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The Apple Card It currently offers interest-free financing options on iPhones.

Previously, along with rich rewards through Apple Pay, the card also had the ability to fund iPhones with zero interest for 24 months through what it calls monthly Apple Card payments. But from June 15, 2020, monthly Apple Card installments will also be available for things like Mac, iPad, AirPods, Apple TV and various other devices and accessories.

Here is a list of monthly installment terms and an Apple Card that qualifies:

  • Payment for 24 months with 0% interest: IPhones.

  • Payment for 12 months with 0% interest: iPad and Mac (including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac, Mac Pro, Mac Pro and Mac mini). You’ll find the same conditions for a variety of accessories like the XDR Display, Pro Stand, Apple Afterburner Card, suitable keyboards, Apple Pencil, Qualifying Covers for iPad Pro and iPad and more.

  • Payment for 6 months with 0% interest: Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods.

Under plans that are open to cardholders as well as new applicants, your monthly fee is automatically added to the minimum fee due on your Apple card.

In addition to funding offers, Apple Card also offers rewards at the following prices:

• Apple Pay purchases are made directly with Apple (including Apple stores, in the App Store and for Apple services).

• Uber and Uber have purchases through Apple Pay.

• Walgreens and Duane read purchases through Apple Pay.

• Purchase T-Mobile in-store through Apple Pay.

• Purchase Nike through Apple Pay (in U.S. stores, through and the Nike app). Apple Pay is not available on through the desktop, but Apple notes that “soon.”

All other purchases are made through Apple Pay.

All purchases are made from an Apple physical card. (Limited Time Offer: Physical card gets 3% back on shopping rights at Walgreens Drive-Thrus until July 31, 2020)

According to Apple, with the onset of a COVID-19 related Remote work and distance learning are more than ever relying on Apple computers and tablets, and adding these funding options helps get the devices in more hands.

How is it different from that Barclaycard Financing Visa® suggestions?

The Barclaycard Financing Visa® – Formerly called Barclaycard Visa from Apple Rewards – also allows you to fund Apple products. But there is a key difference between offering a card and advertising an Apple Card.

З Barclaycard Financing Visa®, you get deferred interest offers, in which interest is not waived, but presented separately and accrued in the background. If you recoup Apple purchases in full before the end of the promotional period, you will not be paid anything more. But if you still owe the balance on that purchase, if the promotional offer ends – even if it’s only a few cents – from the date of purchase you will be charged interest.

The Apple Card, by contrast, is a true 0% interest rate installment financing. You pay a set amount for each billing cycle – which is automatically included in the minimum payment for that month – until the purchase pays off. You will not be charged interest during this time. And unlike Barclaycard Financing Visa®, Apple Card receives awards.

However Barclaycard Financing Visa® In some cases, it may still make sense. All because it offers up to 18 months deferred interest on purchases of $ 999 and above. If you buy an expensive Mac, you’ll enjoy a few months to pay for it on your own schedule. Just make sure you can repay them by the end until those 18 months are over.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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