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It’s hard to know exactly how close you can get to someone without breaking the rules of social distance, but Amazon has made it easier for warehouse workers to use red and green circles.

Accommodation in Amazon Day One BlogBrad Porter, vice president and excellent robotics engineer at Amazon, introduces a newly developed system called Remote Assistance. It’s a technology designed to help Amazon employees stay socially isolated from each other, and it’s made possible by a combination of artificial intelligence. machine learningand augmented reality.

In practice, the assistance distance consists of a 50-inch monitor, camera and computer combined into a stand-alone unit that can be placed anywhere in Amazon warehouses, provided there is an outlet. He creates a “magical mirror tool that helps like-minded people see their physical distance from others,” drawing a circle around their legs as you see in the video above. The green circle indicates that they are at a safe distance from others where, like a red circle signal, they are too close and must take steps to turn green.

To date, Amazon has deployed remote assistance units “in several of our buildings,” but positive staff feedback means they will be located in hundreds of locations in the coming weeks. It’s also nice to hear that Amazon intends to open up the source code of the software and AI used to build the system so other companies can take advantage and keep their employees safe.

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