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Looking best Shopify apps improve overall Shopify performance and revenue in 2019?

We have explained to you this mega-list of the best Shopify apps on the market.

In this list you will find:

  • Shopify the apps that they are Free to use
  • Apps that will enhance yours SEO and user experience
  • Manage your own Product delivery with the best Shopify apps
  • What Shopify Apps to Use Complement your marketing
  • Inventory management it’s not easy … Well it’s not with these Shopify apps
  • Best Shopify Apps for Increase sales

Let them be sold!

Best Shopify Apps – Free to Use

If you have a strict budget with some free Shopify apps, the way to increase sales. 😉

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent free Shopify apps.


best shopify applications aberlo

price: It’s free until you get 50 orders in a month.

Are you constantly looking for new products to add to your store?

Oberlo is a wholesale catalog of products specially made for Shopify stores.

The app can help you find a vendor and find products to import directly into your Shopify store.

Once the order has been placed on your site, you can then fulfill it through a drop shipping supplier directly on the Oberlo app.



best shopify moosend apps

price: Forever free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, prices start at $ 10 per month

Did you know what is the easiest way to laser target people who have visited your Shopify store before?

You can use Moosend to monitor customer behavior and design campaigns accordingly.

Take advantage of every piece of data from your Shopify store by syncing your email lists and building marketing automation campaigns, sending emails about shopping carts, or designing smooth boarding processes for new customers.

3. Growave

shopify growing app

price: Free plan for up to 100 orders a month.

Need to reach, engage and convert your customers in the most efficient way?

With Growave, you can get a comprehensive suite of applications to build your brand, strengthen social sharing, and increase customer retention.

In addition, you can use its advanced preview features to build automated coupons based on reviews and increase the credibility of your store.

And since Instagram is a powerful conversion tool, incorporating galleries that can be purchased on your site will help you increase revenue without any measures.

4.AfterShip – Keep track of notifications

best shopify app aftership

price: It’s free for 100 shipments a month.

When a customer buys a product from your store, they want to know when they will receive it!

AfterShip is a one-stop shop that allows your customers the ability to track their shipment.

It works with 450+ mobile carriers worldwide, and when a user clicks on a tracking link, they will be redirected to a customized tracking page with the tag on it.

The small touches make this tool so cool.


best shopify print applications

price: It’s free!

If you have designed a super custom design that you want to sell on T-shirts or coffee mugs, you need Printful.

You can associate a Shopify store with the app and when a customer orders one of your custom designs, Printful will print and ship the product to you.

6.Yotpo: Reviews, photos, questions and answers

best shopify yotpot apps

price: It’s free!

Having a way for your customers to yell about fantastic products is very important for generating revenue.

Yotpo lets customers write product reviews that they can share on your social media profiles.

After that, you can pin them on your homepage or product listings to get more sales!

7. Printer order

best shopify printer ordering apps

price: It’s free!

Bills, stickers, packing slips and receipts are an indispensable part of Shopify game sales.

But using the Printer Printer application will speed up the process.

You can create invoice templates and print them in bulk to save time.

Plus, you can put a label on everything you print from the app to add a personal touch to your customers.

8.Automotor currency

best shopify auto currency changer apps

price: It’s free!

If your customers are shopping from anywhere in the world, you should make it easy for them to make a purchase decision when they browse your store.

The currency switch will automatically display items in your store in your buyer’s home currency, depending on their geographical location.

The buyer can also switch between currencies if he wants to use a specific currency.

9. Social Media Flow

best shopify apps on social networks

price: Free for up to two streams.

If you want to show off your Instagram feed in your store, Social Media Stream is the perfect way to integrate a social game into your sales platform.

Running a campaign or a specific offer on your social media platforms using the unique #hashtag, you can set up an app to find any posts using the same hashtag.

As well as posting on your site.

10. Digital downloads

best shopify applications by digital download

price: It’s free!

Do you sell digital products?

Digital Download is an application made especially for people who want to sell their digital products through their Shopify stores.

The app integrates very easily into your existing store in just a few clicks.

It works much like an Apple store; Once a customer has purchased your digital product, they will be able to use it immediately.

11. Google Shopping

best shopify google shopping apps

price: It’s free!

If you were selling online before Shopify, you probably used Google Shopping to make sales.

The Google Shopping app will link your Google Merchant Center to your Shopify store and will automatically update everything, such as stock levels and prices.

12.Description of the product

best shopify product apps

price: It’s free!

Another app to get powerful product reviews on your store.

Product reviews offer your customers an easy way to browse your products, and then reviews can be added to Google listings to increase the credibility of your store and your SEO.

13..SiteKit Promo Bar and Popup

best shopify sitekit apps

price: It’s free, though some features are only enabled on a $ 19 / month subscription plan.

Who doesn’t love coupons with discount coupons when they shop online!

With SiteKit, you can create custom, branded pop-ups for your Shopify store that will give your customers a special discount or incentive to sign up for your mailing list.

The app can also be picked up when someone leaves your store soon and launches a popup discount to bring it back.

14. Free persistent shopping cart app

best shopify apps durable carts

price: It’s free!

Returning abandoned carts from your store is one of the best ways to recover your customers’ lost revenue.

The free-standing shopping cart app remembers which items were in your customer’s shopping cart, even if they start using another device.

That way, if they start a search on their laptop but want to end it on their iPhone, they can.

And if they leave your cart on any of your devices, you can send abandoned reminders to multiple devices.

15.Free post office

free shipping bar of the best shopify apps

price: It’s free!

Nearly 50% of US online shoppers now make a purchase decision based on whether or not they receive free shipping.

If your Shopify store has a minimum spend before offering free shipping, the free shipping bar will alert your customers how much they will need to spend to qualify.

The strap stays on top of the store so it will be visible to your customer at all times and will not have any unpleasant surprises in shipping when they reach the checkout counter.

16.Facebook channel

best shopify facebook channel apps

price: It’s free!

The Facebook channel app gives you the ability to link your Shopify store directly to your Facebook page.

Once activated, the app will place a “Store” tab on your Facebook page that will automatically display all products available in your store.

Your customers will never have to leave Facebook.

Their entire transaction can happen without ever visiting your Shopify store.

Shopify’s best apps to improve SEO and store usability

17. SEO Plugin

best shopify seo plug-in application

Free Trial: 7-day free trial

price: Forever a free plan or $ 20 a month

Even in the Shopify world, SEO is important.

The better your SEO, the better your sales will be. Easy.

The SEO plugin will automatically check your store and let you know what you are doing right and what you need to fix.

If your site is slow or broken, the app will alert you and give you some tips on how to fix your issues.

18.SEO Image Optimizer

best shopify applications seo image optimizer

price: It’s free!

Did you know that Google can’t read images, only text?

That’s why it’s important that every image in your Shopify store has alternative text so that Google knows what it’s looking at.

The SEO Image Optimizer will automatically add alternative text to each image in your store within minutes using existing data on your site.

This makes it easier for Google to find your products.

19. Website Audit, Benchmark Hero

best shopify applications seo web audit

price: It’s free!

Benchmark Hero is another application that helps you increase your SEO presence.

Instead of just looking at Google, the app will give you a super detailed view of what exactly is affecting your overall SEO result.

Everything from your Facebook and Google Shopping ads to image optimization in your store will be calculated and delivered.

From there, you will have a clear picture of what you need to improve. Picture suppression

best shopify applications

Free Trial: Is not available.

price: Free plan available for 25MB images. Paid plans range between $ 4.99 – $ 19.99 per month

Large image files in your store = that your site is slow to load. compresses images of your product without losing quality, making it one of the best Shopify apps in the store.

You can squeeze a bunch of images at once to save time, and the app will automatically give your images alt text if they are missing.

21.Lucky Orange

best shopify apps happily orange

Free Trial: 7-day free trial.

price: $ 10 – $ 100 per month

Lucky Orange is similar to Google Analytics for your Shopify store.

The app tracks all the analytics and data of your store, so you can track how many visitors are coming to your homepage.

You’ll also have access to conversion tools like heat maps, so you can see where your customers click the most during your visit.

22.Sumo – Sales and Conversion Growth

best shopify applications sumo

price: A forever free plan for $ 39 a month

Want to put together your email list in Shopify?

Sumo is a simple application that you can install in your store to help you capture email addresses from your customers through pop-ups and scrollbars.

Not only will this give you a way to communicate with customers via email down the line, but you can increase their in-store spend by strategically setting up popups throughout your store or as an outbound popup.

23.Forum Builder

best shopify shape builders

price: Forever free plan / $ 10 / month

If your customers have a query or need to contact you, Form Builder is a great way to bridge the communication gap.

The app will give your customers a way to place a custom order on your site or ask them about wholesale pricing or any other queries.

It has a one-click installation process, and being able to add your own brand is a nice touch.

Bonus SEO App:

Kudobuzz SEO

best shopify kudobuzz seo apps

Free Trial: 7-day free trial

price: $ 19 / month

Kudobuzz has many Shopify apps available. One of the highlights is the KudoBuzz SEO package that lets you easily optimize your product page on autopilot.

With Kudobuzz SEO you will even be able to optimize the JSON-LD data of your products so that your eCommerce search engine store can be easily accessed.

The best shopify applications for shipping and getting products to your customers


best shopify shipstation

Free Trial: 30-day free trial

price: $ 9.00 – $ 159.00 per month

ShipStation removes the pain at once of handling a bunch of orders.

The app takes care of processing your store orders, creating your shipping labels, and communicating with the customer about the status of his order.

ShipStation is affiliated with major carriers like USPS and FedEx and integrates with Shopify as well as a bunch of other online markets.

25.AfterShip Return Center

best shopify aftership

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: Free limited plan then $ 99 per month

If you have an online store, the most important thing is to offer your customers a smooth return process if you ever want to buy them again.

The AfterShip Return Center gives customers the option to file a refund request directly from your Shopify store.

The request is then sent to the dashboard of the Ad Return Center after you decide to do the following:

  • bring them back
  • give them credit for storage or
  • deny their request

No more back and forth emails or annoying return lists!


best shopify parcelify

Free Trial: 30-day free trial

price: $ 7.99 / month

Not all shipping prices are built the same.

Parcelify gives you the power to create custom shipping prices for your customers, depending on their location, product weight, and item price.

If you want to give your local customers free shipping or the ability to bypass shipping costs and pick up an item from their store, you can too.

27..Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet

best shopify store from store

Image source

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: $ 29- $ 49 per month

Pickup + shipping is the perfect app for your Shopify store if you are receiving great sales locally.

The app gives your customers the ability to pick up items in the store or ship them locally, and you can also add the standard shipping option.

And the best part about this app is that you choose when the best time is for customers to collect their items.

Want only pickups on Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm? No problem.

28.Correios – SEDEX – PAC

best shopify Corios apps

Free Trial: 15-day free trial

price: $ 4.99 / month

Have you ever spent hours of your time looking for the cheapest or fastest courier for your items?

Correios – SEDEX – PAC automatically calculates how much the shipment will cost you and in what time frame you are looking for your product to the customer.

This can help eliminate problems with delivering manual delivery rates by courier.

The best Shopify apps to increase your marketing power


best shopify kit

price: It’s free!

Kit is the official Facebook marketing partner that will allow you to manage Facebook and Instagram ads from a single interface.

Want to show off a new product?

All you have to do is send a message to Kit bot and the advertisement will be made for you.

In addition, the app can create retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for you that will ensure that your ads are placed in front of your ideal customers.

30.Messenger Channel

best shopify messenger channel apps

price: It’s free!

Want to talk more with your customers?

The Messenger channel is the official Shopify app that will give you the ability to talk to a customer in real time, just like you would in your physical store.

You can:

  • submit your product buyer recommendations
  • build a better relationship
  • add the “Buy Now” option to the chat
  • Shop directly from Facebook Messenger

31.Instagram Shop by Snapppt

best shopify snapppt apps

price: It’s free!

Instagram is the toughest social media platform to sell because you can’t add product links to your posts.

The Instagram Shop by Snapppt fixes this problem.

The app personalizes your Instagram feed so you can tag the products in your pictures, which is why we are included in our mega-list of the best Shopify apps.

Once you add your Snapppt URL to your Instagram bio, customers can view and purchase all the products on your Instagram images.

Best Shopify stock checking apps

32. Door alerts Back in stock

best shopify apps updated notifications

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: $ 14.99 – $ 79.99 per month

If your product is in stock, this should not mean that you have missed sales.

Renewed Alerts Back in stock will notify your customers when a product they wanted to buy from your site is back in stock.

All they have to do is submit their email address and they will get an alert!

33. Inventory ManagementTradeGecko

best shopify app store gecko

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: $ 39 – $ 699 per month

Keeping track of your inventory does not have to be a massive task.

TradeGecko is a way to keep track of your stocks, warehouses, currencies, taxes and price lists within a single system.

From the dashboard, you can synchronize all your inventory across multiple sales channels and warehouses

Another great aspect of TradeGeck is that it integrates with accounting giants like QuickBooks Online and Xero.


Veeqo Best Shopify Apps

price: From $ 180 per month

Veeqo is an e-commerce software that helps merchants manage their latest tasks.

The system automatically synchronizes orders from multiple sales channels into a centralized platform designed to save time and never miss an order again.

The Keepser platform thus keeps inventory 100% accurate across all websites, markets and stores in real time, ensuring that merchants never sell or run out of inventory again.

35. Xporter Data Export Tool

best application exporter information

Free Trial: 7-day free trial

price: $ 7 – $ 45 a month

Is it simple to use your spreadsheets to track your inventory?

Xporter is a web-based application that you can use to export data from the entire store to a CSV or XML document.

The dashboard gives you an easy list to highlight what you need to perform.

If you just need information about customers and products, that’s all you choose.

There is no learning curve and you can export reports online, email them or access them in Google Sheets.

36. Low stock alert

best alerts on stock submission apps

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: $ 5.99 – $ 29.99 per month

One of the easiest ways to miss a sale is to run out of stock.

The Low Stock Alert app will let you know how much stock you have and alert you when you need to order more.

Do you feel comfortable having 10 items of stock in your warehouse?

All you have to do is set your minimum stock count to 10.

Once it goes below this, you will receive an automatic alert so you can order more and never spend again.

37.ByteStand – Amazon for Shopping

best shopify applications bytestand

Free Trial: 7-day free trial

price: $ 10 – $ 30 per month

If you sell on Amazon, as well as customers directly through your Shopify store, you need to connect your stores.

Bytestand will sync your Shopify store directly with listings on Amazon so you don’t have to put in any manual work.

The app will download inventory from Amazon and bring it directly to your Shopify store, so there is never a crossover.

Best Shopify apps to increase sales

38.SMAR7 Supplement Package

best shopify apps smar7

Free Trial: 7-day free trial

price: $ 47 / month

With the SMAR7 Bundle Upsell app, you can reward your customers with free shipping or a discount on your store, which will only be activated if they add more items to your cart.

The app keeps track of every single item your customer puts in their cart, so the selling price is focused on their buying behavior.

39.Recart Messenger Marketing

best shopify applications recart

Free Trial: 28-day free trial

price: $ 29 / month

Would you like to send abandoned cart reminders and shipping notifications via media other than email?

Recart Messenger Marketing lets you automate outlets like abandoned shopping cart reminders and deliver customer order receipts via Messenger instead of email.

It helps to make the shopping experience a little more personal.

40.PushOwl web push notifications

best shopify pushowl apps

price: Plan forever for free (up to 500 impressions), then $ 19 / month

Abandoned strollers are one of the biggest issues anyone in Shopify faces.

PushOwl is built to help store owners profit from otherwise lost sales.

The app will send a set of three custom abandoned shopping cart reminders to any customer who leaves a cart at your store and helps you recover lost revenue.

41.Measure OptiMonk pop-ups

best shopify optimonk apps

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: $ 29 – $ 199 per month

Exit Intent Popups is an application that targets customers who will soon leave your store without making a purchase.

When a user gets ready to click from your site, the app will launch a voucher or discount code as a last-ditch attempt to determine your sales.

You can also use the app to collect email addresses to improve email lists and collect feedback.

However, this app stands out from the crowd.

42. Sell through recommended products

best shopify cross sell applications

Free Trial: 10-day free trial

price: $ 19.99 / month

Cross-selling products in your store is one of the best ways to increase revenue through customers who already have your products in their cart.

With the Cross Sell Recommended Products app, you can pre-load all products that are complicated or often purchased together, and then recommend them to the customer when they show interest in one of the products in the group.

43. OptimMonster Email Popups

best shopify optinmonster apps

Free Trial: 30-day free trial

price: $ 49 / month

Email marketing is still the most powerful way to sell to your customers after they visit your store, so you need to record their email address when you have the opportunity.

With the OptinMonster app, you will be able to track the customer’s buying experience and use that information to turn it into (at the very least) a subscriber in your email list.

You will then be able to target them in email marketing campaigns based on the information the app has already collected.

44.Pre Order Manager

Pre-order Best Shopify Apps

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: $ 24.95 / month

If you are struggling to keep up with the demand for a particular product or are planning to purchase something that has not been published, a pre-order manager can help you overcome lost sales.

Instead of your customer seeing the “Out of stock” button, they will see a custom button like “Notify” or “Pre-order Now”.

You can then alert them when the item is in stock so they can return to your store and complete your purchase.


best shopify apps shopcodes

price: It’s free!

We know what you mean, but no, QR codes are not dead. Shopcodes can immediately generate unique codes for use in email marketing campaigns or product packaging to encourage a customer to buy from your store again.

The app also has a dashboard where you can keep track of how many times the codes have been used and whether certain codes have been more successful than others.

46.Tidio Live Chat

best shopify applications tidio livechat

price: Forever a free plan, prices start at $ 15 per month

It is possible that if you can answer a customer’s question while they shop at your store, your relationship with them will be stronger. Live chat can help you with that.

The Todio Live Chat app lets you respond to clients in real time and set up an automated bot to respond to them when you’re away from home.

This gives you the power to be “nimble to use” in your store at any time, and in turn, your customers will have a better service experience.

47.Use cross-sell products as well

best shopify apps sell and cross sell

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

price: Forever free plan or upgraded plans for $ 29.99 – $ 149.99 / month

If the buyer has already indicated a purchase intention in your store, you should also encourage sales and cross-sells.

The Product Update and Sales app lets you automate product recommendations to customers based on the SKUs of your products.

48. Ultimate sales boost

best shopify apps ultimate seles boost

price: Free plan available or for upgraded plans $ 9.99 – $ 29.99 per month

Urgency is one of the oldest tricks in the sale. Creating an urgency can increase your customer’s desire to buy a product for fear of missing it.

You can use the Ultimate Sales Boost app to set up product pages to display a countdown timer, or to notify the buyer that an item of interest is running out.

If they don’t want to miss out, there is more chance of them adding the item to their cart.

49. Swell author lines and recommendations

best shopify applications rewards program

price: Free plan available or for upgraded plans $ 29 – $ 249 per month

Rewarding someone to buy a product in your store with a coupon or discount code is one of the best ways to secure a repeat business.

The Rewards and Referrals app will automatically send the action of your choice to customers after they’ve purchased from your store.

This can be a discount on your next purchase if they send a friend to your store or a $ 10 discount on your next purchase if they spend more than $ 50.

The reward is your choice, but repeated work is your reward.

50. Candy recommendations

best shopify candy referral apps

Free Trial: 30-day free trial

price: $ 49 / month

Another recommended app, Referral Candy, is a super professional way to run a loyalty program for your Shopify store.

E-poruke o preporuci možete prilagoditi vlastitoj marki i dizajnu te kontrolirate svaki korak postupka preporuke, od e-pošte do odredišne ​​stranice na koju se klijent šalje.

Riječ od usta jedan je od najboljih načina za rast vašeg poslovanja, pa svojim kupcima pružite razlog da svojim prijateljima viču o trgovini.

51. Osmijeh: Nagrade i odanost

najbolje shopify aplikacije osmijeh

Besplatno probno razdoblje: Da, do 500 članova programa

price: 59 USD – 599 USD mjesečno

Želite li skinuti program preporuke u sljedećih sat vremena?

Osmijeh je alat za vas. To je jedna od najlakših aplikacija na tržištu za izradu referalnog programa (ovdje nije potreban programer!).

Samo odaberite stil iz njihove gomile već pripremljenih predložaka, dodajte ih u svoju ponudu, prilagodite je tako da će vaši kupci znati da je to vaša trgovina, a zatim ih počnite nagrađivati!

52. Kupite FedEx aplikaciju

shopify aplikacije hranjene ex shipping shipping

Besplatno probno razdoblje: Da, 15 dana

price: 19 $ / mjesečno

FedEx Shopify aplikacija omogućit će vam automatiziranje tarifa za domaću, međunarodnu i teretnu dostavu FedEx-a, uključujući pregovaračke cijene za vaš račun, izravno na stranici za naplatu.

Pomozite u generiranju naljepnica za dostavu FedEx izravno iz trgovine Shopify sa samo jednim klikom

Automatski generirajte i ažurirajte brojeve za praćenje FedEx-a za svaku narudžbu i kupcima putem e-pošte pružite detalje o praćenju pošiljki.


najbolji priručnik za kupnju aplikacija

price: Besplatni plan dostupan.

Trebate način održavanja pogleda iz ptičje perspektive na svaki element vaše trgovine Shopify?

Compass je alat koji na jednu nadzornu ploču stavlja 30 ključnih pokazatelja, poput prihoda i kupca, kako bi vam pomogao da ostanete na putu.

54. DragDropr

Besplatno probno razdoblje: 14-dnevno besplatno probno razdoblje

price: 14,90 USD – 198,00 USD mjesečno

DragDropr je univerzalni program za pravljenje i povlačenje stranica koji se može integrirati u bilo koji vodeći sustav upravljanja sadržajem poput Shopify, WordPress, Magento i drugih.

Aplikacija vam omogućuje korištenje više od stotinu unaprijed dizajniranih predložaka ili jednostavno stvaranje fantastičnih odredišnih stranica od početka.

Nije potrebno prethodno znanje ili vještine kodiranja. Jednostavno se prijavite u aplikaciju i brzo uredite bilo koju postojeću stranicu jednostavnim povlačenjem i ispuštanjem elemenata na vašoj web lokaciji.

Aplikaciju primarno koriste blogeri, web dizajneri i marketinške agencije koje stvaraju vrlo prilagodljive odredišne ​​stranice kako bi uvećali broj konverzija.

55. Modalist

do bathing counters

price: Slobodno je zauvijek dodati do 25 proizvoda za prodaju u svojoj mrežnoj trgovini. Ovaj plan uključuje i neograničene narudžbe.

Zainteresirani za dropshipping luksuznih marki? Što kažete na personaliziranje proizvoda koje prodajete putem našeg ekskluzivnog programa Private Label Dropshipping? Tu su i trendi dropshippers i veleprodajni dobavljači ručne izrade.

Modalyst – Dropshipping App je dropshipping softver za trgovine e-trgovine. Prvobitno je stvoren za Shopify trgovine, a sada se integrira i s BigCommerce i Wix ecommerce tvrtkama.

Ova aplikacija vam može pomoći da pronađete najbolje dobavljače broda na svijetu, uključujući SAD, i trendirane proizvode koje ćete uvesti izravno u vašu Shopify trgovinu.

Kad se narudžba postavi u vašoj trgovini, tada je možete izravno ispuniti kod dobavljača dropshippinga na Modalystu.

Završite: odaberite najbolje Shopify aplikacije za svoju trgovinu Shopify

Selling products online using a Shopify store is a revolution.

Never before has there been a platform that’s easier to use.

This is even more obvious with the number of apps built specifically to enhance not only your customer’s experience but yours as a store owner.

From boosting your revenue to keeping your inventory in check and streamlining your shipping process, making a profit online has never been easier.

Remember, picking the best Shopify apps for your store is important.

And once they’re in place, they’ll do a lot of the work for you. Happy selling!

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