keep your product in stock, maintain product quality and ensure timely delivery of orders to customers. As a ship supplier, the supplier is your most important business partner.

What to Ask a Ship Supplier

A good aircraft supplier should:

  • Actually be crushing: Not all product vendors offer dropshipping as a service. Some are simply wholesalers or manufacturers. Before making contact, make sure the crusher supplier.
  • Have experience (+ helpful staff): You want a supplier who has years of experience with dropshipping. Suppliers take great responsibility with drophipping, so you want to make sure you can count on them at all times. A good sign is if a sales rep comes in contact, it seems helpful and well informed. If you suspect relationships are not experienced, go elsewhere.
  • Don’t charge large order fees: It is therefore perfectly normal for Dropshi suppliers to charge a small fee for their services. Finally, stay in stock and arrange packing and shipping for you. These fees should only be a few dollars (usually $ 2- $ 5). If the supplier charges more than that, you should let them go.
  • Enable fast delivery: Most boat suppliers are in China, so expect more overnight deliveries. However, you want to make sure that your customers get their products as quickly as possible. Check their delivery times to the countries you service. One or two weeks is acceptable for dropshipping. Longer than this could result in negative customer feedback.
  • Have quality products (+ product photos): You should always look for samples of quality testing products before submitting them to the supplier. The supplier should ideally have high quality images that you can use in your product listings.
  • Make recommendations on request: A good supplier should be ready to connect with companies that can check their service. Ideally, you want word-of-mouth recommendations, but if that is not possible, you can change your mind based on online customer reviews (although be aware that online reviews can be manipulated).

Where to find reliable suppliers

There are basically two ways to find good boat suppliers. You can search online manually or use a wholesale directory like SaleHoo.

  • Finding a Vendor Online: You can simply enter your product plus a “vendor” into Google and see what’s coming. Or you can search for your product on sites like or Many Chinese-based suppliers use these websites to sell their products.
  • Using the wholesale directory: This can save you a lot of time and help you avoid e-commerce fraud. SaleHoo has over 8000 vendors that have been vetted and verified. You can reach them in just a few clicks and have confidence in their ability to provide good service.


Questions to ask vendors before doing business with them

Take a closer look at how to find drug suppliers

Find a US Ship Supplier for your Online Store

Step 3: Get your sales tax ID

If you set up your business in the United States or Canada, then you most likely need a sales tax ID (also known as a retail or reseller license, tax code, resale number, resale certificate, or vendor license).

Sales tax is a tax levied on all sales of physical goods to consumers and typically amounts to about 6-9% of the sales price. Most states require you to have a tax code, but there are exceptions, including Alaska Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.

Click on your country to find the right sales tax information for you,
and register for your license.

A cost standard for businesses to pass that cost on to consumers by adding it to the retail price.

Applying for a tax code is easy and inexpensive. You can do this by visiting your local office or online – just Google “[your state] + Sales tax ID “.

To obtain a sales tax ID, you may need to be a business entity, company, or sole proprietorship (which applies to many domestic online businesses) and have a federal tax code.

While it is important to collect the correct amount of sales tax (otherwise they are always responsible for the difference), not all eBay sellers require a tax code.

Accordingly, some wholesale suppliers require you to have them before doing business with you.

Related: What is an EIN number?

Step 4: Choose a sales platform

We have decided on a product and saved a lined supplier – now you need a place to start selling and making money.

Choosing the right sales platform or online marketplace is crucial to the success of your business – but which platform is best for you?

You have to decide between selling on a standard platform or starting your own independent online store.

You have looked at the pros and cons of different sales platforms and online markets.

The most popular internet markets

Most dropshippers use a well-established online marketplace, such as Amazon or eBay, especially at launch. Why?

  • Simply set up an account and start selling
  • Already attracting huge amounts of traffic (leads)
  • Consumers trust these platforms
  • Through them you can make significant money

However, they may be as follows:

  • You will be charged a fee for each sale
  • You have limited control (branding, customer service, product photography, etc.)
  • You are in direct competition with sellers on the same platform
  • Consumers have a huge selection in one place

However, here are some of the most popular online markets for Dropshipping companies.

  • Amazon: The most famous of the online markets, Amazon said it has 300 million active users. In 2016, more than 100,000 sellers made more than $ 100,000 on Amazon. Amazon offers additional services such as Amazon fulfillment and Amazon Prime. Fees vary widely, but it is estimated that most sellers will pay Amazon about 15% of their sales price. It uses the popular Dropshippers option.
  • eBay: EBay says there are 171 million active users with about one billion products listed in 190 different markets. EBay listing fees (but offering a limited number of free listings) and selling fees, which are generally less than 10%. eBay has an auction option and also acts as a standard online retail platform.
  • Etsy: Etsy is said to have 54 million active members, about 2 million active sellers and about 32 million active buyers. It is extremely popular with women (84% of salespeople are women). Etsy has established itself as a more trendy online marketplace with an emphasis on arts, crafts, home accessories and handmade items.


For a full list of alternative ecommerce platforms, see this post.

Creating your own online store

A lot of Dropshippers are moving through the launch of their own online store. Although it requires more upfront investment, this really is the best option for earning and building a business Internet in the long run. There are many online tools, such as Shopify and SaleHoo stores, that make it easy to get started.


  • You have complete control over your branding, design, appearance, etc.
  • You started building an independent third-party platform business
  • No fees and higher profit margins
  • There is no direct competition from other sellers on the same platform


  • It costs money to set up and design your own store (web hosting, etc.).
  • Miss guaranteed (customer) traffic from established platforms
  • It takes time to rank on Google and they often have to invest in SEO and marketing

If you have the time and money to invest in your dropping business and plan to invest in it in the long run, then starting your own store is a good option, especially if established platforms become more saturated each year.

Step 5: Implement a Buyer’s Purchasing Strategy

Now that you have a sales platform for your Dropshipping business, you need to attract customers to your store. This is where the customer acquisition strategy comes in.

Buying customers is the art of persuasion. You can consider it advertising and marketing. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? But it has to be. You can start the fast (paid) track or the slow (free) track to win new customers. So, look at both strategies in more detail.

Quick results (paid)

Facebook Dropshipping Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform. Advertise a great place to advertise your products because you can reach a huge audience. This is how Facebook makes its money, so that every customer you make with this method comes at a price. Ads on Facebook are a good option for the following reasons:

  • Bad easy to get started
  • You control how much you spend each day
  • You can target very specific demographics (location, interests, relationship status, etc.)
  • It can give quick results
  • Helps to increase brand awareness
  • A good ad or enhanced post can go viral

For a comprehensive guide to Facebook Ads for Beginners, check out this post.

Google Ecommerce Ads

Google is the most popular search engine so far. If you have an online store, you want it listed on the first page of Google. You can achieve this organically or you can buy ads in your store to appear at the top of the page for the keywords you want to rank. Google ads are a good option for the following reasons:

  • You can achieve great exposure in search results
  • The world’s largest advertising platform (Google Search, Youtube, Gmail)
  • You can target very specific demographics (location, language, device, etc.)
  • Maximize the exposure of your high-volume keywords to your niche

Social Media Impact Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a major part of customer acquisition for retail brands in recent years. This could play an important part of any customer acquisition strategy in 2020. This can be especially effective if you are in a trending niche. For example, if she is selling a new style of bag, you can contact her Instagram model and ask her if she will share her post with the bag, tagging your business. One post can result in a bunch of new fans and customers. The price of influencer marketing depends on how popular the influencer is. Kim Kardashian’s post could cost $ 250,000, while a post with 10,000 followers could cost just a few hundred dollars.

Slow results (free)

Blog or blog marketing

This includes finding blogs or forums that are related to your product / niche and actively engaging in discussions. By positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and incorporating a link to your site, you can increase traffic and attract new customers.

Content marketing

This most often takes the form of a blog on your store’s website, Youtube channel, trendy Instagram posts, or humorous Twitter posts. Marketing intent involves creating valuable content that helps create an audience that you can then convert to customers. It is not as explicit as advertising and should always serve your audience more than your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Organic reach on social media is harder and harder to achieve, but it’s still possible. If you can consistently create and share great content on your social media channels, then eventually build the following that you can then turn into customers.

Email marketing

Creating an email list is still one of the most effective ways to attract customers. You need a way to capture email addresses, such as a sign-up request or a bid or contest that requires an email address. Once you have a decent list of email addresses, you can reach a large group of regular people for free.


As you can see, there are several strategies for attracting customers to your store. What is your preferred way of growing a new boat business?


Huzzah! We have come to an end and by now you should be on your way to starting an e-commerce drug business.

Still, the work is not done yet. You must now run the business successfully.

But worry worry! As long as you follow these few tips, we’ve had a successful ecommerce delivery business for years.

  • Keep updating your website. Work on your SEO and create high quality content to drive traffic.
  • Maintain your relationship with the supplier. Keep tabs on products offering and when you’re ready, look for something more (Tip: You can find SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab to find new hot products)
  • Keep up to date with customer service. Answer emails and questions and update your FAQ page (if you have one)
  • Stay on top of your social media. Refine your ads, run contests and promote like crazy.

We hope you liked this article on how to get started with Dropshipping. Did this encourage you to create one? Leave a comment below. And forget to share this article with your entrepreneurial friends.

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How to Set Up an Ecommerce Store and Generate Sales



Setting up an ecommerce store is an increasingly popular way to make money online.

If you are interested in starting an action and setting up your own ecommerce store, you may not know where to start.

If that sounds like you – inhale and relax.

In this post, we will explore the steps you need to go through to set up a profitable ecommerce store.

We investigated how you can actually set up an ecommerce store, but also strategies you can use to get sales.

At the end of this post, you have a blueprint that you can use to set up your own profitable ecommerce store.

You better start!

Deciding what to sell

If you have something to sell, you have an ecommerce store.

So, before you do anything else, you must first decide what to sell.

There are two ways you can approach this challenge.

  1. You can create something that “scratches your itch”.
  2. You can take something that already exists and do something better while doing a better marketing job.

In this post, we are going to focus on the second option, which involves creating something better and at the same time better marketing it.

This option may be easier for a newborn because it takes a lot of risk out of the situation.

After all, you need to do as much market research as you already have evidence that your existing product is already successful.

Rather, go through the process of finding a product.

The niche you choose will depend on what you are familiar with.

Ideally, you want to sell something in a niche you need to be familiar with, but it’s always better to be able to connect with the market you’re trying to sell.

This is important because it will be a copy. If you want your copy to be good, you need to connect it to your target audience.

They said they wanted to start an e-commerce business dedicated to selling premium ($ 20 +) paper laptops.

First I need to look at what is already on sale.

And I can do that by looking at Amazon – the king of all e-commerce stores.

If I type “notebooks”, represented by the following products. I set the price range between $ 25 and $ 50 so I can narrow down the category. He also badly sorted the page according to “Average customer review.”


Now I have to browse this site to see if there are any products that look interesting.

In the screenshot above, I can see that there is a “Notepad on the board” which might be worth a look.

Here are some more ideas that might be worth exploring.


According to what I see, the notebooks above have high quality covers and thick paper inside them. On top of that, they also seem to follow a specific theme.

For example, here’s a description of one notebook I found.


So, we have some inspiration in terms of where we could take that.

Now we need to figure out how we can give such a product.

Product Sources

For many people in the e-commerce space, the best way to create a product is by using a site called Alibaba.

Alibaba is a good place to check out, given that 12.7 billion orders they have taken place in his market in the past.

Using Alibaba, you can find suppliers for an incredible variety of products.

To do this, go to

Then we need to type in a keyword that is related to what we tried to create.

You prefer to follow the example of “premium laptops” earlier.


As you can see, a list of vendors is now presented, each providing a different style of laptop.

Now is a good chance that the first company I come across will be able to meet my needs.

So, we need to contact quite a few of them to see what they can do for me.

However, before you think about it, it is important that you first make it crystal clear what your requirements are.

If you are not, then you will waste everyone’s time, as the quotes provided by the suppliers will be very closely related to the specifications you give.

If you change your specifications, prices could change drastically – it’s not something you want to experience at the last minute.

So, make sure you know exactly what you want.

Using a notebook, they have to make sure that I can create the notebook with the thickness of paper I want, but also with the number of pages I want.

They also want to see if they can take my designs and use them as covers.

Fortunately, Alibaba makes it easier to conduct a specific review because of the sellers who have a list on that website. You often see some statistics on each product page you view.

Below is an example of what was shown to one seller, who seemed like a good laptop supplier.


The icon in the upper left lets me know that they areGold supplier, ‘Six years.


In the Alibaba ecosystem, a gold supplier means that business is seriously engaged in international trade.

Companies have to pay for this recognition, which provides additional insurance.

Also, in the upper right corner, you see another icon indicating that the seller has signed up for the Trade Insurance program – which protects you if something goes wrong.


Provided you see these two things, it might be worth contacting this seller to see what they can provide.

A few key things to discuss are the payment terms (and how much deposit is required) and whether any product samples can be sent.

Before ordering a large order, it is preferable to order the samples, but it is safe to check the quality of the installation and to evaluate how well you can work with the supplier in question.

Setting up a store

After looking at some suppliers and organizing how to go to the source of your products, then you need to set up your store.

You can display your products on Amazon or you can set up a Shopify store.

First, let’s consider posting your products on Amazon.

Scroll to the bottom of the Amazon homepage and select “Sell on Amazon.”


Then sign up for theirs sales service.

You can choose to be an “individual seller”, but in the long run, becoming a professional seller is a better option.


Once you’ve set up your account and verified your identity, then you need to start listing the products.

Fortunately, Amazon has a useful sidebar to help with this.


Here’s a quick overview, provided by Amazon, which detail the process of selling something, once you are ready.


To get the ball, click on “Inventory” and then select “Add Product”.


Then search for the item you want to sell (or select “Create new product list”) and follow the list.


After you have done all this, you should have a product ready for sale on Amazon.

In addition to Amazon, you can set up your own independent ecommerce store.

If it was 10 years ago, you may need a long and technical explanation about how it should be done.

However, in 2016, setting up a store is actually very easy.

using Shopify (which maintains 243,000 stores for those looking to manage their own ecommerce stores), you can quickly create a professional-looking store.


They have an affordable pricing structure ready for people who are just getting into the e-commerce game.

For starters, you can sign up for their 14-day free trial and feel how the platform works.

If you want your store to have a specific look, head on over to

There, we should be able to preview some topics that you can use in the Shopify store.


If you ever need help with the technical aspects of setting up a Shopify store, you can always talk to “Shopify expert. ‘


However, in addition to the technical aspects of setting up a store, you want to emphasize copy as well.

Copy is just as important for landing pages – it also has a lot of significance whenever you have to convince someone it’s worth buying what you have.

Others, while writing product descriptions for their site, think about the benefits of what your product has to offer.

If there are unique selling points on your product, be sure to know what it is about and clearly explain it when writing a description.

Driving traffic to the store

Once you set up your store, then you need to think about how to get people to actually visit your store.

Driving traffic to an ecommerce store can be a lot of fun and there are many different things to experiment with.

Before you think about how to drive traffic to your store, first sit down and really clarify who your customer is.

What affects them and what demographics do they occupy?

Once you know this information, your marketing efforts will be better and easier to spot viable options.

With that in mind … one way you can experiment with traffic is with Facebook Ads.

Setting up Facebook ads is easy and 2.5 million advertisers use the service.

He discussed the process here it is and here it is.

Provided you do the due diligence I just mentioned (related to knowing your customer), you should take full advantage of the powerful targeting features provided by Facebook.

You may also consider sponsoring posts on social media sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

To do this, all you have to do is find profiles that meet the demographic as you try to try.

Then send them a quick message and let them know you are still sponsoring the post.

When you sponsor a post, you are still too disgusted with the sales message. You want to rely on images of your products to sell a lot for you.

Fortunately, at this stage, you should already have some great product images that you can provide when launching sponsored posts.

Like that, you can even use it Google Product Listing Ads.

The process of setting up Google Product Ads can be a little complicated, but it prevents you from using them.

Long-term optimization of your store

In the long run, we want to take some steps to ensure that your store increases sales and remains active for a long time.

One step you can take is to use it redirection.

A redirect will allow you to trade people who have visited your ecommerce site but have decided to buy nothing yet.

For example, if someone views a product but adds it to your cart, you can show them product ads while browsing Facebook or other websites on the Internet.

Those who are sanctified are 70% more likely convert – so much worth experimenting with.

The second step you can take is to send out “cart abandonment emails”.

Cart abandonment emails are sent to people who have placed items in the cart but have not been able to complete the checkout process.

72% of people who put things in the cart after following the transaction.

When sending emails about abandoning your cart, it sometimes helps if you offer a discount to encourage a potential buyer to make a transaction.

It can be very powerful and chart below shows how many people will consider if products are offered at a lower price.


Yyou can experiment with sales and cross-selling.

What you decide to sell will depend on what you are already selling.

The topic of upgrades and cross sales was discussed here it is.

Upgrades and cross sales can increase the size and profitability of the cash register as they offer products that complement what the customer is already buying.

You may even want to see how free shipping can affect your ability to earn sales.

75% of customers they say they would buy more if they were offered free shipping.

On top of everything else mentioned, chart below cites additional reasons why people choose not to shop at an ecommerce store.


Delivery is something we touched on earlier and, as you can see, is one of the main reasons why people leave their wheelchairs.

However, you can also see the need to open a new account, which is why 23% of people choose to leave the basket. This is why you might also want to offer a “buy a guest” option.

Keep this in mind and the other reasons shown in the chart, keeping in mind when optimizing your store for the long term.


In this post, you looked at what you can do to set up your profitable ecommerce store.

We looked at how you can source a product, but also how you can set up an ecommerce store.

We also examined how you can keep your store in the water for a long time, using different strategies to make a profit.

So why not take some time and start a store and look at how things work for you?

Good luck!

What turns out to be true when it comes to setting up an ecommerce store? Please share your tips below!

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How much does it cost to open a Shopify store?


Shopify is a fast-growing e-commerce platform that enables businesses to set up eCommerce stores at great prices – about 160% below average for e-commerce platforms! If you want to start building your first business, Shopify is an easy solution.

Best Ecommerce Builders 2020 |

Best Ecommerce Builders 2020 |

Aside from the difference, there are some good options for starting and running your own online store. So how do you know which e-commerce site builder is right for you? Comparing the features that are important to you will help you discover the best solution for your specific situation. Here are some of the non-negotiable features that every business should look for when searching:


First impressions are important. So you want your online store to do good. This will only happen with fresh, fresh, clean and flexible website design. Look for a web development specialist with attractive suggestions to use in the industry. And unless you want your site to look like any other online store, you need a unique look. It either means having many templates to choose from or having a great editing tool that will allow you to customize your design to perfection.

Cellphone-ray sponsive

More and more consumers are moving towards mobile shopping and research. This means that your online store must be mobile. A bad mobile experience describes a disaster for a site, trying to make a mistake.

Gateway payments / solutions

Payment processing is another area that your store must have reduced. Because if a buyer encounters a hiccup while trying to make a purchase, they will most likely leave their store altogether and shop elsewhere. Look for an online store creator who has multiple payment processing options, offers free or affordable transaction fees, and makes it easier for customers to sign out.

Third party integrations

No website builder has everything, but smart ones let you integrate with external applications, so they don’t have to. Accessing other applications on your site extends your functionality, providing more power and flexibility in every area of ​​your business.

Multichannel sale

It’s debatable, but we think it’s important. Being able to sell through channels automatically increases your sales potential exponentially without the need for additional business. Some ecommerce platforms are secure enough that their site will generate enough revenue for you (think Amazon) without calculating multi-channel sales, but most sellers prefer to have choices.

Additional features that will make the package more attractive include things like inventory management, customer management systems and SEO capabilities.

Considering the functionality, decide what your business needs are, how much product sales you plan to do (and whether you can handle) and what your budget is to determine which ecommerce platform is right for you. For example, Volusion is a good option if you are looking for cheaper processing rates, but WooCommerce is the best choice if you work with WordPress. Quadrature is great for really small businesses, while Shopify is just a great comprehensive product. Identify your needs and choose accordingly.

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Top eCommerce Platforms 2020

Top eCommerce Platforms 2020

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best eCommerce Website Builders

E-commerce platforms give business owners the tools to build and manage their online stores. Where you are just starting to sell your products online or owning a well-established brand, you can find many different e-commerce options to suit your business needs. Knowing the features offered by eCommerce platforms can improve the success of your store and save you money in the long run.

TheTop10Sites has scrutinized the top ecommerce sites so you can easily compare prices and features. For starters, we’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions about ecommerce solutions.

1. What should I look for if I am just starting my online store?

Ecommerce platforms typically offer different pricing plans to meet the needs of different businesses. If you are starting a new business, you can look for cheaper options. If you have more than one staff, check how many users come with the plan. You should also consider how many products you want to sell and whether that platform and a particular plan can meet those needs. You can easily compare the prices and features of each ecommerce site with our benchmarking tool.

2. How can an ecommerce builder help me grow my business?

Whether you are opening a new online store or looking to grow your brand, many ecommerce sites offer marketing features that can help your business grow. Features like Google ads, email marketing, or search engine optimization can help spread the word about your business to a wider audience.

Later, analytics tools give you insight into how you will know your customer base more and more effectively. You can also improve your site usage with professionally designed templates, better customer support, or features like abandoned shopping cart alerts. In addition, the ability to sell on social networks or mobile phones can increase sales. Check out the features in our reviews to see what tools can help your business.

3. What types of POS and payment methods can I use in my online store?

All eCommerce website builders will offer shoppers options to buy products in your store. You want to check a few things before signing up. A good ecommerce site will accept the main payment methods in your preferred currency. You should also check that the platform and plan include any transaction fees when making purchases with credit cards. You should also consider whether the website provides fraud and financial information during transactions.

4. Which e-commerce site makes the most sense for my business?

When choosing an eCommerce website builder, you should consider several factors such as budget, product offering, staffing, and website experience. BigCommerce consistently checks frameworks by offering comprehensive, high value features. Those who feel comfortable can have more control over their website and save less money with do-it-yourself websites. Wix makes a great option for freelance eCommerce website builders with its easy to use builder for switching and dragging plus great prices.

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Miva Premium B2B Ecommerce

Miva Premium Cloud Commerce

Miva Premium B2B Ecommerce

What they wanted

With more than 200 U.S. skateboard brands for jokes due to shelf space and market share, Santa Cruz skateboards needed a bold solution to connect with customers and the ability to tap into direct distribution channels.

What we built

We have worked closely with Santa Cruz Skateboards to build a multi-brand super brand with omnichannel wholesale and retail customer portals, all linked to powerful ordering, inventory and execution systems.

Why it matters

Santa Cruz skateboards can ship directly from production to consumers for the first time, exerting masterful oversight on branding, supply chain and shopping experience for all wholesale and retail channels.

Miva burns top ecommerce solutions for innovative business brands.

Using Miva tools, Santa Cruz skateboards can become a true manufacturer-brand. Full control and complete freedom – it’s the sweetest ride of all.

All Miva customers benefit from the superior Miva Architects solutions for their clients. Get to know your solution today.

See ecommerce solutions

or call us now at 800.608.6482

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