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Now that you have a website online, how can you make money on it? We share the best ways below!

Disclosure: Some links are linked, so we may earn a commission for the link to the service. There are no additional costs for you, but it really supports our site and can give you exclusive offers.

It is not uncommon for dedicated bloggers to give up daily work in a couple of months. I did!!

In this guide I will share the best ways to monetize your site with lots of practical tips and resources to get started. from day one.

But chase them all at once! I strongly suggest choosing one or two from this list that will resonate with you and your website – and really focus on them first.

Bad start (in no particular order) with my 20 ways you can enlist a site!

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Man on AWIN on computer

    Being an affiliate means that you are promoting a product or service to your site visitors in return earning a commission if the purchase is made through your link.

    Join Awin grid access thousands of affiliate programs, including major brands such as ASOS, EE and Expedia.

    Then just include the affiliate link (provided by Awin) when mentioning the products of the selected affiliates on your site.

  • Use links

    Skimki quite similar to Awin (and other affiliate networks), which allows you to earn a commission for purchases made through links on your site.

    The key difference is that while also allowing you to create individual affiliate links as needed, links can also be installed on your site to automatically monetize your content.

    If you contact the seller in your content that is part of the Skimlinks network, automatically convert the link into an affiliate link!

    You will pay when a visitor makes a purchase on your link and the commission varies 2% – 10%.

  • Add banner ads

    Bruce Almighty prints

    Credit: Universal Pictures

    You can easily set up network advertising with Google Adsense either by copying and pasting the code into your site to create an ad that matches a recent Internet visitor’s search.

    Jump this is another widely popular service for bloggers monetize their content. It works by displaying relevant articles (not banners) of advertisers in its network.

    These networks will pay you every time a visitor clicks on an ad (cost-per-click or CPC) or per 1,000 impressions (cost per impression or CPM).

    You can also sell banner ads directly to companies with the relevant product / service. Such an option may be much more profitable how not only will you set your own bids, but the advertiser (hopefully) knows that your audience is the one they would like to target!

  • Use text link advertising

    Sell ​​basic text links to the advertiser’s site (advertising in content) and charge a flat rate per month (such as £ 20). Alternatively, you can pay per click.

    There are many trading platforms such as Backlinks and LinksPanel where you can both buy and sell links.

  • We sell to subscribers by e-mail

    man with money

    Credit: Linda Bestwick (background), Cookie Studio (foreground) – Prison

    The biggest regret we hear from bloggers is not running an email list sooner.

    So get the bill from AWeber from day one capture your audience and talk to them after they leave the site!

    You can then email them recommended products that you may be interested in (affiliate promotion) and earn different commissions if they sign up or buy anything.

  • Post sponsorship messages

    Advertising messages, sometimes known as advertisements, are advertisements in the form of an article, usually containing a link to the advertiser’s site.

    The advertiser may send you an article, but if you can write content for them, you will entertain yourself as soon as you can. charged and for your time.

    You can earn between £ 35 and £ 200 per sponsorship post, depending on the popularity of your site.

    Join blogging groups on Facebook and share your site, because that’s where they look for advertisers!

    note: The advertising rules state that if you pay for the publication of an article on your site by a third party, you should always write “Advertising message” somewhere on your page.

  • Product review

    The woman on the laptop

    This is especially true if you have a niche audience, such as new parents or enthusiastic players.

    But even if your readers aren’t from a specific pool, you can still get to product testing train. As long as you’re happy to write a review about the product after you try it, companies will be more than happy to send a freebie on your way – and maybe even pay you!!

    Subscribe to Toluna and Survey get the latest features as soon as possible.

  • We sell digital products

    Ebooks, Prints, Graphics, Templates And Podcasts – These Are All Examples Of Digital Products To Help You Make Money passive and continuous income from your site.

    You can pay around £ 2.99 for an e-book with 5,000 words – it’s not like that, but 20 e-book sales a month will soon start to add up!

    Look Envato Marketplace for inspiration and ideas.

  • We sell physical products

    del boy

    Credit: BBC

    Use your website as a base to sell your own physical products. For example, you can create images for t-shirts or mugs Blind – Maybe even when branding your site if you think people will buy it!

    Or create handmade items sell on ebay or other sites like Etsy.

    But wherever you sell, just make sure you do a link to the market from your site – directly bat, which will give you an advantage over other vendors on the platform.

  • Include a business directory

    Create a business directory page where companies pay a specific fee for listing their companies.

    You can charge a monthly or annual fee for the list and charge anything in between £ 20 – £ 500 (and above) per year, depending on your site’s traffic level.

    For example, let’s say you had a website that looked at sound systems. Assuming you like it Curry PC World and Amazon probably already quite popular, you can charge independent retailers (offline and online) to show them in the list of places in the UK that sell high-end speakers.

  • Publish premium articles

    men's suit workwear

    If you can create incredibly useful content, you can make money on it.

    Let’s say you have a gaming site and you can share small known strategies in the article. You can connect a visitor by sharing a few tips and then going to a password-protected page (this is an option in WordPress) for the most valuable information.

    The reader receives a password to unlock premium content once he has paid you a fee via PayPal. Charge what you like, no matter what £ 2 – £ 10 – realistic premium article price.

    You may have seen some major media outlets such as The Telegraph and The Times that have been using this strategy in recent years, so there is clearly some merit!

  • Add a membership forum

    You can add a forum “user only” to your site using free WordPress plugins like bbPress. You can then earn it by charging regular subscription, or one-time access fee.

    The main thing is that the amount you can earn depends on what value you can create for the forum participants. If you can turn forum members into a real community – one that unites networks and shares tips – you make a winner.

  • Create an online course

    dog on the computer

    Credit: Kalamurzing – Prison

    Create an online course as an app for your site. This is another type of paid premium content that visitors pay for access to additional information.

    The course can be delivered automatically via Weber to those who have paid and subscribed to your email address, or you can add it Udema to reach a wider customer base.

    Check out our guide on free online courses if you later get a little inspired or just think that may interest you readers. If, for example, your site is dedicated to arts and crafts, you can take a crochet training course.

  • Create your own affiliate program

    Once you’ve created your own products on the site, such as a course or e-book, you can create your own affiliate program and recruit affiliates to help spread the word.

    This can increase product sales and increase traffic for your site. This is a win-win option, and there are many free ones WordPress plugins to begin.

    We work with a lot of brands here, “Save the Student”, and although quite a few are committed to using such networks Awin to handle their affiliate marketing many others (including Amazon, the main thing -! In other words, either way can work.

  • Create a “Hire Me” page

    Dwight summary of the U.S. Office

    Credit: NBC

    If you create your own website, you will develop new skills that will also help you make money.

    Create a “Hire Me” page on your website and offer freelance blogging and writing services. If you’ve also taken a bigger role in customizing the nuts and bolts of your site, why not also advertise your services as a developer?

    Apart from your website, you can offer these services through Processing too. A freelance writer can make pretty good money £ 20 – £ 50 per hour.

    And Upwork isn’t the only freelance site out there. Read ours Instructions for freelance student for more tips, including the best sites to advertise your services.

  • Ask for donations

    Add simple PayPal donation button on your website and ask people to donate a couple of pounds (the equivalent of buying coffee) if you like your content. You can also link your own Buy me coffee page if you have one.

    Some of the largest websites work in part or exclusively on donations, including yours and my friend’s, Wikipedia.

    Ultimately, if you don’t ask, you won’t get it.

  • Create an Amazon store page

    A woman works on a laptop with an exposed brick

    The beauty of Amazon is that it sells quite a lot everything you might ever want to. So no matter what your site is about, there is a good chance that Amazon is selling relevant products.

    You can easily add a separate Amazon store page to your site, and when people will see you as authorities on your topic, they will listen to your suggestions on which products to try that are relevant to them.

    Amazon has its own affiliate program (which you can join here) and you will earn on anything 1% – 10% product sales commission if one of your readers buy anything through your link.

  • Create video content on YouTube

    Creating video content for your site will not only help you entertain visitors – it can also make you money.

    One way to monetize video content is to upload it to YouTube and set up Google Adsense (Google has a handy guide on how to do this. here he is). And while you’re at it, check out our guide make money from youtube.

    After creating the video content, you will be able to embed the YouTube video into your blog. If your video turns viral, you can earn hundreds of advertising revenue.

  • Become a consultant

    Name - konsultatio consultius

    Credit: objective production

    If you are an expert in this field, why not share your knowledge in exchange for an hourly consultation fee?

    Advertise through your website and provide your knowledge through monetized webinars and podcasts, or even through Skype, where visitors pay in advance to benefit from your knowledge.

    Whatever channel you choose, when people come to your site for your explanations and expert opinions, you should definitely consider charged for some individual advice.

  • Sell ​​your site

    Once you have a site that is already monetized and gets a good level of traffic, you will have an asset.

    Like any asset, your website can be sold, and when the time comes, similar sites Flippa and aptly named that’s there to help you find a buyer.

    Expect to earn 6-10 times The monthly profit of your site if you decide to sell.

  • This list is just the tip of the iceberg. Its purpose is to inspire you to take real action and launch your site, knowing that it is a GREAT opportunity. make money down the line.

    If you are still looking to customize your website, do it now. Click here for my step-by-step guide using Bluehost and WordPress.

    You don’t need to be a technician to create your own website – like my own grandmother proved!!

    Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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