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Innovative content platforms make diverse revenue streams to ignite conversations and maintain freedom of speech.

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11, 2020

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Opinions are described Entrepreneur their contributors.

It is fascinating to see how publications are evolving in order to maximize their revenue, preferring their readers a clear, dignified and exciting experience without advertising. No one wants to look like a 2020 sale. The Internet provides millions of opportunities that can help media companies better connect with the masses, and readers are looking for sites that include them in the experience. Over the years, I have learned that you cannot talk in your audience. You have to ignite conversations.

Hope to see platforms that support and allow people to share first-hand experiences anonymously. When I started Wishwall, it provided users with a platform that valued freedom of expression and lent a voice to the silent and marginalized. We brought in income by raising funds for social purposes and made wishes.

I recently spoke with the founder Fr. Doe, Milan Cardestani, who unpacked how his team strategically diversified revenue streams to stop chasing money for advertising. Milan shared: “Doe allows users to anonymously post experiences and unfiltered content that promotes freedom of speech and civic discourse, as well as setting up conversations that evoke thoughts. Knowing that forms of rapid correction of revenue streams are not appropriate for the platform. Doe made a choice in favor of traditional paid walls and pay-per-click ads. “

I found it interesting that the publication aims to use the power of products, individual subscription models and supports freedom of speech through user-generated content. If we look at the future of digital media, here are three ways online publishing can maximize profits by staying ad-free.

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By staying in touch with readers, online content platforms can raise brand awareness and use their audience by giving them something to wear, a gift or take with them. The product conducts a conversation from the internet screen in real life, offline and ignites discourse wherever readers are.

I like that Doe uses the power of goods by offering readers items that can integrate into their lives to tell a story. The platform has a crucial mission to change the look of online stories and connects a large number of consistent readers who are investing money for this purpose. Readers link its content on a personal level, while each piece of merchandise acts as a conversation starter for their monthly topics (the first of which Love).

In my opinion, a solid merchandising strategy turns digital publications into a full-fledged brand and at the same time brings profit from every piece sold.

The subscription pays what-what-what

Today, readers come from a variety of socioeconomic situations, and making a “one-size-fits-all” subscription model seems ineffective. For example, instead of paid walls, Doe decided to hand over the power of subscriptions to readers. As the popularity of the online platform increased, its readers came together on topics, ideas, motivations and experiences. They found that they have an audience united in thought rather than demographics.

Another great example is the vice, who chose to abandon paid walls and instead create content ranging from TV shows to podcasts. videos and even Snapchat shows. They knew early on that the audience was looking for exciting and inspiring content and was willing to pay for it as they saw fit.

Websites that have experimented with “pay what you can” or “wwww” models have found an increase in sustainable income because they do not limit cost or disconnect subscribers by price. The model that The Doe follows is innovative because it understands that income can be achieved with interest in mind.

Today, viewers prefer flexible subscription-based models rather than stationary toll walls.

User-generated content

Readers combine themselves with publications that provide raw first-hand topics that matter. There is a huge potential for online content platforms to monetize such an audience without preventing users from using advertising.

Original stories create great readings and act as magnets to attract new subscribers. While generic articles on roughly the same topic are available on different sites, unique content and stories give exclusivity to publications and help increase revenue by subscribing.

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All of this underscores my strong sense that today’s audience leans toward a first-person story that reveals an honest experience without obvious bias. It will be interesting to see how publications broaden their horizons to provide an ad-free user who still delivers valuable content.


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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