There are many e-commerce solutions on the market. Magento is quickly becoming a very popular choice for many companies. Magento is an open source e-commerce content management system known for being the best shopping cart software to meet worldwide business goals. Magento developers recommend this software to all their ecommerce clients, and it’s appreciated for various reasons, below are the top 5.

Functionality across multiple websites or across multiple stores

Magento is designed to accommodate more than one online business. Magento is a powerful platform where there can be 2, 10 or even 20 online stores running simultaneously from the same admin panel. Orders can be placed and managed from one website instead of switching between different sites. Even then, reports can be easily prepared separately with unique details.

Guest check-out option

Another good feature of Magento development is its “Guest Checkout Option”. It is a very small feature, but it helps a lot to keep the visitor on the website. In online businesses, a visitor must register before making a purchase, and sometimes that traffic is separated from the website, resulting in lower conversion rates and higher bounce rates. In Magento, to combat this situation, a visitor can control whether he or she has to register or can opt out of being a guest to save time.

Courtesy of search engines

Magento development is very SEO-friendly and this feature makes it easy to manage web developers. Magento’s built-in tools help accelerate your search engine rankings.

Built-in SEO Tools:

1. Search engine-specific transcripts or canonical URLs

2. Meta tag control for each website, product, and category

3. Automatically generated XML Sitemaps

4. CMS pages

These features can greatly help improve the viability of websites online and are a great reason to choose Magento.

Huge collection of extensions

Magento’s ecommerce solution is 100% customizable. PHP developers love this feature. If you want to change the way it produces …

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