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Mobile marketing is the latest buzzword, and push notification is certainly an indispensable part of this promotional journey. Reaching users from the app was no easy task, but push notifications made it possible. It has the power to stay separate without losing itself in a colossal pile of unread messages. Although push notifications are an ideal way to get users’ attention, they can be easily manipulated – if in the wrong hands there is more influence if you do the wrong thing than anything right.


According to a report released a year ago, people find push notifications really unpleasant. The fact is, push messages are nothing but attention seekers. They like to understand that the user’s response is a direct communication line between the customer and the application. It is important that users of the application only receive relevant messages without annoying them. The problems that usually occur in the case of push notifications are:

· When a user gives consent to push notifications, merchants must ensure that only relevant updates reach the customer knowing their set of settings.

· It must soon be understood that push notification is a privileged tool that should not be used for spamming users with all-day messages.

· Wrong timing can upset the user and cause them to instinctively delete the application. To avoid anything like this, set the timer to the right alerts.

· Before sending any push messages, certain criteria such as age, time are required, basically all user information is required as otherwise you will send the wrong messages to the wrong people.

· Push notification ads are complete to no one who wants to stay with you and you like your app.

· Late messages can upset people to the core.

· Market vendors must ensure that giving up push messages must be as easy as signing up for notifications. Simple settings can stop customers from completely deleting the app.

Industry Overview

2015 was considered a game changer for the push notifications industry. From general push messages, the focus has shifted to segmented notifications to targeted users based on their preferences. The transition from spam, unrelated push messages to planned tactics has significantly increased customer engagement, retention and experience. Each industry needs to be flexible enough to be able to remain at the forefront of different customer flow flows. Fashion people and creatives strive to imagine the next most popular trend, while medical professionals try to refocus on nature’s most difficult queries. Becoming a leader in a particular industry that sets trends is more important than following them blindly.

Push notifications are the most economical and best way to start retaining apps and attracting customers. But it is often applied in a reckless, insensitive, and honestly reckless manner. A new Accenage report based on more than 38 billion push messages suggests that if such notifications are applied and properly used, push messages can be highly influential on Android (up to Android M OS launch), with 100% selections rate.

20 Interesting solutions

Push Notifications are just as important as the UX experience of your application because researchers believe that more than 71% of application uninstallations are typically triggered by push messages. The bottom line is bad push practices can be detrimental because push notifications directly affect users, not devices. So, let’s check out some of the best pushing practices to hit a bull in the eye.

1. Respect the specific local time zone

It is very easy to think and act according to your time zone like “his 8 hours in India, so let’s start pushing push messages.” The push notification does not work that way. When your customers are involved, it becomes vital that your messages reach the customer at the right time when they are ready to receive it according to his or her time zone. A convenient push service will definitely reduce server load and put messages out the window if needed.

2 Determine the priority message in advance

What is message priority? Marketers often think, the more, the better. Is that right? Not the same in all cases. Many times more can reduce your revenue, users, usage, feedback and all. Sending 23-50 pushes a day to customers can not only irritate them but also make them uninstall the app. Therefore, internally prioritizing a message up to a maximum of 5-10 per day can help and suit most applications.

3. Avoid generic pressures

Considering the severe restriction on multiple pushes daily can be an effective practice. You may think that you submit various services that can help your application communicate with, inform, and gain knowledge of the user’s preferences. But generic pressures can be called bad practice. Giving preference to transaction messages can get the attention of users.

4. Worth sleeping users

As for the night, people usually want a good night to start a cool day. Cell phones are usually put into silent mode or do not interfere with the mode while people are sleeping. Given that, do you really think that people really have time to go through all the messy messages that spill over into the night or into the early morning? Therefore, merchants also need to appreciate the customer’s condition and limit notifications to the day. Perhaps a summary push notification in the morning can be more effective than 10 unusual messages at night.

5. Customize content for users

Push messages can be personalized and sent to users to make them more valuable. Exceptions for junk and irrelevant messages, news alerts, offers and chats based on user preferences can create a positive impact. Numerous marketing automation is possible with some very basic data entries. Like the amount of time an app is installed on your device, what level of game you are in, your last usage and many such little things can help you personalize push messages for users.

6 Mitigate transaction pressures

1: 1 push messages that are usually customer-specific and not typically unique with audience sharing are called transaction pressure. For example, their package is being shipped or there is a new one, and more. Such notifications are simply defined by definition. However, timeliness is one of the best practices to be followed.

7. Customize with username

When the message is intended for the user and indicated by the user name in push messages, such as Ronit, it is time to visit the doctor within the next 4 hours; people take it more seriously and truly love such announcements.

8. Keep it simple and short within 10 words

To create an effect in the minds of users, 10 words is more than enough to convey the right message to what you want to inform your user.

9. Correct application of technology

In order for 71% of the statistics displayed above to be displayed, it is very important to properly implement notifications. It’s not just about certificates and reservations.

10. Asking for permission is really vital

The pop-up warning that appears when you start installing a permission-seeking application is ideally the most important control point. Notifications cannot be pushed without user approval.

11 Search 3rd Party Service

Setting up push notifications is not an easy task to do on your own. Seeking help from a third-party service is the best option given its complement, consistency and good features.

12 Opt Content Preload

If you push a message directed to some content in an application, pre-installing it with the available API may most likely happen. This may delay the pressure for a few seconds, but you are ready to use the user interface without waiting for the irritating loading screen.

13 .. Notification settings easy to access

The difficulty of finding notification configurations can be annoying for customers. The easy availability of the opt-out or notification setting is vital.

14 Personalize your message by location

Appropriate important location-based messages will develop customer engagement. Personalizing messages by user location can be great practice.

15. Out of the box

It’s important to deliver some value and unique content to end users while incorporating push notifications in your planning strategies. This requires thinking outside the box. Push ads are not just part of your communication approach; it’s part of a user’s mobile connection to your brand.

16 .. Smart segmentation

CRM software or in-app marketing must be intelligent factors for smart segmentation. User profiles and profiles are required for solid division planning.

17. Defining KPIs

A Mobile Key Performance Indicator can help you understand your actual engagement, long-term retention or conversion, and lifetime value or product revenue, while click and conversion rates only help you understand the campaign’s preliminary success.

18 .. Content plays a major role

The content of your message creates a powerful influence on the success of push notifications. Such as “off”, “discounts”, “promo code”, etc. have great consumer interest.

19. Rich Pushes

Apart from textual content, Android forever lol and iOS 10 brings rich pushers too. Now, your previews may include GIFs and videos. For arbitrary views from your iOS 10, you can study in detail.

20. Removed message expired

Once a message loses its importance, it must be removed automatically. For example, 50% off the shoe was an offer that was worth a week ago, but is currently not helpful to the user, so it must be removed automatically.

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Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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