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More and more brands are turning to the wide reach of the Internet to sell their physical products, marrying digital and materials in one customer experience.

In our technological world, entire online marketplaces are now available to buy and sell products of almost every kind.

You actually noticed … Amazon and Etsy have become household names, and these sites give small startups and titans of the industry a take on their products from creation to delivery.

Today, no matter what size you operate, you can have your brand at the door of customers anywhere in the world.

With all the numerous online tools, you have the opportunity to tap into this powerful reach to quickly get your physical product into the hands of the customer.

Is it so important to take advantage of these opportunities, build a sales funnel for your physical product and create an experience that your customers will surely love?

Great question! Let these 6 points become your mantra as you launch your funnel, and continue on your journey to an award-winning sales process in no time.

Overview of the entire fulfillment process

A business team working at a desk with one word PROGRES

Physical products must come from point A to point B, but there are several steps along the way to consider.

Take a refund, for example.

Did you know that on average every third online sales returns and this trend is increasing? (Pity that number scares you, but they may be smaller depending on your industry).

Shipping and handling, updating customer billing, refund costs … you have an idea.

As you build your funnel, keep in mind the fulfillment process (and its required components).

This will give you the opportunity to track the associated costs but will also save you another incredible benefit.

You also need to be able to capture any part of the process that may need to make sure that your physical product is connected to the customer or worse, that it never even goes out the front door of your business.

This part of the customer experience is as much a part of your sales funnel as anything else.

prototype: to see the true purulent look at your fulfillment process and how it affects your sales funnel, map each piece as steps in a funnel diagram. You have a visual perspective that will tell you where you can reduce steps and costs or consider other options.

Rental of a competition booklet

Depending on your industry, your competitors could trigger a range of emotions in you. And the competition today seems never greater.

The data provided by Edward Lowe even shows that in many industries, 80% of revenue goes to 20% of brands.

Why not take the show out of the competition, especially if it is part of that 20%?

businesswoman, portrait

By merging analysis on your competitors, we gain insight into where and how to change the flow.

(See tooltips like these to get an idea of ​​your online strategies).

You can also use this competition shot to streamline your sales funnel and focus on what works.

Less complex funnels, especially for physical products, have less moving parts and thus are less prone to hiccups and retention.

Good for sales and your customers.

prototype: Stay on top of your market. An annual update to your competitors’ analysis will allow you to look at the changing landscape of your industry and stay ahead of the trends.

Giving more customers … and increasing sales

More on a Less shopping bag that carries your goods, merchandise, products, and other purchases from a sales event, discount, or in-store approval.

Let’s sail around and look back at one of the largest and most successful brands that provides customers with physical products … Amazon.

While Amazon is a marketplace you can use for your physical products, it also provides good lessons that increase your sales potential.

One way Amazon does this is through cross-selling, presenting related products to achieve a higher average shopping cart value.

When you present your customers items related to your current purchase, leveraging valuable information learned about their preferences.

In fact, 35% of Amazon’s total revenue comes from cross-selling.

Imagine all the sales potential for your funnel!

You’ve probably heard about sales estimates, but not some outdated sales techniques.

The study also found that it remains a good tactic to increase average cart sizes.

As with cross-selling, you have the opportunity to use your fulfillment process to deliver more and enhance the customer experience.

prototype: Think briefly about your sales and cross sales. Presenting a lamp to a customer who has just purchased a book made as much sense as giving them the opportunity to buy a magazine that relates to their interests.

The trust of your brand staff

Factoring support services for your sales funnel is a particular way of strengthening the funnel for your physical product.

Customers often have questions about product warranties or materials.

They may also have to deal with a lost or stolen package and want to reach out to someone they can trust.

Successful young business people showing thumbs up

In this regard, entrust your brand and sales flow to your staff.

And when you choose the right staff, it will improve customer retention by 5% and profits above 25%.

Hire support staff who will know about your industry and can learn everything about your product.

Thanks to a strong recruitment process, we have the staff who can best serve your clients knowing what they are talking about.

And since it costs an average of $ 3,500 to replace a minimum-wage employee, your flow will benefit in more ways than one by having a loyal and well-selected team.

prototype: Skip support management team management. In interacting with customers, they face many unique situations that require independent decisions. Be sure of your hiring process and keep track of any problems you see.

Engineering the logistics side of delivery

Another factor to keep in mind when building a funnel is how far the filling process proceeds.

Homes with high occupancy are falling up left and right, and the industry is expected to see great growth in the coming years.

These companies specialize in item storage and packaging for delivery.

Inside large warehouse with cargo high.

Several factors are presented here. It may be easier and more cost-effective to go home fulfilling, but it can also mean better customer service.

For example, given that 50% of merchants are now offering customers free return shipping, a fulfillment house that can help make this a reality for your business can enhance the customer experience.

(Amazon’s same-day delivery through company fulfillment centers improved their conversion rate by up to 25%).

These logistical benefits are worth considering if you have the ability to order your fulfillment.

prototype: Working with a filled house should not just be a job. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the company, including its ability to solve problems and meet goals.

Finding Opportunities for Future Products

Once you’ve built your funnel, you still have to make it.

For physical products, you also want to use your email sequence to further expose your customers to your brand.

Once you’ve recorded their information, such as your name and email address, you can combine it with their existing purchase settings to get interesting follow-up emails.

young woman with computer account registration on social network

Imagine for a moment: If she does so in the fashion industry, three weeks after purchasing a brand new hip shirt, your customer receives a follow-up email.

And in that email, you share some fun clothing trends that seem to have taken hold across the country.

Before closing your email, remind your buyer that they will be releasing a new pair of jeans to your site soon that will surely sell out quickly.

By connecting with your customers at this more personal level, you are further creating space to present future products and keep them in your funnel.

prototype: Check out our in-depth guide to creating an automatic answer that your customers will love to incorporate well-written emails into your sales funnel.

Take the funnel to the next level

Selling a physical product comes with its own set of unique challenges and obstacles.

In reality, flow molding can be just as creative a process as designing a funnel for any product or service.

So many avenues and resources available today and across borders, be prepared to use an innovative idea for your sales funnel.

Distribution inspection

And Josh Felber provided great examples of doing just that for his physical product in our podcast about targeting secrets.

A free but limited ebook can lead to a webinar session, which can then lead to the ability to buy your physical product.

Or flash sale on Instagram, customers can email you an exclusive coupon before heading to your website.

The possibilities are endless, but the core idea remains the same: your sales funnel is yours to unleash in favor of your brand. Remember our points here and be creative with that!

What would you say are the biggest challenges in creating a sales funnel for a physical product?

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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