If you are considering the use of human growth hormone (HGH) anti-wrinkle products, you probably have read at least some of the reviews. Before you spend money or really damage your skin, ask yourself this question: can you trust the source?

The answer is not so simple. First, keep in mind that online reviews are often biased. Anyone can write these reviews, just because someone has posted a review (which may be promoting the product secretly) does not necessarily mean that they are instructive and reliable.

Pharmacists may be a good source of information, but they often only recite what the manufacturer writes about the product, which will naturally push their product. Your GP may encounter the same trap. For the same reason, you won’t want to blindly trust manufacturer-sponsored research. If you have a dermatologist, he or she should be able to provide good information on the products available.

If you do not have a dermatologist or want to investigate the problem yourself, you will want to know that you have found the best and most reliable information. To do so, look for independent reviews. Independent researchers will evaluate the product and publish its results. When in doubt, try to find more than one independent product review. Unbiased research can often be obtained through sources such as Consumer Reports or other independent reports.

Another good way to research is to ask people you trust who have actually used the product. If you have a friend who used it, ask their opinion. You will know that they have no hidden agenda, and you will receive first-hand information from someone you can trust.

For HGH, independent research supports that if used with good anti-wrinkle cream, these products can help slow down the aging process.

Source by Samantha Dunkin




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