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Today’s entrepreneurs worry about being passionate about business and know that it has more meaning. As entrepreneurs we like to make our work a certain impact and help make the world a better place. However, at the same time, we like our work to be successful. I’m good at doing good. With the worst recession of the decade in our rearview mirror, today‚Äôs entrepreneurs need to be extremely creative and do things effectively. These 7 steps to automate your online business will increase sales and streamline your business.

Automation is key build a successful business with few resources. Creating great companies, as a team, and using technology, ultimately for a better world, is a common goal of today’s entrepreneur. But at the same time, today’s entrepreneurs do not have the financial resources to hire a team of workers. So the more that today’s entrepreneur can accomplish on their own, the better.

Finding a formula for entrepreneur success will not be an easy journey or an easy task. You have to work on it. If you use 7 steps to automate your online business, you can start finding the success and building the future you’ve always wanted.

7 Steps to Building an Automated Online Business:

Here are seven steps you can take to become a self-employed, freelance and highly successful entrepreneur without breaking the bank.

1. Create a WordPress website

The most popular content management system available today is WordPress. As today’s entrepreneur, you’ll want to choose the right content management system to build your website. WordPress fits the bill. It’s free, secure, customizable, so you can implement these automation tips on your website and get closer to your goal of building an automated online business.

Choose a professional WordPress theme that is clean, fast and responsive. We recommend StudioPress WordPress Themes. They are powered by the Genesis Framework, which, in layman’s terms, means that your website’s backdoor nuts and bolts will be browser-friendly, responsive to instant updates and tight security. Don’t waste your time on the wrong WordPress theme. Select the box that is most up-to-date and the one that will be updated with the click of a mouse. Many websites have been hacked (or just don’t use WordPress to the end) because they haven’t been updated with StudioPress themes either, the act of updating the code to the latest technology only requires a click. The update to the current version of WordPress and Genesis is short. Everything is integrated so you don’t have to call your developer. Save time and money.

Counting first impressions: Your website is as good as your design and web hosting company.

2. Compile your email list

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can extend your reach beyond your website and create new sales opportunities. If you’re not making an email list, you’re making a big mistake, so start a new job and start creating an email list.

Any networking event provides great business card collection capabilities, which can be manually added to your email list. But if you love most entrepreneurs, there’s not enough time in the day to attend every Chamber of Commerce event. So, to build your email list, you need automation. The simplest and most effective way to automate email marketing efforts is through Aweber Email Marketing. I have tried them all and always come back to Aweber.

You must first determine when you are targeting your audience. This simple exercise will help. First answer these questions:

  1. What do your ideal subscribers want?
  2. What is the main problem that you believe you can solve?
  3. What is your method of solving this problem?
  4. What do you like to talk about most?

Once done, simply combine them. These are the people you are talking to. This is your target audience.

3. Write Hiding Content

The most effective way to grow your website or blog visitors is write compelling content. Yes that is correct. The time you spend teaching English in high school will eventually come in handy. When writing content, you will want to think about the audience you are trying to reach … and name them. Write evergreen content that helps, informs and satisfies your target audience.

  • Evergreen content is timeless content that is still relevant. You can go through your archives or you can also use a WordPress plugin like Revive Old Posts to simplify the process. There is also a killer tool that I use MeetEdgar that allows you to publish a post and automatically update your main posts several times on a schedule.

The number of subscribers you have is directly related to …

  1. Your ability to drive highly targeted traffic to your blog.
  2. Your ability to convert this traffic to FIERCELY LOYAL subscribers.
  3. Your ability to get readers to recommend and refer you to friends.

Now it’s up to you to take the steps and make your email list with compelling content.

4. Create your social media profiles

When it comes to online personal or business branding, creating a social media profile is absolutely essential. Think of every social media profile you create as your brand’s landing page. This landing page is probably the first encounter someone will have with your brand, and you’ll want that first impression to be golden and the visitor wants to know more about you.

Here are 10 steps you need to take to create a successful social media profile:

  1. Your name – Make sure you enter the name you want to be.
  2. Your username – Think about what people will search for you and make sure your username is included in the URL.
  3. Your profile picture – Use professional photography, but not so much that you do not display any personality. Make sure you keep the same image as the default photo from one grid to another. This way people can easily recognize you on all social networks.
  4. Your link – Make sure your link is front and center so people can quickly find it and click on your website.
  5. Your CV – Use this to share only the best about yourself and your brand. And always – always – a link to your site or landing page.
  6. Your Interests – Look at these fields as an additional place to get great keyword value. Find books, documentaries, and profiles of influential people in your industry and add them to these additional fields.
  7. Your background – A custom background will allow you to share additional information that may not fit into your profile fields.
  8. Your privacy settings – These vary from network to network, but you’ll want to make sure the information you want is publicly visible.
  9. Your Activity – Once your profile setup is complete, your current mission will be to maintain a healthy level of activity on your major social networks, most likely Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Automate this! We love Buffer. It’s a cheap and great way to keep your social media at peak performance.
  10. Your Promotion – Your Website!

If you’re running out of time, concentrate on the Big Three:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn.

Remember to link your profiles to one another. If you can share multiple links on your social profile, make sure some of them are on your main social profiles.

5. Synchronize your blog or website

Add social sharing buttons to your page or automatically post them to social networks every time you post a new article. In addition, with Step 2 (above) you will be able to create a blog ad through Aweber, so every time you post a new blog post to your WordPress site, Weber will use your post to create a dynamic newsletter and broadcast your content to everyone. in your email list.

Why? Because research shows that the process of nurturing lead seven to eight “touches” are needed today. The seven to eight touches required to qualify are important components of the care management process, which provide marketing opportunities to educate and inform prospects as they go through each phase of the journey. These touchpoints are opportunities to prepare potential results for the final phase of the journey, shopping, deciding.

  • Synchronize your social media profiles with landing pages that are specific to your visitor. Our favorite conversion optimization automation tools are Thrive Leads Lending Pages. Build an automated sales funnel that works highly optimized.
  • Synchronize your website with a sign-up form so visitors can easily subscribe to your newsletter:
    • There are a lot of templates on the web that you can use to add a login form to your site.
    • ThriveLeads has many different “triggers”. The trigger options can be the following:
      • Show on page load
      • Show after some time
      • Show when a user moves to a specific piece of content
      • Show when the user scrolls to the percentage of content content
      • Show when a user is leaving the site soon (intent to exit) – This launch option does not work on mobile devices.
      • Show when the form enters the field of view
      • Show when a user clicks on an element
      • Displays per click.

Customize which login form is displayed, when and where with ThriveLeads. You can organize all the forms you want automatically displayed on the site into different lead groups. Within each lead group, you can create and edit multiple application forms at once, set them to appear in multiple locations, and set up A / B tests.

We “link” our “ThriveLeads” form to the Aweber API, so that when a visitor fills out a sign-up form, their email address is automatically added to our Aweber main email list. And from Aweber, we have a blog setup so that when a new blog post is published, they automatically create a great newsletter using their templates and send it to the addresses on our list.

And lastly, we use Aweber form templates to display a static and well-designed professional form to sign up in the sidebar of our blog. Again, when a visitor fills out the form, their email address is automatically added to the main email list managed by Aweber.

6. Analyze your competitors

Get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building. Internet marketing tools SEMRush automate your research and optimization efforts. SEMrush will make your job easier by drawing speculation from your market research and your competition. You need to take the time to digital marketing and it helps you know in advance what works and what is a waste of time.

7. Complete your orders

If you sell products online, you will soon find that completing orders takes a long time. Automate the execution of your order with Amazon’s order fulfillment. With FBA, you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon will select, pack, send, and serve customers for them. This is a huge time saver for you as you grow your online store. Keep these steps in mind if you want to gain the freedom that most entrepreneurs want. These steps can only be your path to a more successful online business. The better the experience and the more valuable each of these important steps are, the more prepared are the buying decision guides and the more likely they are to convert. paying customers. The result is a highly organized and efficient journey that goes like a well-oiled machine. And one item that cannot be automated, you are! Your customers and customers will want to have some kind of interaction with you – the business owner. Be professional and always follow phone and social media etiquette when communicating with the public. Remember, build your brand. And your brand is an asset.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Stephanie Rosendahl




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