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Since the birth of e-commerce in 1991, packaging has slowly evolved to adapt to the new way people shop. The way shoppers buy online is different from the traditional retail experience.

The in-store environment refers to the product being displayed, shelves, procedures, and the customer’s sensory experience with the products being sold.

In contrast, online product choices live in a 2D (and sometimes augmented, 3D) world. Customers cannot touch, feel, or try out a product before making a purchase decision. Packaging plays a minimal role in online product selection, though there are still unique ways to break through and create packaging for it.

However, packaging for e-commerce-specific goods must result in a vague route from manufacturer to consumer. And, with an industry rate of return of around 30%, it should also survive the return journey while still protecting its content.

The right eCommerce packaging solutions need to solve more problems. They include:

  • Reducing the return rate by preventing shipment damage
  • Reducing shipping costs with ease and less
  • Increasing brand identification
  • Improving customer satisfaction

To find solutions, marketers need to look at two major types of ecommerce packaging.

Useful and branded packaging

A sample pack is shipped through the doorImage Credit: Mitch Payne and Alexandra Kingo

The service pack, as its name implies, is a plain envelope or brown box that protects the inside of the contents during shipping.

Marked packaging surrounds the item and contains colorful graphics, logos, labels and text.

A review of both types of packaging will reveal potential savings on production and shipping costs.

To help address these issues, here are some consumer packaging design solutions.

6 Effective Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Packaging best practices are more work with less. Here are six of the most effective ways for ecommerce merchants to trade their packaging needs.

1. Use packaging that fits the product
Women open a box for packing blue makeupBirchbox

Both the internal packaging brand and the useful packaging should be as firm as possible, reducing weight without compromising product integrity. For example, online packages do not need a hanging tab like packaging in retail stores; it would just take up more space and give no added value. Reducing size also saves on materials and dimensional shipping costs.

2. Replace the rigid package with a flexible one
Pack sleeve with red shirt in hand

Sometimes a box or rigid plastic container is not the best choice. Pack the liquid in bags, not heavy plastic bottles. The bottles add unnecessary weight and the lid increases the height, creating the need for a taller box with more negative space.

If possible, place smaller items in a mail bag and courier service, rather than in a cardboard box. Consumers want companies to use less packaging, so they have to deal with as much waste as possible.

For example,

32% of Americans want sustainable packaging options. With one in four consumers interested in responsible shopping, companies are encouraged to invest in environmentally friendly materials and waste reduction.

National fulfillment services

Moving to flexible packaging reduces size, weight, waste and reduces shipping costs as low as possible.

3. Use an environmentally friendly blank filler

Photo packaging for incorrect Dell computer

Styrofoam peanuts, while useful, are an environmental problem when disposed of. Consumers prefer environmentally friendly alternatives.

Once the package serves its purpose, it enters the waste stream. To reduce the environmental footprint, companies like Dell and Amazon are turning to fast-growing materials like bamboo, wheat straw and mushroom root (Gree) as empty filler.

Dell reports that using these materials has eliminated £ 20 million in packaging and reduced production costs by $ 18 million.

Green packaging is good for every image and environment.

4. A strip that serves triple duty

Amazon brown box with sample packaging tapeEditorial credit: dennizn /

The tape should do more than hold the package together, valuable advertising real estate. By adding striking colors and logos, it does a triple task, closing, strengthening and branding. Consider using a branded replacement strap to replace the outer straps.

5. Branding packaging that stands out

Best recycled packaging farms with graphic over yellow backgroundCredit image: Kyle Miller Creative

No rule says that communal packaging must be dull, brown and dull. With the marking ribbon mentioned above, imprint the box with social colors or add the labeled labels. Either way, everyone should be able to recognize the brand from afar.

Although branded packaging should be more compact than in-store packaging, it should have the same visual design. When the customer opens the box, it should be recognized immediately.

6. Create a memorable unboxing experience

Unboxing Fab Fit Fun Box with makeup and cosmeticsCredit Image: | fabfitfun

Whenever a customer opens a box, the moment should have the same excitement as opening a special gift. Unboxing is an opportunity to build loyalty by exceeding expectations. Some of the ways to do this are:

  • Loading colorful paper
  • Adding a custom thank you note
  • Adding coupons, discounts or offers on sale
  • Add a Gift or Bonus Sample

Other ways to improve the user experience are to ensure that the package fits into a standard mailbox and is easy to open. The overall experience should make your customer feel special and want to buy more and be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Understanding how consumers perceive packaging is no longer optional; it is necessary.

P&G Chairman A.G. Lafley

Best packaging solutions and design

The best packaging protects the item until the customer opens it. Must deliver an unforgettable customer experience at the lowest cost of materials and delivery.

According to Target Marketing, “Video unpacking routinely takes the top 10 places on the most viewed YouTube watch lists.” This is an incredible opportunity to promote your brand.

When it comes to packaging design and useful packaging, let Eventige’s experts guide you to the right solutions. From planning to branding and production, we have helped hundreds of brands make the right choice!

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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