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We talked a lot about how important it is to build a team in a remote work environment. Why we decided to do a little research on some of the best virtual activities you can try with your team to boost morale and strengthen communication. But if anything like us, then it’s a little tired of virtual happy hours. But even if something as simple as the new Slack channel is dedicated to cute pet photos, this list is sure to have at least one activity for each team.

A virtual trash hunter

Another great quarantine species for you and your employees is virtual garbage hunting. Nothing says that the team building is like a small friendly competition. Thanks to new additions Scarifyyou can automatically participate in a number of fun tasks and problem-solving activities wherever you are (which is hopefully at home). With a mobile app or browser, people or teams can log in to Scavify and perform tasks such as taking photos or videos, responding to little things and more. According to them websiteyou can mix and match tasks that educate, encourage learning, create interaction, increase team building, or align whatever you want to achieve.

Virtual book club

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Now, more than ever, people want to distract themselves from the crazy world we live in. And what better distraction than a good book? Encourage remote staff to read for fun by running a virtual book club. Assign sections and set up regular meetings to discuss what to read so far. You can even combine your virtual book club with a virtual happy hour and enjoy a couple of drinks while talking about the latest novel. Tip: Start with shorter books. Not every reader speeds up and gives group members a sense of accomplishment to be able to finish a book in a reasonable amount of time.

Netflix party

Most of us already spend a good portion of our time on revelry watching Netflix series and movies, so why not do it together? З Netflix party plugin, you can set up virtual parties with your colleagues and friends. But only completely free and easy to set up. Once you’ve downloaded everything, Netflix Party lets you connect with friends, sync video playback and group chat in one place. What’s worse, there’s no better way to spend a virtual movie night or a weekly party. This is one virtual activity that everyone will enjoy.

Writing hints

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This virtual activity may seem like homework to some, but we believe that writing tips will be an interesting way to increase creativity among employees. Follow the frequency – weekly, daily, monthly, and whatever – and start assigning a unique writing tips. The answers should be of a certain length or style, because the fewer options you give, the better! Then once a week or so (depending on the frequency of visits) schedule a scaling meeting where everyone can share some written things. If you have a budget, a great way to start is to send all your employees new magazines to write.

# Casual sluggish channel

If you already have it, this is the perfect time to create a new channel in personal Slack mode for casual conversations with the community. With social distance and isolation, people need a place where they can talk to people about anything, anytime. Sure, if it’s a “working” slack, things have to stay PG, but think of it as a virtual water cooler – somewhere people can share their thoughts or funny memes, and even better, cute photos of animals. It’s a great way to engage employees and feel part of a team, even when they see their employees day in and day out.

A small fire

As for virtual classes, this is probably one of the most creative. Tiny bonfires is a program that controls literally tiny virtual fires for remote commands. The experience comes with historical ghost stories, icebreakers, contests and real shots! Before the event, each team member will receive a tiny campfire kit that includes a campfire, wood matches, more ingredients and more colors. This is a unique event – a great way to unite your employees and who likes to receive a special package in the mail? Learn more here he is.

Virtual fitness challenge

Just because we are alienated means we remain active. In fact it has never been more important for us to get up and move. The reason why virtual fitness is a great activity for your staff. Not to mention that friendly competition is always a good motivator. There are several different types of virtual fitness issues, but the one that has been found to be the most effective is a step or difficulty at a distance. Although we need a lot of places now, we can still move around in our homes, go for a solo walk or run outside. MoveSpring is a great app that lets you connect fitness trackers to virtual leaders so employees can see their rankings. MoveSpring, having a variety of challenges and exciting incentives, really motivates your team to move on.

Virtual dance party

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In the spirit of moving your team, another fun virtual activity is a dance party. This is probably one of the easiest activities as it requires any software (except scale) and it can be as spontaneous as you like! Just set the time and date for your party, then the staff log in, run the music and encourage everyone to move on the go and go down for the tune. Make it even more interactive by giving each employee the opportunity to pick up their favorite song.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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