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In email marketing your main goal is to deliver email that inspires people to take action. The first action, of course, is to open the email and read inside. This happens much more often when using an attractive theme. While developing the perfect email theme is no easy task, here at DigitalMarketer, it’s come to a very good science. Keep reading to find out what it takes to create the perfect knife.

In our YouTube series, Marketing skills with DigitalMarketer, I’m talking about the 5 types of email subject lines that ALMOST always opens.

So watch the video, and keep scrolling if you want to read more!

№ 1: Dead sentence

Sell ​​with what

It’s pretty simple, I got the goods and know you want them. Although you really need to make sure people “want what you have”.

When using dead email topics that want to get into a section of your list that finds the offer appealing. From there, either be creative or cunning – you just need to sell an open WHAT.

Whether it’s selling for free download or $ 3,000, direct storylines are a great way to break up ad campaigns and raise click-through rates before opening.

Here are some of our most effective dead topics:

“11 books on copywriting that you (probably) should read” – 19.64% open rate

Email Marketing Ad: Enrollment is open – 21.56% open rate

This sets a clear expectation and repels pressure more than our next line type.

№ 2: Curiosity / blind

Confusion contributes to action

Want to push? EASY are persecuted well – make them interrogate or … wait … confused.

Sure, the embarrassed customer is generally a sincere conversion, but the confusion will cause the EXACT actions you want in this case: open.

Now, if someone opens up because they are curious or confused, they will very much see the fall email click rates.

For example, tell me I got a blind email theme “Cut” (one of our best promo string themes last year). Such an interruption of the template may have been enough to open me up, but the second time I see a promotion, it’s been said that it’s not just going to email.

However you need to rely on blind letters (those letters that get a high open but low click)! You can arouse interest and make readers “Ooooo chase it?” with the right type of curiosity plots.

If you’ve entered marketing and you’ve been told by email, “Huge Netflix homepage failed,” open that email. Regardless of your marketing major or area of ​​interest, everyone knows Netflix and wants to know how they failed.

This SL takes power, tells a story and makes the recipient interesting.

№ 3: The benefit of “What’s in MEEEEE”

Your email address must provide value

We’ve heard “What I have” in more ways than one, and that’s something ALL marketers ALWAYS have to overcome.

In terms of email, it was a little easier to overcome this question because you know a lot about your subscriber and didn’t interrupt, but in order to read, read, it takes time.

It all comes down to why should I read this now?

Well, if you’re interested in copywriting, you can open an email that says, “Discounts up to 85% are our best copywriting strategies,” because we do the best training and save money.

Or, if you’re a marketer and you see an email, “How to create a video studio with a budget,” you’re probably going to open it because we all know how important video is in current marketing. landscape.

№ 4: Urgency

Badly there is no motivator as a term that is true in school and in business. People hate the missing, and they especially hate the missing deal.

Subject lines via email like … “Last Chance: DigitalMarketer Lab leaves market at 3 … 2 … 1 …” or “$ 95 today, $ 995 tomorrow”, use FOMO as a strategy to get people to actually open up, read and take action. Now these themes are suitable for every email … in fact, you have to use them quite sparingly, so you have to be the boy or girl who cried the wolf.

The warning also notes that the two examples I shared are a hybrid of the dead and urgency.

Tip … if you want to get higher open bets, you need to mix and match these string types.

№ 5: History / Relevance

The most interesting part of the story is the middle. With these types of storylines try to move your reader into the middle of a conversation.

“A little mood on Facebook that has halved the cost”

These …

That’s the real reason Amazon buys whole products

See what I was doing there?

These types of storylines work best on content promotion or the premiere of advertising series.

If you start with a story, especially a timely one, give an opportunity to answer one of the most important questions you need to overcome: “Why do I care … now ?!”

These email subject lines usually open a serious cycle with your reader, but you need to deliver the goods to the body of the email to make sure they perform the intended action.

So, for a summary:

  1. The offer is “dead”
  2. Curiosity / blind
  3. Self-interest “What is it in me”
  4. Urgency
  5. History / Relevance

If you want to dive deeper, take a look 101 examples of our best topics on the DM blog.

And move on to ours YouTube channel every week for more marketing skills tips with me, Justin Rendezvous.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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