What makes an online business successful? Are these the products you sell, or their price or marketing? The e-commerce industry is continuing its rapid growth and will continue to do so in the near future. But today there are crowded players who sell similar products and are mostly involved in price wars to win over customers. But deep discounts and participation in price wars do not guarantee long-term success. Innovation in product strategy or in the delivery process is key to success in this competitive industry, not discounts.

To go back to the basics of marketing and. e. focusing on 4P marketing – Product, Price, Place and Promotion can give you a starting point to build a strategy that leads you to the long-term success of ecommerce. Here are some tips to guide you to success.

1. Develop a USP for your store

The era of developing general ecommerce stores is over. That war has already been won by Amazon and other key players. And if you want to become another Amazon or eBay, this is a guaranteed way to fail. The future of e-commerce is in specialty stores. Invest heavily in your brand that is unique and creative, and it never makes it easier for you. In this online age, it is difficult to have customer loyalty.

So you need to expand the product line into your niche to stay ahead of the competition. You need deep supplies. For example, if you decide to specialize in footwear for the category you specialize in, get so many types of shoes that even Amazon doesn’t have. Become a destination for people who want to buy shoes online.

2. Select the correct technology platform

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is very important, because the e-commerce business is heavily technology dependent. It’s just not enough to have a robust and scalable ecommerce platform. Social media integration, good user interface and UX, mobile friendliness, SEO, content marketing modules and customer support have also become the basic needs of online commerce today.

Based on these factors and understanding what it takes to open a successful online …

Source by Maulik D Shah


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