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12, 2020

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When I first started acting as speakers and coaches back in 2001, I thought paying for speaking was something completely unattainable for a “normal” guy like me. I thought you must be famous coach or five-time New York Times author of bestsellers.

But as you’ve learned over the years, paying for conversations with students isn’t as difficult as you may think. Why? Because outside of professional sports, where they make college players into professional titles, it is one of the few industries where “states that can be” are interested in attracting new people.

In other words, if the meeting planner cannot bring to this annual conference the same speakers as last year. For attendees, if I don’t bring new names and faces every year, it seems like it’s not my job.

So if the event planner has events for the whole day – say, two main messages (morning and lunch) and eight breakouts – then the result will only be able to fill 10 slots. But as we said, I used the same ones last year or last year. This means that for my 2020 conference I need to find from my list of competent speakers from 21 to №30. And challenges the challenge that every meeting planner faces at every conference, every year.

Instead of saying that there are only 100 events a year that you can call based on your experience. And since this is not one year of the conference, the designers of the meetings for these events have already hired the first 1,000 speakers in 2018 (remember: two main applications plus eight breakdowns = 10 words to talk, many times more than 100 total events) and the next 1,000 in 2019 year because they cannot hire the same people twice. This means that if you represent 1,000 decent decent speakers in your area that meeting planners are aware of, and you can move on to their radar, then you also have the opportunity to get paid to speak for the next upcoming event.

It’s too simplistic an example, but I think you’ll get the idea: you can really pay to talk without being a super-famous person. So what can you do now to start getting paid calls? Excited glad to be asked.

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Step 1. Create a compelling headline for the conversation

I’ve emphasized this enough because for most speakers this is where they fall. Think of the title of your speech as the colloquial equivalent of a book cover. And while we all know you want to judge a book by its cover, I think it’s fair to say that a beautiful cover and an interesting title goes a long way to you when you collect any book off the shelf.

The same goes for meeting planners. They look at hundreds of potential speakers a month, so you want to have a headline that jumps off the page. Personally, I call a person “like”. “How to Succeed Without Working Excessively” and “How to Talk to Others Listening” are a few names I use a lot. It turns out that if you use “how” to solve a relevant problem that people are interested in, planners are interested.

Step 2. Create a customer who is attracted to the description of your conversation

After creating a compelling title, the next thing you need to work on is your own description of your conversation, and that means they also have to be complex. As long as you can describe your topic in the context of the problem your conversation will solve for the audience, then that will be fine. Here is an example from my conversations on “How to Succeed Without Overwork”.

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See what I did? I wrote a description in the context of a problem I believe many people face and then outlined my conversation as a potential solution. Pretty simple, right?

Step 3: Start branding yourself as a paid speaker

Before you hire a fantastic PR firm to start “branding” yourself as a paid speaker, just step back a bit. All you can talk about is having a page on your site that successfully positions you as a paid speaker. Here’s what this page might look like:

  • Professional hat;
  • Description of your conversation;
  • Your biography;
  • A list of some clients and / or performances that were previously (optional); and
  • Some of the videos you are actually performing in front of an audience.

And it came. Our only goal here is to show people that you do it for a living, and if they hire you, they can be sure that you are a professional competitor who not only knows what you are talking about, but can achieve it. in an entertaining way.

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The bottom line is that paying for a conversation is often hard to come by. It may be, but like most things in life, it should be. If you really want to go out there and start getting paid performances, you really need to do a few things to move on, because make no mistake: someone now with a similar experience gets a job. And my question: why were you this person?


Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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