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Want to achieve a home run in your next YouTube ad campaign?

Then you need to combine the right targeting options with a great advertising tail designed for each specific audience.

And in this post, going to learn how to do it.

You learned how to create YouTube advertising campaigns that effectively target prospects in all three stages of the buying cycle using my brand new “YouTube Ads Grid.”

You can swipe by downloading a PDF from the YouTube Ads network YES.

Here’s what it looks like:

YouTube advertising network

Sharing …

  • What targeting options need to be used to reach the audience in all these three stages
  • Which video ad to use really talks to these viewers

… This way, you can maximize conversions and sales.

But before we understand the nuts and bolts about using the YouTube Ads network, we need to first understand one thing.

And this is:

Why do people go to YouTube in the first place?

This is an important question we need to answer before we can get started effectively Online advertising people on YouTube …

Four reasons why people go to YouTube

Why do people go to YouTube? What are they looking for?

Well, there is no right answer to that question. No answer that will suit everyone.

After all, YouTube is a huge site with lots of different kinds of videos.

And someone who watches a video called “Peaceful Morning Yoga” is probably on YouTube for a different reason than someone who watches a video called “The Greatest Trick in Football History”.

But if you look closely at the videos and searches on YouTube, you understand you can start simplifying them. To classify them.

Look, when someone goes to YouTube, looking for something, they talk in a minute. Moment need– The moment when they want to know, do, buy or be inspired by something.

And there are 4 main “points” that bring people to YouTube:

Four reasons people go to YouTube

“I want to watch that faster”

The first reason is people go to YouTube to be up to date about the content they care about.

Many find it inspiring to follow thought leaders on hot topics.

For example, if you have a marketer (like me), you can follow great marketers such as Harry Weinerchuk on YouTube as a way to keep up with the new digital advertising trends.

Gary Vee YouTube page

“I Want to Know” Moments

The second reason people go to YouTube is simple teaches. Because they want to know something.

They want to explore the topic and learn more about it.

For example, if you want to learn more about quantum physics – and who came?– You can just search YouTube for “quantum physics”.

You’ve seen a lot of informative videos that destroy quantum physics theory for such curious scientists.

Video with quantum theory

“I Want to Do” Moments

The third reason people go to YouTube is do anything– To create something, to create something, to fix something and so on.

In many cases, people go to YouTube because they are looking for a video to help go through their tutorial or demonstration, showing how to do the task in question.

For example, pretend that the strands are lined on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Bummer, I know.

And for the sake of this example, we pretend that you know how to put on a spare tire. You’ve never done this before.

Fortunately, all you need to do is open the YouTube app and look for “how to change a flat tire”.


You’ve started getting a quick step-by-step video that shows you exactly how to change a tire. You start driving and make your way in 15 minutes.

“I Want to Buy” Moments

The fourth and final reason people go to YouTube is they want to BUY something and are looking for information. Was it …

  • Reviews
  • The denouement
  • Or product comparisons

… To help them make a decision.

For example, you said you wanted to buy a Bluetooth speaker … but you know which brand or model to go with.

In this case, you can search for “best Bluetooth speakers” on YouTube.

Find the best Bluetooth speakers

You’ve come to see tons of comparisons and watch videos that will give you the opportunity to actually listen to these speakers while comparing.

Watch videos like this Often one of the last steps that people take before making a final purchase decision.

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How to create a YouTube advertising campaign Step 1. Determine the mode and order of purchases for your viewers

Okay, now you know the 4 main “points” that people bring to YouTube.

So what should you do with this information?

The first step in a YouTube ad network is this compare these “moments” in mind mode and shopping mode.

To do this, you need to compare YouTube viewers with traditional buyers. In a brick store you have three main types of buyers:

Different opinions of buyers of different types
  1. Buyers of windows these are people who are interested enough to look into your products but still get inside
  2. Shoppers in the store these are the people who are in the store and viewing your products
  3. Checkout buyers these are people who stand in line at the front desk as they are ready to make a purchase

Does it make sense?


Now compare how to compare traditional shoppers with people on YouTube.

Buyers of windows

Window buyers by themselves cannot “shop”. They can just walk by.

But they are at least interested in what is in your offer. (Otherwise, they will look out the window.)

In terms of YouTube, these people fit into the “I want to watch that” button.

They don’t necessarily want to make a purchase just now, however their level of high interest makes them a good group of potential customers.

Shoppers in the store

Unlike shop window shoppers, the store actually has shoppers. They looked around. They were curious now.

They can still leave the store without making a purchase …

… But going there is not easy. They found their eyes on something.

In terms of YouTube, these people fit into “I want to know” or “I want to do”.

They are actively looking for something that is relevant to what you are selling.

Checkout buyers

Cash buyers are ready to buy. It was badly resolved.

If they have uncertainty, not when they should buy… but WHAT they should buy.

In terms of YouTube, these people fit in (you guessed it!) “I want to buy”.

Usually these people compare 2 or more brands or models.

They know they want a TV, and are looking to just stand out between Panasonic and Samsung. They know they want a new mattress, just trying to decide between a pillow and a membrane.

Since it’s close to buying, this is an important group of people to get your ads in front of.

How to create a YouTube advertising campaign Step 2: Define the correct targeting settings

Now divide viewers into 3 main categories, depending on where they are in the regular trading cycle.

The next thing we need to understand is:

How to reach people from these specific categories on YouTube?

The answer, of course, lies in that AdWords targeting options within your company.

Here’s how to set up your campaigns to reach people in all three shopping modes:

How to set up YouTube advertising campaigns to reach people in all three shopping modes

How to target window buyers on YouTube

To target shoppers, you need to find people who have long been interested in a particular topic (though not necessarily recently interest).

Here are 3 ways to do this with YouTube ads:

1. Use intimacy audiences

Intimacy audiences in many ways similar to interest targeting – you can show your ads to people who are interested in a topic based on their viewing and search history.

At the time of writing, 143 closeness audiences are available, but more and more are being added.

2. Use a similar audience

Such an audience is in many ways similar Facebook audiences look alike.

Here you upload to Google a list of customers or remarketing, and it goes out and finds people similar to the people on that list.

Another great way to discover a new audience of people who may be interested in your content.

3. Use custom proximity audiences

Here you build your own intimacy audience based on a combination of several different factors.

For example, you can create a custom Affinity audience based on specific keywords and URLs that people have visited.

In fact a whole blog post has been written about how to do it, called Google Fitness Audiences: Expand Your Campaigns and Reach Customers That Turn Customers in 3 Steps.

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How to target shoppers on YouTube

Shoppers in the store may or may not know who you are … so how do you stand up to them?

Usually you need to do some research to find out what you are looking for and go put your own paid ads in those places.

1. Use keyword targeting

What search terms do people use to research your niche or industry?

By doing a little research to create a list of relevant keywords, you’ll be able to easily find your ads in front of anyone who’s recently searched for those words – whether it’s on YouTube or Google.

The more directly relevant the keywords are for your product or service, the better.

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2. Use placement targeting

This targeting option allows you to advertise on specific YouTube videos or channels.

This is another way to get your content in front of people who are interested in a topic that is relevant to your business.

A side bonus of placement targeting is that you can show your ads on videos of your competitors and potentially convince some of their prospects to choose you instead!

3. Use topic orientation

YouTube classifies all its videos into specific topics.

And if any of these topics are relevant to you, it makes a great targeting option to check into your companies.

How to target buyers to order on YouTube

Buyers are in a shopping mood, so when focusing on these buyers, you should focus on the minds of viewers who are interested in buying your product or service.

1. Use “Audiences in the Market”

A general audience is a way of identifying people who are “in the market” for a particular product or service. This is based on online behavior and search history for the last 7-14 days.

For example, if you’ve looked at hotels, flights and car rentals, Google will probably determine what to travel fast – and put you in a “market audience” for travel.

Usually these people are pretty close to buying, which makes them a good audience to show their ads to.

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2. Use site remarketing

This is quite understandable.

By redirecting people who have already visited your site (and especially if they have visited a product page, sales page, or order page), you know you are targeting a warm audience that already knows who you are.

3. Use video remarketing

This allows you to comment on people who have already seen your videos on YouTube.

Allowing you to go back in front of them and convince them to pull the trigger and buy your product or service.

Combining targeting options

Finally, keep in mind that you can always combine these targeting options.

This way, you can combine a similar audience with targeting topics to show your ads to an even more targeted group of people.

How to Create a YouTube Advertising Campaign Step 3: Create effective ads for each step in the shopping cycle

For a summary, we now know 3 types of buyers – shoppers, shoppers and shoppers.

… And we know how to target these three groups on YouTube.

The last thing we need to discuss what a video ad you have to show people in each of these trading categories.

Because think about it: a good salesman says the same thing to a person who looks out the window as he does to a person standing at the checkout, right?

Of course not!

If you want to convert buyers into customers …

… You have to give them a message that is adapted to SPECIFIC stock trading categories in.

And here’s how to do it on YouTube:

How to create YouTube ads for window buyers

When creating paid ads for window buyers, you want to deliver videos based on ATTENTION.

Your goal is to really grab the viewer’s attention.

One great way to do that is to be super, super relevant.

For example, if you watch Harry Weinerchuk’s video, make your ad as relevant as possible to the content of that video.

You can even start an ad by saying:

“Look before you watch another Harry Weinerchuk video, here are three things you can do to really improve …”

Do you see how a similar ad that previously played can really get someone’s attention when it comes to watching Gary Weinerchuk’s video?

Keep in mind that your targeting options will play a role in how relevant your ad can be.

If you, for example, focus on a specific channel, you can do what I just described. You can customize your ad to a specific channel audience.

But when targeting an audience of proximity, on the other hand, your ad needs to be much more general – because in that case you need to know exactly what video the person is watching.

This means that you will need to have better advertising, stronger, from a creative point of view.

Generally speaking, the less relevant your ad is to the video, the better it will grab the viewer’s attention.

So how do you get someone’s attention in a video ad?

We recommend using this two-step break:

  • Start by doing something different in your video and it makes people stop and pay attention
  • Then, as soon as you pay attention to them, immediately give them some great advice – teach them something new

Bonus points if you can do this using a story that will make the tips more memorable.

Extra bonus points if the story links the tips to your brand in the viewer’s mind.

(NOTE: Do you need help in your digital marketing efforts? Or maybe you just want proven, effective marketing tools, tactics, and templates to implement in your business? Check the latest transaction from DigitalMarketer and you will be on your way to helping grow your business.)

How to create an ad on YouTube for shoppers in the store

When creating ads for buyers, always keep the tips.

These people go to YouTube and look for information.

So when you show them an ad with a call to action (CTA) to “BUY NOW,” you go to one ear and the other.

They don’t want to shop (at least not yet). They were looking for information. So give them information.

Maybe you can give a 3-step demonstration that shows how your product works to solve their problem. Or maybe give them advice on what they should do; give them an example or an example.

Anything that makes them feel like you’re selling them – giving them really good content.

You want them to think: “It was weird. What’s next?”

The final CTA in your video should be for them the next logical step with your company …

… BUT CTA should be the conflicting information you just shared with them.

So if the video was a demo of your product, perhaps the CTA is, “Click here to learn more about this product.”

If this was an example or example, perhaps the CTA is, “Click here to see more case studies.”

The main advice here is to “quickly develop” the CTA. Tell the viewer what they should feel as soon as they press the button on the video, and really prescribe what you eat like them.

Also, be sure to tell the viewer what they can gain when they take action and what they can lose (without jerks) if they don’t take action.

How to create YouTube ads for buyers

When creating an ad for buyers of orders, the name of the game – ACTION.

At this point you need a lot of beliefs because people already know who you are. Яны ўжо блізкія да пакупкі.

Замест гэтага вы хочаце паказаць гэтым людзям кароткае і мілае відэа і падштурхнуць іх да дзеяння.

Калі вы арыентуецеся на людзей, якія ўжо наведалі вашу старонку прадукту ці старонку замовы, вы можаце даць ім нейкі стымул, каб прыняць меры, прапанаваўшы зніжку на ваш прадукт ці паслугу.

А можа, вы дасце ім крыху іншую прапанову.

Ваша мэта тут – актывізаваць у іх жаданне прыняць меры і здзейсніць куплю ЗАРАЗ.

Што далей?

Сказаў, што паказаў аб’яву пакупніку акна.

Вы захапілі іх увагу і далі ім параду. Цяпер яны ведаюць крыху больш пра вашу кампанію і маюць больш высокае меркаванне пра ваш брэнд.

Што вы робіце далей?

Адказ знаходзіцца тут на сетцы рэклам на YouTube:

У асноўным людзі рухаюцца па гэтай сетцы злева направа.

Такім чынам, калі камусьці паказалі аб’яву “Увага”, наступным крокам павінна стаць аб’ява “Савет”.

Пасля таго, як яны з’явіліся аб’явай “Савет”, пакажыце ім “Дзеянне”.

Прытрымліваючыся гэтага натуральнага прагрэсу па пакупках, ён дае вашым гледачам лёгкае і без трэння ўражанне, што, натуральна, прывядзе іх да пакупкі.

І забудзьцеся загрузіць сваю копію з YouTube Ads Grid here he is!!

(NOTE: Вам патрэбна дапамога ў вашых намаганнях па лічбавым маркетынгу? А можа быць, вы проста хочаце правераныя, дзейсныя маркетынгавыя інструменты, тактыку і шаблоны, якія трэба рэалізаваць у вашым бізнесе? Праверце апошнюю здзелку ад DigitalMarketer, і вы будзеце на шляху, каб дапамагчы развіццю вашага бізнесу.)

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