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Stop “Just Arrive” … Secure the 80/20 principle and make more money without more work.

When you know how to get into any situation and see 80/20 ‘s, you can solve almost ANY marketing problem.

80/20 can overcome any problem with sales and advertising.

“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is – it’s unforgivable. Perry is an honest man in a charlatan-filled field.”

– Dan Kennedy, author, Ultimate Marketing Plan

If you are a sales and marketing professional, you can save 80 percent of your time and money by reducing your entitlement to 20 percent of your market. On page 5 you apply 80/20² and 80/20³ get 10X and even 100X success.

With powerful 80/20 software (online, included with the book) you will apply the Pareto principle to:

  • Slash sales and time marketing (page 117)
  • Find your invisible profit centers in your business (page 31)
  • Advertise for hyper-responsive buyers and avoid hitting tires (page 93)
  • Obtain the “Pareto Principle” position on search engines (page 70)
  • Differentiate yourself from rivals (page 67)
  • Earn respect in your market (page 154)
Created by direct marketing and sales consultant and best-selling author Perry Marshall, the unique tools show you exactly how much money you put on your desk and how to put it back in your pocket – then reinvest for even greater success.

You will recognize untapped markets (p. 164), individual enhancements and high-profit opportunities, gaining time and greater earning potential.

Easy reading

“It’s easy to read … very accessible, short heads and actually quite entertaining,” says Susan Kruger, a master of education and founder of SOAR Study Skills. This book is riddled with stories that demonstrate powerful selling principles.

Optimized for fast learning

The specially labeled “Pareto Points” help you digest the most valuable 80/20 principles within 1-5 minutes. Each chapter ends with a Pareto summary. The book has a 1 page “80/20 cheats” website.

80/20 = Law of Nature

The 80/20 principle is the undisputed law of nature, which is why it does the the The # 1 principle of organizing every business. Perry demonstrates how to laser-focus the 80/20 principle in outsourcing, hiring, advertising, controversy, market research, lead generation and web traffic; online, offline, and social networks (page 82). It also shows you how you can evoke tremendous insights from tiny traces, not only in your own business but also in the competition.

Internet Marketing Tools Come with the book

Supported by Internet services including 80/20 power curve, that helps you find invisible money and Marketing DNA test, a personal appraisal that has zero in your natural property for sale, this timeless guide is a game changer for experienced and novice marketers and sellers.

“If you fail in your entrepreneurial life, you apply the rules of opportunity recognition, 80/20 and 4% of the factors, consuming 96% of your valuable resources. Want more wisdom and examples of how to complete a 80/20 rule with a 4% factor? Get the 230 page book. ”
– Eric T. Wagner, FORBES

“Your pricing strategy is wrong if you keep doing this”
– Leonard Kim, INC

“I LOVE 80/20 Sales and Marketing!”
– Jeff Walker, creator of Product Launch Formula

“80/20 thousand sales and marketing are recommended. Required reading for members of my marketing, product and sales team. Because the single most useful marketing book is still being read. “
– Emerson Spartz, CEO –

“It’s worth it to study Perry Marshall.”
– Frank Kern

“If you’re reading you’re reading 80/20 Sales and Marketing, keep that in mind.”
– Sam Carpenter, author, Work the System

Perry Marshall is a sales and marketing ninja. Read this book, apply the lessons, and sift your way to victory.
-Chris Guillebeau, author of the New York Times bestseller, $ 100 Startup

Perry Marshall is Gene Schwartz of the 21st Century. Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising, is every bit as up-to-date as the first day it was printed in 1966. Perry’s work is like this. Perry has been consulting with the best traders on the planet for over a decade. It combines the attributes of the most respected engineer with the art of the poet. It provides the deepest dive into “80/20 Principle” ever recorded, and refers to copying, buying traffic, scaling traffic, dominating the market and converting sales. 80/20 is not the rule; the law of nature and the way of life. Failure to follow Perry’s formula leaves millions on the table.
-Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc.

Perry has been the wizard of using Google Adwords as a valuable tool for entrepreneurs as it should be, and without hesitation I recommend its materials. Without his insights and pay-per-click tips, I can’t imagine where many successful internet business owners (in literally hundreds of industries) would find themselves now. Perry has now deservedly entered the mainstream and is no longer the best kept secret of niche entrepreneurs. The unique tools in this book are a game changer for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.
—John Carlton, legendary songwriter and president, Marketing Rebel Inc.

Perry Marshall’s 80/20 teaching was so riveting that I canceled my afternoon meetings and read the entire manuscript. It is a gold mine of insight and depth. I’m still processing!
-Lance Wallnau, President, Lance Learning Group

Very often the most powerful ideas in the world lie in the eyes of the inappropriate, the poorly understood and the untapped. One such idea was Google’s AdWords system. It may be hard to believe now, but many months after it was announced, this ingenious new approach to advertising – now accounting for about 90% of Google’s huge revenue – has fired pay-per-click advertising professionals. The Pareto principle is another idea that contains incredible but largely untapped power. Many have heard of it, usually as the 80/20 Rule, but until recent years it was one of those factors that ‘so what?’ Which most people don’t evaluate, let alone do anything. Amazingly, the same guy who first determined how to profitably use Google AdWords is the same guy who breathed fresh life into these most productive mathematical insights. If you are a trader or business owner or looking to be more successful in this world, wrapping your head about Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Rule will be the single most effective thing you can do all year long, any year. —Ken McCarthy, Director, Cordes and Founder, Seminar on Internet Marketing System

From time to time a book arrives that seems to be delivering the right message at the right time. 80/20 Sales and marketing is one of those books and it will prove to be a turning point in the marketing canon. I didn’t finish the first few pages before without a doubt knowing that I was reading something that would be extremely important to my business and my life. I barely blinked before I was halfway there! Perry Marshall delivered the work of a simple genius. He reveals a pattern that is so closely integrated with natural law that when you open your eyes to it, you will see everything around you. Leaving no stone unturned, he guides you through a complete business master class, covering marketing, personal efficiency, time management, advertising, cash flow, employment, layoffs, loves the work you do, and makes a difference. I can guarantee that 20% of this book will take your success to a higher level, and within that, only a few gems will take you completely to another place.
-Ben Hunt, Author, Convert !: Website Design for Increasing Traffic and Conversions

Perry’s 80/20 course was one of those excruciating life changes. Now move forward to do so.
—Randall Ingermanson, author, Writing Puppet Fiction

You will be amazed at how accurate a marketing DNA test is.
– Brad Richdale, legendary writer, director, producer and direct marketer

We have started using the DNA test on all interview candidates and it seems to be extremely accurate and insightful. I say that with a certain qualification, not too long ago taking DIVINE and DISC profile grades. MarketingDNA stands with the big guys!
-Hans Riemer, President, Market Vantage, LLC

When I was a kid, my favorite board game was Chutes and Ladders. I loved when I landed at the foot of the ladder and was able to take the shortcut to victory. Reading 80/20 sales and marketing gives me the same feeling. Although Perry and the others look at the same world, he sees a hidden order of things – a ladder to success that almost no one recognizes. He has taken the 80/20 Principle further than ever before, and is sharing tools so powerful that I challenge anyone to implement those insights and not increase their business within two years. – Howard Jacobson, author, Google AdWords for Dolls

There are a lot of smart marketing gurus out there. At one point or another, I was on most of their email lists and consumed five pieces of information about their products. But if I had to choose just one to listen to, it would be Perry. If you just pay attention to Perry Marshall when it comes to AdWords, you’re missing the boat. From copy to conversion to auto-reply via email and more, Perry today has proven to be one of the hottest direct marketers and business strategists, online or offline.
-Adam Kreitman, Words That Click,

The fact that I have my own TV show in Poland is directly related to Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Productivity Express. -Gregory Mogilevsky, TV presenter, “Business w Sieci” (“Network Jobs”) on TVN CNBC in Poland, Warsaw, Poland I passed Perry’s 80/20 course last year and had the most productive year of my life. No exaggeration.
-Michael Arnold, President, The Natural Fertility Experts Ltd, London, UK

As of today for 2013, my client base is down 23%; revenue is up 43%. Bad as if I had been in second gear for a year and now last in fourth. Higher speed, less RPM. “Adam Libman, Libman’s tax strategy.”

I purchased Perry Marshall’s marketing system several years ago, his book, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, a white papers course, and a few other very useful courses and seminars and applied them. I started from constantly working and killing myself all at once making more money, starting second and third jobs and having a huge amount of free time when I wanted to! I still do a lot of work, but on my terms now.
– Jade Sullivan, Access Trading

A productive junkie, and has done just about every book, training or system, from Stephen Covey to David Allen. Perry’s course was one of the best teachings on the subject ever experienced. In the first session, I won an extra hour a day; by the third session I had completely revolutionized how I run my business. I was too busy to handle it. Ha ha – I took it anyway. Cut my average work week by about 20 hours and more than double, almost triple, my income. We have brought in two major, six-digit clients. Just knock on my door. Literally reserved solid. Fully on track to generate $ 1 million in revenue this year. I made room to become a major contributor to my church, but not the way you think. Yes, we give money, but what I’m talking about is the fact that I was free to take financial peace classes and be available for other ways for my church. I stopped doing things I was good at, but it wasn’t the most use of my time – a major influence.
-Ray Edwards, Founder & CEO, Ray Edwards International, Inc.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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