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Good commissions, exciting bonuses and perks, overseas trips, luxury cars and more. All MLM companies offer these goodies. It is only when we join the company as an agent that we realize the concerns involved. Now let’s find out about Agel and find out more about the revenue opportunity it offers.

* Company

Founded by Glen Johnson in 2005 in Utah, this company has developed a range of products that pack different nutrients into suspended gel to provide many different benefits. Agel used this technology to build their product range from four to ten over a five-year period. There are products that help in weight loss, increase energy levels, improve heart health and help in maintaining smooth and attractive skin.

* Marketing network

Agel MLM has an attractive compensation scheme for representatives with different revenue plans and enough bonuses and benefits. However, Agel representatives believe that the company did not attach as much importance to promoting and selling its products as it has to recruiting new salespeople and generating sales through them. As a distributor for this company, you stand to make more money by recruiting people than by selling products.

* Why join Agel?

Agel Enterprise has a winning product formula that is attractive and cool. The business meets high demand products such as weight loss, fitness and skin care. Some products are certified halal and kosher; so this company is accepted in many countries. The company has the advantage of good leadership and offers training and materials to representatives to sell. Their promotional DVD is very effective in helping representatives sell Agel products.

* Limiting factors

In order for customers to get the most out of products, customers will need to buy different boxes each month. Most buyers find it too expensive. One of the major disadvantages of Agel distribution is that you have almost nothing to sell from the product. Although the business has good leadership and offers training and counseling; like all other MLM companies, they only teach you to contact people you already know and get them to work. This technique is only useful for people who have a lot of close contacts and are willing to interfere with them to get started.

* How to succeed in this business

To get the most out of your Agel business, think about it and concentrate on what your MLM teacher is not learning. Instead of your warm market, touch contacts who have a direct interest in the products you promote. The key to this is your internet business and the use of internet marketing tools to reach a worldwide customer base. Most people search the web for product information and read reviews, especially customer-focused products such as those related to weight management, skin care, and fitness. So your business with Agela will definitely get a good boost when you launch it online. You just need to know how to harness the endless potential of the internet to take your profits to new heights.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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