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“Become a Bestseller at; Central Seller Sales Strategy and FBA: An Online Selling Strategy from 10 Years of Amazon Sales Representative.”

The latest release on Amazon for ebook sales and marketing.

Do you want to knock down the competition? Then learn how to sell more products and build your brand on Amazon like professionals! Read all the BEST and BEST current sales secrets for 2019. The Central Seller & Seller Central Strategy Book for Small to Medium Brand and Home FBA Customers.

Discover ways to create keyword favoritism with the search engine, improve content, set up a trademark registry, learn about keywords, maximize your awareness with advertising, manage promotions, generate verified reviews, review the map system, understand reporting and forecasts, get paid more in return costs, develop vivid A + content, adjust pricing strategies, move to negotiation, learn to talk like “Amazon” with an easy-to-read glossary!

In 2019, represented 48% of all e-commerce sales in the US. Building and protecting the Amazon brand has never been more important than it is now. Learn expert tips and tricks on how to grow your brand in the largest digital market in the world. You will learn the secrets of top-level performance with the guidance of a representative of Amazon Veterans, owner of Dotcom Reps LLC, Adam Wilkens. His personal experience comes from creating and managing multiple vendor accounts with annual revenues of $ 7 +. Many of these products later made their way onto the shelves of Big Box stores due to their popularity and high demand on

No matter what category you are selling, “Become a Bestseller on” will help you make and save money. Take sales to to the next level. This online sales guide will provide sales and marketing strategies for large suppliers and small sellers, for the home business and corporation.

My secrets to the success of sales can be yours today. This Amazon Selling Book will help you increase sales by providing detailed instructions (with pictures in some cases). The valuable information presented in each chapter will be relevant to both 1P Central suppliers and 3P suppliers.

If you are seriously considering moving up to the next level and hitting your sales goals on this year, it will be the cheapest Amazon sales investment you make. Don’t delay, make more money on Amazon as of today!


1. Know your customer

2. Content is king

3. Learn from your competitor

4. Titles, Tags and Description

5. Pricing strategy

6. Pictures and video

7. A + Content (EBC)

8. Variations and duplicates of merger

9. Keywords and node search

10. Amazon Advertising (Formal AMS)

11. Trademark Register (To protect the brand you have built)

12. Offers and promotions

13. Generation of reviews and feedback

14. Grapevine and early screening program

15. Ticket system (case creation)

16. Reporting (understanding the basics)

17. Demands, Refunds and Proof of Delivery

18. Terms and Negotiations (for Vendor Centers)

19. Additional Tips & Resources (Free Stuff!)

20. Dictionary (acronyms of Amazon)

“I really enjoyed step by step the first time to do the right things with the help of tips and examples. I’m surprised it took someone so long to create an amazing guide through the eyes of a real expert – My guess is that a lot of people just wrestle with it. Thank you for revealing some of your secrets! Book ideas are, in my opinion, transferable to any type of online branding of product sales profiles, from Facebook to Autotrader to Zillow. ”

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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