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If you are looking for the most modern blog statistics, came to the right place.

As a blogger, business owner, writer or content marketer, he pays dividends to know as far as the latest blogging statistics in the field are concerned.

Why? Well, taking up the most relevant blog statistics can help you identify gaps where you can create more strategic content that stands out from your competition. Analyzing data that works well for other bloggers can also help you identify your flaws in content and gather insightful ideas for validation.

Regardless of the success of the industry, these statistical blogs will help you improve your content strategy on the go.

So blogging is overpriced? Is it really a secret sauce traffic control that many claims?

Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure. Many successful companies and bloggers invest a lot of resources in blogging. But ahead of yourself.

To prove (or disprove) the value of the blog, it quickly scans 38 key statistical blogs that shed a bright light on the state of blogging in 2020.

Content is still the foundation of all incoming marketing efforts. And in most cases the foundation on which the pillar is built … is a blog.

Here is a selection of my picks for the most insightful blog statistics you need to know to create successful content this year. Whether you are new to blogging or an experienced marketer, these blogging statistics will help you tremendously a reflection of your journey to the blog into the future.

Blog Status: Overall blog statistics this year

Statistics of blogs related to general diary keeping this year

We start our journey on blogging statistics by looking carelessly at the state of blogging, right?

1. A whopping 34.5% of all websites on the Internet run on WordPress as a content management system of choice. (W3 Techs)

2. 70 million. The average number of new posts posted to WordPress in a given month. (WordPress)

3. On average, writing a blog post takes about 3.5 hours (the average length of a blog post is 1151 words). (Orbit Media)

4. 37 seconds. Reading is the average time a reader spends reading a blog post. (NewsCred)

I know what I’m thinking – just 37 seconds ?! Badly indifferently low, especially with the average length of a blog post weighing 1151 words.

Worse, these blogging statistics have scared you, as there are many things you can do as a blogger to simultaneously increase the amount of time readers spend on their articles as well. writing stronger blog posts (or even guest posts on the blog), which give great value to these readers.

To increase the time people spend on your blog posts:

  • Add as much publication value as possible. People who read, read blog posts just for fun – they read to find a solution to a problem.
  • Create specific content. In other words, break the text into easily digestible pieces.
  • Upload a combination of written content, images, embedded video and audio to engage readers (and appeal to more people’s learning styles).

5. Blog posts with an image for every 75-100 words receive 2 times more shares than without. (Manor)

6. By the end of 2019, there will be approximately 31.7 million bloggers in the United States. (Statistician)

7. An absolute 77% of Internet users regularly read blog posts. (Impact)

A random look at the number of published diaries in one month shows how competitive blogging is becoming.

If you’re still starting to invest in content creation, these blogging statistics have shown that today is the perfect time to start.

Accuracy and periodicity of blogging

Blog statistics about blog duration and frequency of posts

Does the length of your blog post and the frequency of your posts affect the success of your blogging efforts? (Hint: Yes, it is 🙂)

Check out these logging statistics to help form a strategy when it comes to the length and time a blog is published:

8. Most bloggers (55%) write less than 1,000 words per post. On the other hand, 20% of bloggers create posts with a length of 1500+ words. (Orbit Media)

9. The optimal length for a blog post is 2,250 to 2,500 words. (Manor)

Long form content is the way to go if you hope to get more profitability from your blogging efforts.

10. 44% of bloggers report publishing new blog content three to six times a month. (Orbit Media)

According to these statistics of blogging by frequency and duration of publications, in today’s world with content it is better to post longer (fuller) content with less frequency. And because not all bloggers have caught up with this understanding of the effectiveness of long-format content, a gap you can still create to create great content.

Marketing-oriented blogging statistics

Blog statistics on marketing and creating effective content

Many marketers report that blogging is an integral part of their all marketing efforts (to attract potential customers to their websites).

Here are some marketing statistics blogs to help you determine where to focus on content marketing for 2020.

11. 65% of content marketers say they are documented Content marketing strategy to direct their efforts. (CMI and MarketingProfs)

A significant leap is being discussed, given that only 39% recorded their content marketing strategy in 2018. Explores the sign that more and more companies are appreciating the value that blogs can create for their result lines.

12. 71% of B2B buyers consume a blog while a buyer travels. (Demand gene)

Blogging is no longer a simple top funnel of marketing strategy. Used properly, you can put blogging to work in the middle and end of the sales funnel to help answer important questions, strengthen your credibility and guide your prospects to close a deal.

13. Companies that post 16 or more blog posts monthly bring in 4.5X more customers than those that post 4 posts (or less). (HubSpot)

That is, we need to constantly come up with compelling, smart and attractive Blog ideas is still associated with a common mission to attract readers who may eventually become email subscribers and potential customers for your business.

14. In 2015, 200 million people were blocked on their devices. Every year their number grows by 40%. (PageFair)

Bloggers who make money from traditional blog advertising networks are dying a slow death. Clever marketers have already seen this trend come and go monetizing their blogs through other more sustainable sources such as affiliate programs, sponsorship content, online courses, sales of their services and more.

15. Content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing. (Demand metric)

16. When it comes to lead generation, content marketing yields 3 times more than paid search. (The Apostle)

17. 60% of people refer to purchasing a product after they have read a blog post. (Demand metric)

18. 89% of B2B marketers call content marketing a very important marketing strategy. (Institute of Content Marketing)

19. More than 92% of marketers view content as a valuable asset to invest in. (Institute of Content Marketing)

20. About 50% of marketers say that by having the opportunity to start their content marketing, they will focus on blogging. (Database)

21. 61% of Americans spend 3 times more time than blogs than email content. (Social media today)

While such blogging statistics can make it as loud (on the surface) as email, as well as a channel that will engage your audience, let it no longer prioritize your email efforts when they spread to other keywords. blog promotion channels love smart information support for bloggers build strategic relationships.

22. 75% of online shoppers report that they use social media as part of the buying process. (Social media today)

Businesses are at high risk of closing the store in the long run.

From leading the generation to enlightening your prospects, blogging – a great, effective and cost-effective way to advance your business in the future – is suggesting that it should lead to an integral role in your overall plan blog business plantoo.

Also, blogging is a way to build meaningful relationships with you the future customers are still in the process of learning about your product.

Such diary statistics reinforce the fact that it is a long-term investment in blogging as a customer acquisition strategy, but the rewards are often incredible for companies (and people) who are fully committed to using their blog as a way to promote business. growth.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Related blogging statistics

Blog statistics on search engine optimization

So take a quick look at some statistics on SEO and blogging that you should know in 2020.

They will be especially helpful to learn what you need in order to post your blog content with a high level of organic search results, raise brand awareness and attract more readers from search engines.

23. Google has 92.04% market share. Yahoo! In second place with 2.67%. (StatCounter)

24. The content of the top ranking in Google averages 1140-1285 words. (Search metrics)

Given that the average length of a post in 2014 was 808 words, a colossal increase of 30% in a few short years. Again, these blogging statistics are an indicator of how competitive a blogger becomes to create content that stands out from the competition.

25. A whopping 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide is accounted for by mobile devices in 2018. (Aumcor)

Mobile traffic has increased by more than 2% over the previous year, and that figure only increases as we move into 2020. This makes use operational WordPress themes with pensive blog layouts, smart mobile content optimization, fast downloads – and use only that best hosting plans more important than ever.

26. Blogging on your site increases your chances of a higher search ranking by 434%. (Technical customer)

27. Driving traffic to their websites is a top marketing priority for 54% of marketers. (Entrance status)

28. The increase in traffic is proportional to the increase in the number of blog posts. After posting 21-54 blog posts, your traffic can increase by as much as 30%. (Cafe)

29. Up to 80% of searchers ignore sponsorship messages in favor of organic content. (MarTech)

30. 95% of users never go past the first page of Google search results, making it the most valuable real estate on the web. (Brafton)

31. 50% of search queries consist of four words and longer. This means that more than half of search queries are dedicated to something specific. (Brafton)

32. About half of all clicks on SERPs (search engine results pages) go to the top 3 lists. (Light up visibility)

Blogging is the foundation an effective SEO strategy– Because the content you create on your blog is more likely to rank competitive keywords (if you’re learning how to do keyword research, it). To maximize your ability to search highly, Google and other major search engines require content:

  • Write skillfully
  • Authoritative
  • Reliable

This is the only way to meet your site E.A.T. and find favorites in the eyes of Google by regularly posting quality content on your blog (related to expert-related topics). This will not only help you get a higher level, but will also help establish yourself as a reliable source of information on the subjects in which you specialize.

33. Retailers in the US expect to spend $ 6.8 billion on affiliate marketing programs in 2019. (Awin)

These blogging statistics are especially relevant today as they show how much room for growth there is still for bloggers who are just starting out today. While this may seem like already too much competition in your blog niche – there is still room for dramatic growth at many tops affiliate programs in the world.

Influence of headlines on blog posts (blog statistics)

A graphic that describes the importance of writing strong headlines in blog posts

My collection of the most important statistical blogs you should know in 2020 just keeps it completely without deep immersion in what it takes to make headlines of winning blog titles. Headlines are not only an important component of attracting the attention of potential readers, wherever they are, but also for consideration to become a high-ranking search engine article.

34. Evergreen content fades quickly in B2B circles. Predictable headlines (“Future …”) quickly outperform all other types of content. (Buzzsumo)

35. Blog posts with headlines 6-13 words long tend to increase traffic. (Manor)

36. With respect to numbered headers, odd header numbers are better than their even numbers. (Institute of Content Marketing)

37. Emotional headlines receive more shares than other types of headlines. (OkDork)

In order for readers to first click on your blog post, they need to raise their headline.

Consider the headline as a welcome mat to your specific blog post.

If you’re interested enough, readers are embarrassed to visit your blog and see what you have to offer – just be sure to work hard to meet users ’needs in order to reach those readers. Make them as easy as possible to find what they came for, and eventually win the race to the top of the search rankings.

38. Blog posts are 3.5 times more likely to be shared on social media by my email subscribers. (me 🙂)

Statistics on keeping diaries like this one are based on reducing numbers from my own email list of 140,000+ subscribers and over 4.4 million readers, which I only saw last year.

Screenshot of a blog about traffic in Google Analytics (Fish) and maintaining a schedule

If you want to learn more about how to eat my blog has grown to become a full-time business, pick me up for free blogging books which sink deep into my journey.

Okay, now we’re talking about some key findings from these statistical diaries broken down here today – in order to post a smarter blog this year.

Key findings from these statistical diaries

Key logins for blogs for content creators (graphic)

What, after all, is what these statistical blogs tell us?

Here are some important ways to make a decision:

  • Blogging is a powerful way to engage and interact with your audience
  • Companies that invest in regular and consistent blogs outperform those that manage
  • The blogging costs they are incredibly low as a channel of acquisition (especially if you have cheap hosting plan)
  • Long view content is the most popular and profitable type of blog content (so aim for 1500+ words in your articles)
  • The key is a strong blogging strategy promoting traffic to your site
  • Blogging is an integral part of leading generation and marketing today

If your business wins blogging, it lacks a lot of lucrative opportunities (as stated in this in-depth blogging statistic).

Most of all, as blogs only become more popular and competitive as we move into the future, the best time to start taking it seriously is good… today!

My call to action after reading blogging statistics is to do something.

Instead of just reading about all these blogging statistics and continuing your day, turn that data into the strategic components of your own blog and content creation. To achieve this goal, check out your best resources for creating a long-term blogging strategy:

And if you still started your way to blogging, you will save no better time than today. Read my comprehensive пакрокавае кіраўніцтва па адкрыцці блога уставаць і бегчы за лічаныя хвіліны.

Калі вы даведаліся што-небудзь са статыстыкі вядзення блогаў, гэта рэальны бізнес, які развіваецца ў выніку вядзення блогаў.

Маючы дастаткова часу, намаганняў і творчасці, ваш блог можа нават ператварыцца ў нешта крыніца значнага прыбытку самастойна – проста абавязкова наладзьце сябе на апрацоўку вашага прэтэнзіі ў блогу too.

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