Online e-commerce systems are easily accessible on the internet, for example, Prestashop, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart and so on. With so many different systems, we really need to know which system to use and which will fit our types of best business. This article aims to give you five important features of an ecommerce system so you can decide for yourself which system is best for your online business.

Catalog management

Catalog management is an important aspect of an ecommerce solution. It manages all your products under one roof, ideally it should be with batch import and export functions, and this is an important feature when you have many products to upload to a website. This feature can help you reduce valuable time by massively uploading / downloading products to your server. Imagine how much time you can waste if you have to manually load 3000 products onto your server. The catalog should also allow you to easily manage the prices of your products. You should also get a planner that will allow you to automatically price your products. When browsing your catalog, the system should also get a filter and a built-in search service that can help you find your products easily.

Marketing and promotion tools

Marketing and promotion are very important to your ecommerce site. A successful ecommerce store needs occasional online promotions and marketing campaigns to help visitors return and make that important purchase. Make sure your ecommerce system lets you create and manage discount coupons, create and manage pricing policies for members and non-members. Powerful tools that allow you to sell and sell your products. These tools are key to keeping customers on your site.

Shipping and delivery features

Depending on the type of products you sell on your online store, a well-designed shipping and shipping module is critical to your ecommerce site. Delivery / dispatch module is the most important feature for end customers. The system should …

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