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Blogging is one of the most effective tools in the field of content. Speaking of which, there are many different types of blog posts, and not all of them are guaranteed to turn readers into customers. Here at DigitalMarketer, we spent a lot of time refining our list of the most successful types of blog posts, and we thought we shared them with you in… you guessed it … this is a blog post (and video).

In our YouTube series, Marketing skills with DigitalMarketer, I’m talking about the 5 most effective types of blog posts.

So watch the video, and keep scrolling if you want to read more!

№ 1: Original research reports

I asked one of my favorite marketers for content (or really a marketer in general) Andy Cretadine’s Orbit Media if he had to start all over again, what would he do. His answer to me was: Original research.

People Go BROKEN for original research. They read it, share it, interact with it – using the HOLY GAME.

However, the divergence of hands from hands is difficult and difficult. You need to collect research questions (avoid as much bias as possible), collect a large enough sample size, analyze the data, visualize the data, and then interpret them into meaningful for your audience.

The devil is an undertaking, but one of the most fruitful pieces of content you can produce today. Not only are you going to expect from the people involved in the research, but also your posts will be quoted, get feedback on backlinks and most likely appear in presentations years after the original research started to be applied (even if it is obsolete).

№ 2: Checklist messages

At DigitalMarketer, we firmly believe that everything and EVERYTHING needs to be broken down into simple step-by-step checklists … in fact, we have created our premium paid content with this philosophy.

Heck, even pilots follow a standardized checklist before takeoff.

Simply put, we find the checklists to be awesome.

I mean, who wants to go through content that tells them exactly what to do, and if they follow, they will get results.

It instantly makes your content available to your audience, and if they have committed one action and overcome any levels of doubt in your brand or self-doubt, they will accept another.

Posts such as “5 copywriting items you should check”, “10-point blog audit”, “15-point landing page checklist”, etc. … – all checklist-style messages that yield results at the end.

№ 3: Pillars

post checklist

This is a great dog post. Part of the content of the pillar – this is your thesis – is constantly why you exist; it separates you from everyone else.

When everyone was focused on customer acquisition, we wrote about customer cost optimization. This position became our sand and changed how startups and founders developed business growth.

Then we realized that CVO was the only (minor) step in the overall ecosystem that was traveling at the cost of customers, and so we wrote a NEW piece of content column covering travel and how to apply it to your business.

Pillar content is your evergreen content that becomes your back magnet and an amazing way to help you create derivative work for future messages.

These messages are usually LARGE and should be accompanied by a PDF download so people can read it later.

If you have a business that may have a level of such content that draws a line in the sand, then the second type of column content creates some ultimate guidance.

It separates you, but if you create the ultimate guide and give it a rank, then you will become an authority and you will get all the other benefits from the content of the pillar.

№ 4: Crowded messages

crowded post

They’re somewhat out of style, but I think it’s effective if you find the right people who talk about a topic that hasn’t been covered a million times.

No one wants another “Best Practices in Content Marketing, Growth Marketing, E-Marketing with 25 Experts”.

You have a chance to create really interesting content for people with a unique perspective and credibility.

The main advantage is that this type of content will take a long time to create, which can be compiled, and people like to share things in it with their name. You went to get more social drive, borrow credibility and provide different perspectives.

The best types of crowded publications provided include a comprehensive storyline that uses expert quotes and answers to additional questions. This version of crowded fasting takes more time, but it is incredibly effective.

№ 5: Content aggregator messages

blog content aggregator blog

We need to really rename this post “Continue File”. Seth Hours said, “All marketers are liars” … Thieves are well represented.

Who do you have full folder of email, ads, social and landing page, swipe files? If you ate … well, consuming the weird, not me.

The fact is that we tend to emulate (even when we shouldn’t). Why? Well, the question is another time, but my simple belief is:

Strive to start with a blank page / canvas / or whatever.

Post files that show examples of great video ads on Instagram with comments – this is a great tool to help inspire your audience and get creative juices.

Even better, this type of content is great for sharing and will benefit from backlinks and social traffic.

So to summarize, if you want the best and most convenient blog posts, you should try:

  1. Research reports
  2. Checklist messages
  3. Pillars
  4. Crowded post
  5. Post aggregator content

If you never want to run out of blog posting ideas, you can find GOD’s list of more types and examples of posts when you do DigitalMarketer Insider. If interested is interested, click YES.

And move on to ours YouTube channel for more marketing skills tips.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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