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It is no longer a secret that the e-commerce business in the Arab world is growing significantly annually. Recently, Payfort created a detailed ecommerce report, stating that the number of online shoppers in the region increased 14% between 2014 and 2015. This growing opportunity is encouraging merchants to join the trend of selling their products online. As a web agency with experience that has created a cost-effective ecommerce solution, we advise every retailer in the region to consider selling online.

Marketers are aware of this trend, so sooner or later the competition will grow even more. Otherwise, store owners would like to gain an edge over the competition. In order to build a successful online store, one needs to invest in marketing and, more specifically, search engine optimization (SEO). (Learn more about what SEO is).

But what are the best SEO practices for ecommerce sites to sell online?

Website design with emphasis on user experience

Google from time to time introduces a new algorithm update that makes website owners and SEO experts quit. The ultimate purpose of these changes is to oblige web design and development companies to create websites that focus on user experience. You are probably wondering about the meaning of this. In short, it’s about developing an attractive, easy-to-use, engaging user interface that is customized for different screens (desktop, mobile, tablet). In the digital industry, we call that internet design responsible. Once an ecommerce website fulfills all these criteria, it will be easier for visitors to browse it, helping its chances of appearing on search engines increases the first page of results.

Investing in keyword research

Keywords define the content of a website. They are what users search on Google to find the product. Second, optimizing a website by inserting keywords into the content helps it rank. But how do you find out what people are typing into the search bar? There are several tools to help you find out, and most use the Google Keyword Planner. Spend some time researching and selecting a bunch of highly sought after keywords to include on your website.

Finding relevant feedbacks

One of the most important SEO practices is linking to other sites that redirect to yours. This shows search engines how popular a website is, which gives a boost to ranking. There are several ways to get backlinks to your ecommerce site: attract product reviews, give interviews, find broken links, and blog.

Continuous content generation

If you’ve been interested in SEO before, then you’ve definitely heard the term “content is king”. That statement came to light when Google began offering an important piece of high quality content. After that, creating interesting content became a necessity for any web site because it has a lot of weight on search engine rankings. The best way to do this is through blogging, which allows you to get backlinks, educate your target market and collect engagements on social media.

Using social media

Almost everyone is on social networks. According to the same Payfort report, between 85% and 90% of internet users in the region are present on various social networks, especially Facebook. Although Google+ is still not far from Facebook, its active activity can benefit your Google rating. There is still much debate to this day as to whether social activities are directly related to SEO or not. But one thing is for sure, as long as your site becomes popular on various social networks, it must have, at least indirectly, an impact on your rankings. To enhance social interactions, include social media buttons on product pages and blog articles.

Add rich snippets

Rich snippets are additional information published in search results, such as product ratings, reviews … etc. Rich snippets provide more details about an ecommerce website that helps internet users better understand what to expect. How do they affect SEO? Whether rich snippets affect SEO or not, the topic is still debated. However, they will certainly affect clicks on your website which entails more visitors, indicating that it is relevant to the search performed on Google. And that can help rank.

Applying these 6 SEO practices to your ecommerce site brings you close to top search results, helping them succeed. However, these are definitely not the only practices to be done. In order to stand out from the competition, you have to constantly work hard. But don’t worry, all you have to do is outsource the job to an SEO company that will take care of these points and more.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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