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Now that you’ve got yours American Express Blue Business Card ™what do you need to do first? This cash back credit card offers great value to business owners, so you don’t want to miss any of its benefits. Here’s how to maximize your features to get your money back, save money and increase the bottom line of your business.

Maximum get back 2%

Business owners can earn 2% back on purchases of up to $ 50,000 per purchase each calendar year. There is no bonus category to remember and you don’t need to make a loan to repay that money. With each holding of this credit card the return of valuable money brings valuable rewards, no matter to whom you pay. Conditions apply.

If you’ve grown the maximum 2% profit back, that’s an additional $ 1,000 in rewards for your business. Once you sweep away the 2% bonus category, all other purchases earn 1% back until the clock is reset to January. 1 next year. Conditions apply.

Take advantage of the 0% per annum offer on purchases and balances

Being a business owner means that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Even if you don’t have money right away.

The American Express Blue Business Card ™ sentences 0% on purchases for 12 months, followed by a continuous anniversary 13.24% – 19.24% variable anniversary. This means you can shop and keep a balance for the first 12 months after opening an account without paying any interest. Conditions apply.

Transfers of balances from other credit cards, lines of credit and credits can also benefit from this promotional 12-month 0% per annum if done within the first 60 days. You will pay a 3% fee for the amount transferred at a minimum of $ 5. Conditions apply.

At the end of the 12-month promotional period, any unpaid balances will return to the standard anniversary based on your creditworthiness and other factors. Conditions apply.

Download the American Express mobile app

American Express offers a reliable website that makes it easy to manage your account. On the American Express website, you can view transactions, download statements, make payments and more.

However, you are not always at your computer when you need to do something with your account. The American Express mobile app is user-friendly and provides all the basic functionality of a desktop website, including a review and subscription to AmEx offers. It is available for both Apple and Android operating systems.

Subscribe to AmEx offers

AmEx offers are a great way to earn extra money, rewards and other benefits when shopping with member sellers. Exx offers are available to all cardholders, including authorized users and employee cards. American Express does not share the exact formula of how the AmEx offer becomes available to cardholders. However, it is assumed that these offers are presented depending on the type of credit card you have, your user profile and cost models.

This means that the offers in your account may be different than the offers of a friend who has the same card. Also, if you have multiple American Express credit cards, the offers available on each card may be different. It is important to check each credit card to find out what offers are available.

Receiving offers AmEx offers is not automatic. You must manually subscribe to these promotional offers. Once you accept the offer, it is no longer available on any other American Express credit card you have. When accepting an offer, use a credit card that offers the best rewards for this expense category.

Set up automatic payment

Being a business owner means wearing a lot of hats. Sometimes you are so focused on doing business that you remember how paying bills slips your mind.

Setting up automatic payment on your credit card may exclude one more thing from your to-do list. This avoids late payments and negative signs in your credit report. You will have the option when to pay the bill and how much to pay.

We recommend paying the bill in full each month to avoid paying interest on the balance. However, some business owners prefer flexibility depending on the cash flow of the business. In this case, at least set up an automatic payment to pay the minimum debt.

Stop paying for extended warranties

One of the many benefits American Express Blue Business Card ™ is that eligible purchases have extended warranty coverage. The manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years is up to an additional year on covered items. With this additional warranty coverage you will be able to save your money and stop paying for the extended warranties provided in the stores where you make your purchases.

Pocket extra money at no annual fee

Many credit cards offer great benefits in exchange for paying an annual fee ranging from $ 95 to $ 550 per year. However, there is no fee for this American Express Blue Business Card ™. Conditions apply. You can enjoy all the benefits of this credit card back by saving the money invested in your business. What else can you buy for your business by deducting annual credit card fees?

Add employee cards for free

For businesses that have employees, you can add employee credit cards at no extra charge. Credit limits for each employee card can be set individually so you can adjust to suit your business needs. In addition, American Express reports and tracks employee-level purchases so you can see their costs and update your account accordingly.

Employee purchases also bring rewards and benefits. This means that all of their purchases are calculated for a maximum return of 2% back on the first $ 50,000 you spend each calendar year. Conditions apply.

The essence

When you get American Express Blue Business Card ™To perform all its functions, follow these steps. You will receive the best rewards, save money and will control your account. The best thing is that you do not enjoy an annual fee for you and your employees when using this credit card cash back. Conditions apply.

How to maximize your rewards

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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