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Another figure out what to sell on the Internet? Allow me to show, step by step.

Launched its first online store, you can perakachatstsa. Do you want to get a home run with the first idea, but you want to chase the rainbow.

I understand.

You want to sell physical products online and make profit. But to get there, we need data that can be trusted, and smart business model of e-commerce.

You will also need product ideas. On this site I have hundreds (literally):

Although there are many ways to make money on the Internet, hundreds of millions of potential niches and products that can be sold on the Internet, the foundation of your success comes down to two things:

  1. the right products and
  2. target market.

Often let fear of failure prevents you in the research process.

The good news is that there is always a possibility, and you can learn the right steps here for free.

Keep in mind an important lesson: you need the process of choosing what to sell online.

Random Randomly pick something based on an assumption.

What to sell on the Internet: how to find products to sell

The selection process, which I like to follow:

  1. Brainstorm ideas
  2. research idea in Google Trends
  3. Find the data of the market to see sales grow in the industry
  4. Find low competition niches in developing areas
  5. Collect data such as Amazon sales, search volume, complexity, keywords, etc.
  6. Compare my ideas, using real data

Evaluate your competitors, suppliers and manufacturers, before spending any money. Look at these prices and inventory levels every day to learn, they are successful.

Scout jungle it automatically makes. And I highly recommend it to anyone who sells on the Internet to make Amazon affiliate marketing.

Choosing products that hold attention and look for the sweet spot. But make sure you have a good mixture of low-, medium- and high prices. Depending on your niche, you may need a “loss leader” to attract customers, and then sell them.

cellulite removal

Masazher cellulite 2020

Although the removal of cellulite – it is an evergreen niche products, a new product in this space is rapidly gaining steam.
Vacuum / massager cellulite – it is a product with high-ticket, which you can use as an ideal straight to the cream of the sample size.

When I am so busy with their own brand of e-commerce, has saved a jump on it. But I have enough on my plate. If you would like to now turn to this trend, I would:

  1. Locate the anti-cellulite cream or a patch for $ 1 on Ali Express.
  2. Set up an advertising campaign on Facebook and offer the product for free. (The customer pays shipping)
  3. Get their email, before asking to pay.
  4. After the purchase, specify them in a single click, to sell more expensive cream.
  5. Start email marketing automation to teach their weight loss.
  6. Blow them a coupon on cellulite vacuum

You can even test Vaccum use as an additive in a single click.

How to get rid of cellulite Explore Google trends

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are on my list two years ago and is still hot. Case in point: Gronkball.

Assembled sure saw seen them in your local mall.

Gronkball – a perfect example of an entrepreneur who enjoys a fast-paced market and reaches the hot audience.

Industry wireless speaker systems is expected to grow by 10% annually to 31.80 billion US dollars by 2023.

Bluetooth Speakers Explore Google trends

Vape / E-Cigarettes

Sale Online Vape products

So or not, Vaping (of all kinds) is a massive trend. I believe that it will be even quicker to talk to legalize marijuana. Of course, there is a style of life and society, which can be used to create a brand in this fast-growing niche.

Do not pay attention to it. It is expected that in 2025 for the welding industry and the electronic cigarette will increase to 61 billion. In this niche has everything you need. Products at low, medium and high prices. And to provide opportunities to sell cross-sell, search volume and growth trends. If you could navigate in this highly regulated industry, you could succeed in this niche.

Let them study the Google trends

Drones and accessories

Sell ​​drones online

I love the high price Dronov. Mix all the accessories and warm community, and it has everything a great niche stores. With the help of the educational element, you will be able to distinguish between e-commerce store on the other.

Drones – this industry at $ 5 billion, and is expected to soar more units.

Another thing I like about the drones, is that there are different levels of drones users. You can maximize the value of life by selling entry-level products, accessories, and then to sell more high end products to more experienced users.

Drones study Google trends

Sale of the subscription box on the Internet

subscription boxes

Nothing says that the value of the client’s life better than the monthly periodic billing. Hurt is exactly what you get when you sell a subscription box. You continue to bill until they are canceled.

The thing is that people rely on subscriptions. Customers are happy to get these things every month. There are many bloggers and influential figures, which cover subscription products.

Galina signature community is growing annually by 200%. And you can create a subscription box around any delight. Coffee, make-up, personal hygiene, you call it a branch waiting to disrupt here. See how the Dollar Shave Club succeeded shaving branch

Subscription Boxes Explore Google trends

food delivery online

food delivery online

It is expected that the economy will grow until 2025 at $ 30 billion.

Looking through this post, think about: “How can I combine this product with a hot crowd?” And formulate their own ideas.

You can easily combine this idea with a subscription box and hit just two growing markets.

Companies such as blue apron and a home chef, get rid of stress dinner. This product meets the subscription “What are we doing for dinner” automatically.

The fact that Amazon is in this space that should be familiar to every entrepreneur.

Online food delivery to study Google trends

selling denim


Denim is back in style! At least, that’s what Google says to me.

I’m trying to tell his wife of his style, but she listened.

It presented no fashion expert. I don t-shirts and gymnastics shorts every day. Hakis when you feel fancy.

But seriously. Thousands of people every day in the Amazon purchase denim clothes for herself or the children. Thanks also to be noted that industry experts predict that the denim will be ahead of leggings for Millenials.

If you have an eye on the photo, you can absolutely crush it to Instagram with this. Learn more about starting a clothing line.

Denim research Google Trends

LED lighting

LED lighting products

In general, LED lighting is growing. But the emphasis focused on a variety of how outdoor lighting or kitchen. You earn money by selling conventional LED bulbs.

My neighbor just spent $ 100 000 to update his yard. Including a kitchen and a ton LED lights remote control.

Not the only one who spends money on are peculiar. It is expected that the LED market will grow by 13% annually and will reach $ 55 billion by 2022.

You can create fantastic content site about outdoor living spaces and sell lighting and related products.

LED lighting study Google trends

Sell ​​Shapewear Online

Products from the closet

Shapewear – fitting underwear is designed to control and shape your body. Shapewear – a perfect example of niche terms. Not as big as women’s fashion and lingerie, but as expected, by 2022 it will grow to $ 6 million.

Spanx – a perfect example of the brand e-commerce, you should aim for. Shapewear they become the market leader.

In this fashion industry there is always a lot of influential and bloggers.

Shapewear Explore Google Trends

Matcha powder / tea maker

Powder and tea

People will always be interested in losing weight easy. Nothing is easier than brewing a cup of tea.

If you come from Japan, you probably are not need any explanation. But for whatever reason the match-tea continues to fill in ten years, the popularity of green tea. He comes from the same plant as green tea, but less processed and therefore provides greater health benefits.

Every year more and more consumers are beginning to realize the advantages of the match for health. Matcha – this $ 300 million on the market and is expected to grow by 8% annually..

It is estimated that this product is sold at 18 thousand a month on Amazon.

Match powder, tea of ​​the match - Explore - Google Trends

Sale of magnetic accessories for your phone

Sell ​​Phones Accessories

At the end of 2016, many people make money on chargers magnetic phone. It is difficult to build a brand around the cranks, but I think it has a little more legs than the simple chargers.

In general, the market of accessories for smartphones by 2022 will grow to 108 billion. Dollars. But it is very fragmented. If you want to worry about finding the exact accessory for sale, you can copy the Android Central, and go to the Amazon affiliate route.

sell hair removal

hair removal products

Market hair removal is expected to grow by 9% annually and will reach $ 22 billion by 2022. Again, hair removal is too wide. It is necessary to find more niche in this category.

Remember, if you are struggling come up with a niche. Just use this formula: the category of products to your target market.

Ex. Hair removal for hardcore athletes.

You can sell a few niche products that person.

Hair Removal - study - Google Trends

minimalist hours

Sell ​​an hour on the Internet

The clock will always be a good niche. He has been steadily increasing sales (8%) and search volume each year. Fans usually have several hours.

Reportedly, Jay-Z has hundreds of them. In the former my store e-commerce has been a dozen.

The trick is to find a niche in this unused area, and to give them something new to add to your collection.

Hours of minimalism – a fashionable product that is worth a look. Minimalism generally gaining pair.

Minimalist hours See Google trends

Sell ​​dog bowls

Sell ​​Online dog bowls

I had to tell you, but the animal industry is huge. $ 70B. Some people love their pets more than their children.

This cup brings a 350 thousand dollars a month. It employs more than 1,400 reviews, but only 4 stars. Why not 4.5 or 5? Perhaps you can improve it.

You can sell complex bowl for dogs or custom cat bowl. It does not matter. Equally the fact that you choose a tight focus area and find a unique angle.

People who buy a bowl for dogs to be interested in dog health and nutrition. It gives you an amazing opportunity to scale the content marketing and social media. Just make sure you have confirmed your individual ideas.

Enchant dogs study Google trends

Detox tea / juice

Detox tea products sell well

There are several different types of teas and juices, which have been found to get detoxified. Create a brand around these different or start with only 1 and expand from there.

Common Market detoksikatsyi juice is $ 3.4 billion – of course, there will be a good niche. You can go organic is always a good idea. You can add B12 and targeted vegans.

Detox Tea Explore Google trends

Keto-bar / powder


Ketogenic diet – is not new, but, undoubtedly, it is as hot as Tebov Tim and his wife Demi-Lee Nel-Peters. The diet focuses on high-fat, zero carbs, zero sugar products and it works.

The ketogenic diet and lifestyle on watering - your best ketolag

In fact, I myself lost weight on a diet Keto about 25 pounds.

These enthusiasts Keto strictly related to diet and exercise. Thus, they need to introduce high-quality food in his system after a workout. Lovers keto have friends – that is, if you sell a friend to sell a lot!

Although he lost some popularity – there are still many people who are looking for it.

Keto Powder, Keto Snacks, Keto Bars Learn Google trends

Sale of natural products for hair

natural hair

More and more people are turning to a natural way of life. This space is a little crowded, but the competition – a symbol of a healthy market.

Products such as butter to hydrate, shampoo and conditioners are growing on the black consumer market. The lower are more than 7,000 reviews.

With celebrities such as Alicia Keys, covering natural looking hairline, the trend will continue to grow. African-American rasslablyalniki costs decreased by 30% from 2011 and 2016 in favor of the natural hair or no.

Also suffered a lot of bloggers and IG members share a video about styling hair. Make it a great niche to create a community around.

Natural oil is sold below 21K a month on Amazon.

Natural hair study Google trends

eyelash extension

Sell ​​expansion of the Internet Eye

Another consumable product that I like. Consumable goods = subscription. Not only that, in 2023 this industry is expected to grow by 4% to $ 1.3 billion.

Thus, even if the trend Google deceiving you.

All that is in the e-commerce industry – a good niche. Key – marketing or product a unique angle. Both are better.

Amazon is selling $ 70K per month on magnetic lashes above.

Eyelash Extension of study Google trends

children’s wear

children's wear

Children’s clothing will always need. But this is such a broad category. I think I’ll go for something in this category, for example, clothing for valuable things.

Minus this industry is growing by only 1%. Plus – the millions of moms bloggers who are ready to promote your product for a small fee.

This cute feet brings $ 35 thousand. The monthly sales on Amazon’s.

Children's clothing study Google trends

Engagement rings for men

This product is tilted towards the gay market. Women can also offer men – so?

Anyway, I like this niche. The target audience is crystal clear. Gays in a serious relationship. The downside here is that you can sell a wedding ring man only once (theoretically 🙂)

You need to be creative in order to maximize the client’s cost. I think that the ideal model of network business here – add a blog gay fashion to this category of e-commerce products. Once you find a product on which you are doing a good affiliate sales, consider it as a category.

American marriage will only increase in America … right? It seems that people want it, but the current administration perceives it too much

Wedding rings for men, men, wedding rings, study the Google trends

cruelty-free makeup

vegan makeup

If this niche is passion, it is vegan. They are very passionate about the planet and your body.

For vegans organic food is not enough. This should be a vegan. Stamps cruelty take the position to cause the company to carry out tests on animals.

The best part – the market is expected to increase by 6% in the coming years.

free makeup

Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

If you have suffered on this money in 2016 or 2017, you probably missed the boat. At one point, unwanted Spinners took all 20 spots of the top 20 toys on Amazon.

Those days are over.

Yes, they are still popular, but the market is fairly saturated. The price point is so low, thus avoiding entering the market at this time. If you want to buy in bulk Fidget Spinners, they have no problems. There are many people who want to reload your supplies.

Still spinar Explore Google trends

pocket squares

Pocket squares evergreen

Wearing a pocket square can completely improve the look of a suit or sport coat. For whatever reason, in the last 30 years, people seemed to have forgotten this winning formula. A quick search on Google Trends shows that the resurrection of a small pocket square

There are several different ways to approach this. Based on the quality of fabric? Price? Ці крутыя / прышпільныя дызайны? Аксэсуары ствараюць выдатны бізнес з улікам іх прывабнай маржы.

Кішэнныя квадраты вывучыце тэндэнцыі Google

Мастацкія матэрыялы

Мастацкія матэрыялы

Сумна сказаць, але попыт на мастацкія пастаўкі зніжаецца. Але ёсць яшчэ шмат людзей, якія шукаюць яго.

Вы калі-небудзь спрабавалі нешта намаляваць? Затым праінфармаванае апавяшчэнне аб тым, што наведванне мастацкага крамы і набыццё фарбаў для пачаткоўцаў вельмі незразумела. Можа быць цікавая магчымасць прадаваць папярэдне ўпакаваныя фарбы для розных маляроў.

Мастацкія матэрыялы Даследуйце тэндэнцыі Google

Партыйныя тавары


Бацькі марнуюць шмат грошай на дні нараджэння сваіх дзяцей. А ўпрыгожванне – гэта проста боль у патыліцы.

Нам падабаецца канцэпцыя стварэння загадзя ўпакаваных упрыгожванняў на дзень нараджэння ў залежнасці ад узросту і полу вашага дзіцяці.

Мая кішка просіць у мяне добрага запасу ў гэтым пластыкавым цацачным камплекце за 100 шт за 20 долараў.

Тое, што выводзіць мысленне з напружанага графіка бацькоў. І калі бацька задаволены тым, што атрымаў на першы дзень нараджэння свайго дзіцяці, здагадайцеся, хто пайшоў на заказ з наступнага года?

Інтэрнэт-трэнд партыйных паставак

Адкрытыя акустычныя сістэмы

Прадайце вулічныя калонкі

Згодна з тэндэнцыямі Google, падаецца, любоў да адкрытага памяшкання зніжаецца. Калі 20 тысяч чалавек штомесяц шукаюць гэты прадукт, попыт – гэта тое, што вы не павінны ігнараваць. Гэта стварыла адкрыццё для адкрытых электронных кампаній для стварэння трывалых і партатыўных прадуктаў, зручных для канкрэтных мерапрыемстваў. Можа быць, дынамік для рыбалкі ці катання ў кошыку для гольфа?

Гэта тавар, які можа быць выраблены ў Кітаі з невялікім тэхнічным вопытам. Для нейкага натхнення чытайце пра тое, як GoPro пачаў працу.

Загрузіце справаздачу і атрымаеце больш ніш і дадатковай інфармацыі (хутка)

Мой першапачатковы справаздачу аб электроннай камерцыі быў загружаны больш за 10 тысяч разоў. Новы яшчэ лепш. 1000+ ніш і часта ўключаюць больш адпаведныя дадзеныя:

  • Складанасць SEO
  • Штомесячныя продажу Amazon
  • Ацэнка магчымасцяў Amazon
  • Канкурэнцыя Амазонкі

Вы можаце падкінуць прадукты, каб праверыць іх. Проста ўлічыце тэрмін пастаўкі і ўплыў, якое ён аказвае на досвед працы з кліентам. Кліенты могуць не захацець чакаць 3 тыдні. Калі яны з гэтай нагоды незадаволеныя, наўрад ці яны зноў купляюць. Гэта можа скараціць вашу прыбытак, калі вы выкарыстоўвалі стратэгію лідэра страт. Калі вы атрымліваеце цягу, вы можаце звярнуцца да лепшага вытворцы.

Калі вы прадаеце тавары на Amazon, Etsy ці Ebay – вы хочаце пераканацца, што ў вас ёсць уласны вэб-сайт. Гэта шмат каштуе для пакупнікоў. Вам трэба будзе прадаваць іх у будучыні.

Калі ідэя кіравання інвентаром дае вам любоў-гебі, вы можаце паглядзець на продаж лічбавых прадуктаў.

Я настойліва заклікаю вас зрабіць уласнае даследаванне. Выкарыстоўвайце гэтыя ідэі як кропку адліку. Вы можаце лёгка даведацца пра пэўныя тавары ў JungleScount. Затым аб’яднайце нішу прадукту з гарачай мэтавай аўдыторыяй, каб стварыць свой уласны брэнд.

Лепшыя прадукты – гэта вырабы з выразна мэтавай аўдыторыяй.

Сардэчна запрашаем у свет інтэрнэт-рознічнага гандлю! Калі вам патрэбна дапамога ў высвятленні таго, што прадаваць у Інтэрнэце, падумайце пра далучэнне да майго курса, Праграма камерцыі электроннай камерцыі.

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