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Do Clickfunnels Work for Shopify? That! This detailed guide includes information on ClickFunnel Vs. Shopify, how to use ClickFunnels with Shopify, and more.

You can sell almost anything on the internet today. Instead of building a store on your business website, you can open an account in Shopify and build a store there. There are many benefits if you do it this way. Such as, for example, you can use the application tools that Shopify offers to fully automate your purchase.

However, you still need to get customers to visit your store. This requires building a system of marketing channels that lead to a flow that leads potential customers to your store. ClickFunnels can help you with this part by automating every part of your funnel that leads to your store, starting with the marketing channels you set up. It will also take over where Shopify goes, occupying where Shopify might not work, at least for the way you want your customer experience to be respected. There are two ways to handle a physical product, as shown below. Let’s look at one vital component of Shopify integration.

Fill versus Drop Ship

A lot of parts are running the store, and the main concern is how you will fulfill the physical orders of the product. To do this, you will need to link the sale of your product to the Shopify store where your product is held. It can be your home (initially) or fulfillment center, like Amazon or any other company that holds the product you sell. Filling Centers will store your product that you send to them, such as jewelry you make yourself or another product you make yourself. Like products purchased in bulk. They store it for you until they receive an order to ship the product to a customer.

Or if you sell other people’s products, you can work with a shipper. This is usually the manufacturer or wholesaler of the products you sell. You enter into an agreement with that company to sell their products. The quotation mark coffee mugs you choose, for example, are one such product. What you asked for added to the cup (i.e. quotes, pictures) signifies this as your sales product that the customer has purchased. After the customer purchases a product from your store, you place the order yourself to leave the shipping company and pay for it with the money the buyer sent you.

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This is a great solution if you do not want to invest money and time in creating products or storing them in your home and then trying to ship them, especially if you are expecting a big sale. The bonus to drop shipping companies is that you do marketing, sales and customer service for them. Two well-known applications that integrate well for ecommerce and Shopify with drop shipping are Dropified and Oberlo. After you set up one of these, your store is set up and ready for business.

You can see how much you sell and ship in the early stages of opening a store, and then you can decide which delivery or service will deliver the services needed to deliver the product. You should know the speed of delivery, the cost of shipping and how the delivery process notifications are carried out, from start to finish, for both you and the customer.

Not only should you receive these notifications, but you also need to update your customer when the product will ship for delivery, including the expected date. Amazon, for example, a qualifying company, does a very good job of letting a customer sign up for notifications when making purchases online, including when a product moves out of storage to a shipping company and estimates when they will receive it.

Amazon also lets you know when there is a shipping problem and then tells you when the problem is resolved and the product is now on its way. You can use Amazon as a product vendor if you sell the product with your company. There are other fulfillment companies that can do the same and can be integrated into Shopify. If you are planning to sell products through Shopify online, decide on your products, and this delivery strategy is already in place before you even think about opening a store in Shopify.

About Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce store created to work on the Facebook platform. It is in a great position for many Facebook users to visit the numerous stores associated with its hub. But the store owner must first create Facebook ads to inform people that they need a product and a store to get started. Most Shopify shoppers only leave because of the ads they see on Facebook in their feed or from another marketing channel like Pinterest, Instagram or emails that they have subscribed to based on their particular interest. The store handles everything, including payments, that go through the payment gateway of your choice, such as PayPal. Only the actual distribution of the product becomes your task by using shipping or drop-off methods and tracking deliveries to customers.

Overall sales strategy

You need to think strategically about what you sell through Shopify, like jewelry, or maybe a book on how to effectively retire at age 62. Both subjects need different approaches to each other. Almost everyone loves jewelry, especially women, while books on how to retire at age 62 target a very specific population group – those close to this age and needing to prepare how to apply for Social Security to get this right and survive in next year.

Let’s start with the jewelry business. You have a new ring in stock and it is beautifully crafted by a professional jeweler just as you designed it. The ring is also part of a new set consisting of a necklace, bracelet, earrings and maybe a brooch. You can buy the whole set for a lower fee than if you sold each piece separately, but some buyers only want a ring and bracelet or ring and necklace. You can take the ring and make it a centerpiece of your upcoming sales campaign. High quality photographic images are made from each piece as well as the complete set and then uploaded to the sales page in Shopify, ready for purchase. We will now look at the basic strategy for promoting the ring and / or the whole set.

do click functions work with Shopify

Clickfunnels with Shopify: A Strategy for Selling Jewelry for Funnels

The first ad

You can create a commercial that draws attention around the ring and talk about where the gems (i.e., emerald, ruby) were sourced and how you created the ring design pattern. As well as the true value of the ring, which is now at a discount when purchased ahead of time. This ad is displayed across all marketing channels, such as all social media accounts, email to current subscribers, YouTube video, and your site as a “deal this week” scenario. When interested customers click on an image or CTA button, they activate movement into the sales funnel.

Funnel Travel

Before they reach the Shopify page, a CTA activated popup will pop up asking for their email address and, if delivered, will receive a free interactive catalog for all the jewelry now on sale at your Shopify store. While the login email is sent to the new subscriber, which triggers the sending of the catalog to that new subscriber, he or she is then sent to your Shopify store.

Sales Page

Interested buyers land on your Shopify store page to see the ring that is the largest image on that page, along with smaller images of each piece throughout the set around the ring. After looking at the featured ring featured on the page, they see other parts, related regular prices, including that price for the entire set.

One time offer

As they check out the purchase of the ring, a one-off offer (OTO) appears that says the entire set can be purchased NOW at a reduced fee than what is stated on the Shopify page. This is a big sale that many buyers who like matching sets are likely to sell. Also consider that while women are major buyers of jewelry, men also buy for their girlfriends, partners and partners.

A catalog is a great way to get people interested in what you offer them, whether it be for themselves or for desperate husbands who have forgotten their upcoming birthday or wedding anniversary and need to find something quickly. The catalog is perfect to have on hand to order and at least get a gift on the way ahead of schedule.

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Having customers sign up for an email to get a catalog means that over time you can build a relationship with them, loyalty to your brand. Giving excellent customer service also builds this relationship, especially when you can quickly solve problems for your customers to make them happy and grateful that they care. In addition, you are less likely to receive a return on products when you can easily solve the problem.

Book flow strategy

The first ad

This step may be like a jewelry strategy with attractive advertising on marketing channels, except that while the ad may have a cover image of the book, you will only give a little bit of content about what is in the book, press along with the CTA to learn more about the topic . Keep in mind that this example is about a book that shows older people what they should know about Social Security and retirement at age 62.

The title on this page, perhaps with a subtitle, must clearly define what the book is about and the importance of learning more. Content provides an emotion-based point, such as fear, where older people feel they need to at least learn more to save themselves in their later years. The title can be this pointer. “Do you have enough to retire at the age of 62? Not? “This is the main heading. The subheading can be read this way. “Find out what you can do today to survive your retirement years.” This will look like this on the ad and should be a point of emotion to an attractive target audience.

Click cannon from Shopify
Funnel Travel

When people click your CTA button for this product book, you can send it to a landing page that contains more detailed information about why you wrote the book, what are the features in the book, all of which are more of a task than providing information from the book. Add feature points for features and benefits to understand what you will be talking about. You can also include a short video highlighting one of the nicer spots that older people should know.

You can add a choice to buy a book from this site or send them to sign up for a webinar you give about the points you will outline in the book. If it goes on sale, your customer will click on the CTA link and enter Shopify to go to the page where the book is and buy it immediately.

Sales Page

On the sales page, you can reinforce the importance of the book and what it offers. You can also provide a link to download a catalog of books and brochures so your customers can see what else you have to offer after purchasing the book.

One time offer

As the buyer rewards the book in the cart, a pop-up window will appear, and you can offer a discounted price for a one-year membership to your like-minded online club. The club’s focus is on people looking for you for more information and talking to each other about experiences they have approaching or retiring.

Or, instead of a membership, you can offer several booklets that closely align with the book but further explain things, such as how to run a business while retired, and how it affects their interests. This is one area that is constantly changing and you can update the book annually or whenever there are major changes in the industry.

In this first section, we discussed the strategy for Clickfunnels with Shopify. You should know what you want to do ahead of time before you build a funnel to reach your goal, which is sales. You need to have all your marketing parts ready to work while making the funnel, based on the type of product or service you are offering, and your store and special product should be ready to hit the market.

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Build a store after you get the domain name you want. You can then set up pages, add all your available products, and integrate your gateway payment system with the Shopify cart. In addition, work if your products are handled by a drop ship or fulfillment center. Set up your blogging platform on Shopify and download your Shopify mobile app to connect. Explore Shopify for all the features it has to offer. Take full advantage of all the features, especially if you decide to integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify.

You can integrate ClickFunnels with Shopify, like Funnel Buildr, created by a third party for use in Shopify. While this will work for some retailers who only have a presence on Shopify and nowhere else, you can find an alternative that works through the Shopify platform as an integration program and is very effective. Although ClickFunnels integrates well with Shopify, ClickFunnels also integrates with many other platforms. Otherwise, why not use ClickFunnels as your main connection point when creating funnels? Not only for Shopify, but everywhere else you have an account and sell products or services. Otherwise you are not limited to just one shopping site; you can use almost any other ecommerce site. It is up to you how to create an entire ecommerce arrangement for all your products and services.

Funnel Building – ClickFunnels with Shopify

Shopify has a funnel that you can use with Facebook and you can use it if you like, but keep in mind that while the Shopify store collects customer information on that site, you may want to integrate ClickFunnels, where the information is replicated in your ClickFunnels account. Here you can track all aspects of your marketing campaign, from all the different marketing channels to marketing platforms – in your centralized ClickFunnels account. This is assuming you use the complete ClickFunnels Suite, also known as Etison, which comes with Actionetics included. The ClickFunnel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Actionetics, is not like most other dedicated CRM services, but it manages and segments as well as those who buy from you. We have launched a 14-day free trial of Clickfunnels here!

shopify vs clickfunnels

There is one important note to keep this in line – your Shopify products or services sold in-store must each have an individual identification number attached before you even begin the integration process. The title and description of the product or service will not work correctly.

Integrating Shopify with ClickFunnell is easy. Open your Shopify account and get your store URL. While leaving Shopify open, go to ClickFunnels, click the account menu, then Integrations. Click Add New Integration and select Shopify, add your Shopify URL, then click Connect Integration. A new page will appear and click Install an application that is not listed. You can see this in action at the following link:

Integrating Shopify with your ClickFunnels account

When you prepare to design a ClickFunnels campaign template, you will first add a Shopify product to your ClickFunnels product list. When you start designing and making a funnel, you will choose that ring or retirement book so that it is integrated with your funnel. You have already completed the integration of the ClickFunnel store, and you are now selecting a flow order form.

Click Products, find the one you want (ring or book), then select it. Now add the payment gateway details as listed in Shopify. When finished, click Product Settings, then the Delivery tab. Here you are adding to the Shopify app. Click Integration and select your Shopify account. Add in the product code of the product where it is used. Then you click on Create Product. You can see how to add both products to your ClickFunnels account and then into the funnel by visiting the following link:

Integrate Shopify product with ClickFunnel product

You can see that the positive side of using the ClickFunnels template is of great value as it is completely set up so that you go anywhere you fully need to perform the first step, once you have finished designing the rest of the funnel. This is one stream that gets set up everywhere, not one stream for one social media platform, another stream on another media platform, or a third stream for your emails. You only choose different funnels when creating different campaigns.

When you save a funnel after it’s done, give it a headline that will easily list what the campaign is for future use. You can, for example, use this design for another Shopify product, though you must remember to change the SKU number to the right product.

In the next section, we will look at the funnel templates on ClickFunnels that can serve well for both products described at the beginning of this article: the ring and the retirement book. As noted, each will have a slightly different approach, but both will work well with integration into Shopify. The two selected ClickFunnels templates are a two-step Tripwire funnel example for a bell ring and a left-hand video sales letter for a retirement book. If you are new to ClickFunnels, it is great to use these two funnels, and with more experience gained over time, you can choose others or design your own funnels. Pick it up first Kitchen funnel for hackers used here for reference as we go through the campaign examples.

Ring and flow for a two-step trip

The ClickFunnels 2-Step Passenger is designed to display products on the first page of the funnel, with the image of the ring in the upper left corner. This is a prevalent feature on this page, and since it is a discount on it, people can fill out the information they need to buy on this page. The information box is on the right. Below the picture is a title area and well-written concise content that makes customers want to buy the ring at once. If you type on page 255 in your Cookbook for Funnel Flows that you just downloaded from the link above, then you can see the sales homepage. Just enter the page number in the box at the top of the Adobe Acrobat Reader application.

Please note that this site receives your full name, email address, telephone number, shipping address and payment. Then the customer clicks the Ship Me My Product CTA button, and a pop-up window appears with another product, an OTO sales page, for the complete jewelry set. Maybe the buyer doesn’t want to spend that much money right away, but when they click from a page, a Downsale page pops up. It shows how she can buy that complete set of jewelry, using a monthly payment plan for that same low price. If she really likes the set, she may decide to buy it on a monthly basis because it is easier than spending that total amount of money directly.

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The final step in this stream is the offering of a wall page that shows the currently completed order with price and bears the company logo (also in Shopify). At the bottom of the page are three other special offers that might interest buyers. He may not get it today, but if he has that catalog, he can always come back later. Of course, it’s better if he buys it now. You have to convince her right there.


If there are potential buyers who do not take the first step on the 2-step sales page and click the page, they are automatically moved to the second funnel for some further review. It could be another jewelry suggestion, or just email and get a catalog of Shopify stores so they can see what else is on sale at the Shopify store. Below the 2-step sales page you will see where those who do not buy anything have been moved from the main funnel to the new one.

The complete funnel system is very neat and does not require a lot of work to get it shopify and clickfunnelsa customer interested in buying a product or buying something else. In most cases, initial information, such as an email address, is easy to capture, creating a starting point for further association with them.

This funnel falls into the customer (ecommerce) category and has four pages. It will take about an hour to set up, assuming the images and content of the product have already been prepared.

A retirement book and a video sales funnel

The retirement book is an informative product, and prospective people, especially those close to retirement, want to know everything they can to protect themselves and survive well. While the example of a ring sale case ties in with the desired emotion, a retirement book works on a pain point, especially fear, especially for those who have not much (or anything) saved for these later years. While they may be nervous about what awaits them, you can reassure them that you can show solutions by providing them with the steps they need to take now so that they have the confidence to retire.

For this example, we will use the Video Sales Letter template. The first page is a Video Sales Letter in which you insert a video you created that describes what this book will do for your clients. The video placement bracket is at the top of the page, and features from the book are listed in the two columns below.

After listening to the video, customers review some of the highlights and benefits of the videos listed below, and then enter their information immediately, including payment. At the bottom of the page is a selection of an order, which could be the addition of a small book or pamphlet on how to protect your supplies or your life insurance policies and when you should sell or redeem them, you can click to add it to your purchase.

When added to the cart, a new OTO Upsell site will appear and they will be offered a one-year membership to your retirees’ online club at a discounted price: $ 40 the first year and $ 70 thereafter. If they do not click on it, a second sales page will appear, indicating that they can try membership for one free month, and then be charged $ 40 throughout the year after. Both the OTO offering and the Down-sale sites have short videos that provide interesting data that shows why membership would be valuable.

The last page, the offer wall page, shows what has been sold, as well as three special offers for you to invest NOW. They can click on one special offer to add a purchase or not. If not, that’s the end of the flow. You now proceed to send them a book, any additional products they have purchased, and post them if they do not.

This funnel falls into the customer (ecommerce) category and has four pages. It will take about an hour to set up, assuming your videos, images and content are ready.

Shopify Vs. ClickFunnels decision

Why Choose Two for Funnels? The reality is that they both work very well together, creating a great partnership. After you build your store, including all the products and services listed in SKU, and set up the middle of the payment aisle, ClickFunnels integration takes this information to a new level by automating how you get customers to buy your products and services easily and inconspicuous way.

It’s also important to learn a strategy, and while one strategy will work for one product, it may not be good for another product. You have been provided with two very basic strategies for using specific funnels and why, but it is important that you learn strategic development so that you can create better funnel strategies over time to make your funnels work better.

Another highlight of using ClickFunnels is the ability to integrate other tools, such as the CF Pro tool created by Jaime Smith, that links to the order form for your cart. Its biggest application with an order form is that it allows you to bid and show bonuses on the form, including any price reductions you earn. You can learn more about CF Pro Tools at this link.

Dotcom Secrets

ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson wrote an e-book titled Dotcom Secrets, Shows many of its strategies here Kitchen funnel for hackers lightly touches. This is a must-read book for anyone using ClickFunnels. Another book written by Brunson that you can pick up is Secrets of experts, You can get both books directly at ClickFunnels or on Amazon in kindle format.

I would recommend clicking the links above instead of navigating Amazon, to see Russell’s 2-Step Flow of Tripwire for his books. Also books are free, just pay for shipping.

Consider a funnel design strategy like a chess game, in which you move certain pieces that take place in a certain way, but you also need to calculate a few moves ahead of that point to reach your goal, which is – matt the king and win the game.

There is a wealth of information and training available on the ClickFunnels website to learn how to use the platform effectively over time, especially at Shopify. Strategy is a key factor in getting sales, and ClickFunnels / Shopify platforms and funnel templates help you do just that.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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