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13, 2020

2 minutes of reading

Disclosure: Our goal is to present products and services that we find interesting and useful to you. If you buy them, the Entrepreneur can get a small share of the sales revenue from our trading partners.

According to Consumer Experience IndexThis is experienced by 61 percent of consumers chatbots – the future of customer service. Later, 70 percent of the millennia report positive experience with boots. Chatbots make the future more conversational, more active, and help build bridges between companies and their customers rather than set barriers. If you want to integrate chatbots into your company without breaking the bank, it may be easier and more affordable than you think, thanks to companies like Botsify.

Botsify is a fully managed chat platform that rewards the power of better customer service in your hands. This software on AI is integrated with multiple platforms so you can quickly respond to visitors in Facebook Messenger, on your website and elsewhere. Once visitors land on your pages, Botsify can attract them to a personalized message and start guiding them along the way of purchase. You can even integrate it into WhatsApp to turn visitors into leads.

Botsify goes higher and further, providing an analysis of the success of your individual chatbot. You will be able to see how bots attract visitors, convert sales, create opportunities and more. In other words, you can really measure whether it works or not. With Story Tree you will be able to analyze your course of action and make immediate changes if necessary to solve any problems. In addition, live chat allows you to put the user in front of a person at any time and at any time. You can even automate responses to comments on your Facebook page. A chatbot can do more than increase customer participation. This can improve sales and marketing techniques without costing you much.

Botsify is available in several subscription options. You can get a five-year personal plan for $ 49, five years old A professional plan for $ 149, or five years Business plan for $ 999. The business plan also offers you the opportunity to white label the product and sell it to individual customers for extra profit. Any of the above plans will be cheaper than the cost of hiring just one customer service agent, so it’s definitely worth a try.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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