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What can a sales funnel do for your business?

Well written sales flowThey can help you increase sales by simply presenting your product without further follow-up. This can help educate your customers why your product is superior to others or how to use your product to solve problems they have.

The key to creating a profitable sales funnel is to A / B test all the parts so you can constantly improve your marketing efforts.

Once you place one sales funnel template, understand the different parts and how they are all connected, but here is the primer.

sales funnel templates

Pieces of sales funnel

A sales funnel is a series of steps that a potential buyer goes through during a buying decision.

This first step in the funnel is usually a kind of ad that leads to a sales or landing page. We hope you are collecting email addresses on this page. active email list will be your best asset and most helpful in converting leads.

The next part of the funnel will be by email. You may be educating prospects for your product or persuading them to book a discovery or schedule a consultation.

Finally, the last part of your funnel closes the sale. It can be on a sales page, on a disclosure invitation or during a consultation.

Before you start laying the pieces, you want to decide what your end goal is a funnel. Creating a funnel starting from the end goal can also be a good process.

If you create all the pieces backwards, then you have to go back and connect all the pieces at the end.

What you need to build:

  1. Landing page landing page
  2. Thanks / Page / Download / Tripwire Page
  3. An email sequence of about five emails
  4. Sales Page
  5. Thanks / Upsell page
  6. Facebook / Pinterest / Google Ads

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Placing a template

Setting up a sales funnel template can help you save time in the future. This will allow you to map all the basics in advance so you can easily attach specific parts.

Plus, it really helps me make a map of my full funnel so I lose track.

First, outline your ideal sales funnel on paper. Think about getting people in the flow, how many emails you send them, what your sales offer will look like, and what your landing page will look like.

I want to create a digital version of my stream template on Funnelytics.

This easy-to-use software contains all kinds of drag and drop that you can use to create a sales funnel template. After you create a template, you can also copy and edit it so that each stream is unique.

If you create a free account at Funnelytics, you can play around, but there are also free funnel templates that you can use to get started.

If you upgrade to a premium account, then you have access to tons of templates from some of the best web retailers online. You can grab these funnels and use them to create your own funnel.

I really enjoyed playing with this tool and creating sales funnel templates and finished funnels. Here is an example of a template I created with Funnelytics.

Sales funnel example

This is a very simple sales funnel. You can quite complicate yourself with diverting people who have opened emails but bought them or people who put away their cart before making a purchase.

Start with a simple funnel. This will help you see how all the pieces work.

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Sales funnel testing

Once you have created all the pieces and the funnel is up and running, you will need to run A / B testing of each piece.

What does that mean?

This means that you will create a different version of each piece and send half the people to an alternate version. After doing this for a while and having enough data, you will analyze the data to see which version works better.

When you have a better performing version, use it in your funnel and start testing the other piece.

This type of testing is easy for ads, you just test for another audience, another copy, or another photo. It gets a little more complicated when you want to send people to two different sales sites.

The free way to do this is to build another complete version of the funnel from one of the different pages, then send traffic in both funnels. This can be complicated because there are many variables for the traffic you send.

Another way to do this is to subscribe to a service like Leadpages, They let you test your sales pages, thank you notes and more.

Extensive testing is the best way to get the most out of your sales funnel.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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