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Looking for a way to help African American businesses influence your community? Try some of these options.

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1, 2020

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This year is trying for all of us, and has been especially difficult for black Americans who have had to overcome the worst of COVID-19 (According to the Centers for Disease Control, 33% of hospitalized patients were black compared to 18% in society) mostly overlooked in the initial round of funding for the CARES bill by the federal government. The tragic deaths of Braon Taylor and George Floyd only reinforced the model that black members of our communities too often find themselves in disadvantaged or impossible places.

One easy way to make a difference is to patronize and support African American businesses. So many companies across the country have been forced to go after employees, limiting hours forever. Supporting these businesses in need can help people work, help them maintain their own and ensure that these restaurants, shops and businesses will still be in 2021.

In black restaurants you can support

Looking for a place to start? The National Restaurant Association says the restaurant industry “has suffered the most significant losses in sales and jobs since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.” A quick search on the internet can help you find a list of restaurants in your city.

Since then Entrepreneur the editors are in , we spent some time Brooklynwhich provides not only a list of businesses, but stories and photos that offer a deeper and fuller understanding of the people behind the brand. For example, you can read about Dapre Fanerra, co-owner and chef of Black Nile Seafood & Soul Food in Crown Heights, and why she loves being in with her husband.

You can also find many companies and restaurants to support, including:

Sick Watch published the list 85 black food businesses in L.A.which owes much to Kat Hong Google Sheet on the same topic. It is useful that the list is sorted alphabetically by neighborhood, which means you should find at least one option near you. If you have visited the city center, you can try A big man, at that time Doulan on Crenshaw can be found in Hyde Park and Lavender Blue Restaurant is located in Inglewood.

You can find similar articles for Chicagoor smaller cities that also need support Twin cities and Louisville.

Some of our readers have even provided some great ideas BLK RVA, a travel company that highlights and celebrates the black cultural experience in the Richmond region, Washington, including restaurants such as J.’s mother and Good Times.

Firms owned by black individuals, you can support

It’s as easy as ever to maintain and buy from companies that aren’t part of your community. Think to order your next book from one such store or the purchase of cosmetics from these companies. Marie Claire published a work about 26 companies mostly in fashion and beauty space you can support.

Still nothing found? Try flipping through Support blackwhich offers a list of thousands of black businesses across the country in hundreds of different industries. Buzzfeed created list cool products for scrolling, at that time NYMag offers a list beauty.

If you prefer to look for options on your phone, there are many programs that you can download. Try it Itokra, a mobile app dedicated exclusively to local black-owned restaurants in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, St. Louis. Louis and more than a dozen other cities. Rather, The Black Nation lists of black businesses that you can maintain in your area.

It’s important that we be challenging in difficult times, and supporting a business that makes our communities unique and vibrant is a great way to do that. In addition, you benefit from the services and offers offered by these businesses – by offering a win-win option.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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