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Want to tidy up your profits as an eBay seller? Here’s how to sell on eBay and earn the maximum amount of money on the lists.

If you want to customize your own online business or just want to move some old stuff, selling on eBay can be a great way to make a little extra money.

But whatever your intentions, it’s best to learn the ropes on how to sell on eBay before you start so you can be sure you’re missing no tricks.

In this guide we have typed as much information as possible, so by the time you read it, you will get all the tips you will need to start raking in big money.

  • Decide which items to sell

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    Be it some kind old textbooks either Your collection of Pokémon cardsBefore putting anything on eBay, it’s important that you take some time to decide if what you’re selling will be in the right condition.

    You may want to start making money on what you succeed at. But if you make the mistake of selling items that are not in good condition or do not have important parts, you can get bad reviews which complicates the sale of other things on eBay.

    If you come across something to sell, take advantage Marketplace Research Tool on eBay to find out what the hottest items are. Also see what it is items with the most viewing such as those who usually have most suggestions on them. This will give you an idea of ​​what products are being sold.

    Try it thinks seasonallyalso – you probably won’t get many applications for a pair of sunglasses in the middle of winter, so put them somewhere safe until the time comes. Chances are, you make a lot more money on them if you can wait until they are more in demand.

  • Buy cheap things to sell at higher prices

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    Aside from selling items that you no longer use on eBay, you should also look for inexpensive items that you can sell at higher prices.

    Be with you local charity shop, selling car boots or even on eBay by itself there are many places to find great deals on goods.

    There is a risk that you may lose money by doing this if you are not familiar with how much of a particular product is sold on eBay, so we definitely recommend doing some research first.

    But if you’re sure the seller has underestimated the value of the item, this is a good opportunity to buy it, sell it at a price you think is worth it and (hopefully!) Make a profit from it.

    Take some inspiration in this student who picked up items when selling a car and sold them on eBay 10 times for which she bought them.

  • Improve your eBay profile

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    The best way to get started as a seller on eBay is this first become a buyer. This way, other users can see your eBay history and find out that you are trusted.

    Even if you just buy a couple of small items for a few pounds each, paying for them will be prompt and, having time to provide feedback (possibly positive!), You can really create your own The presence of eBay and get you a good buyer rating.

    Another important step choosing your username. Remember that whatever you choose will actually be the name of your mini-business, so lewiscapaldifan103xx probably won’t attract a huge amount of trust from potential buyers.

    We recommend either looking for something simple and professional, such as a variant of your name, or a name that matches the type of things you plan to sell (this can make it easier to find on eBay as well).

  • Research the costs of being an eBay seller

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    Before you start making money on eBay, you first need to find out how much the product costs and how much it costs you to sell it. Obviously, you want to make a decent profit, but there are some additional costs apply when selling on eBay, what you need to know.

    Ecal it’s a sophisticated tool that lets you know how much you’ll pay for each sale, depending on what you’ve listed them for and how much you end up selling. Try running the item through this to find out what profit you will get.

    An eBay seller is worth considering

    You are allowed to transfer 1000 items per month for free (if the item is listed for five or more days), after which you will be charged 35p fee per unit

    There are fees for added extras for example, listing in two categories or using large images to promote your item

    A small fee if the sale is complete PayPal (depending on what you sell, how you list items and you subscribe to the store)

    • 10% of the first £ 2,500 the total transaction amount (including postage) goes to eBay

    Depending on how much you sell on eBay, you may need to pay tax. Departure HMRC shopping badges, and if you meet with some or all of them, you may need to pay taxes.

  • Keep an eye on the eBay seller’s promotions

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    From time to time eBay launches promotional offers for private sellers. Keep an eye out for this, as you will most likely be sent an email with a link to activate it. If you can wait until these offers come together to sell higher value goods, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money on the seller’s fees.

    Suggestions may include payment reduced fee (sometimes only 1 pound per list!).

    To take advantage of the offers, look at the seller’s account page on eBay and find the section containing current promotions. Next to each sentence will either be written “Active”, and in this case it was applied to your account, or you need to click to activate it.

  • Charge the best price for your product

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    If you decide to sell a product, use Advanced search on eBay a tool to find out how many similar things have been sold lately. You can search for anything you want to sell and tick the “filled lists” to see a bunch of similar items and the prices they sell.

    For some items, such as CDs and DVDs, you can find out how much they cost by getting quotes from other sites that sell Musical Magpie.

    If you are able scan your item’s barcodeyou should get a fairly accurate estimate – then you can add a little to that amount as a selling price on eBay (unless you’re offered a really good price, and in that case you’ll be able to sell directly on that site instead).

    Also make sure you are correct mailing priceotherwise you may get out of pocket. Royal Mail price finder will tell you how much the mailing will cost so you can add it to the list.

    Note that high postage You can sell to some sellers, so we recommend adding the cost of any bags or sellotop to the price of the product itself to reduce the postage value.

  • Start low rates to get buyers ’attention

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    It can be tempting to give your list a high starting price, however starting their bets with 99p (or similar) should actually provide you with a better sale.

    A low starting rate will attract the attention of more potential buyers and encourage a war for competitive bidding if the commodity saves on the last day of bidding.

    Note, however, that this advice does not apply to really niche products – If it’s just a search engine collector, don’t set the initial bid too low, as you’re less likely to get a lot of bids for those goods.

    You can always add a minimum price (reserve) if you are worried about getting a rough deal, which means the item will not be sold if it does not meet the minimum required amount.

  • Take good photos of the items you sell

    Harry Potter's Blood Knee Camera

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    A photo of the item you sell adds maximum likelihood, and an eBay user is much more likely to continue bidding if they are confident they will be able to see a clear representation of what is being offered.

    If there is additional components to the list you list, include them in the photo – we’re talking about the boxes, operating instructions, batteries and everything else you mentioned in the description.

    To do this well, you don’t need an amazing camera, but use macro mode (if you have one) and use autofocus, both of which will do wonders for close-ups.

    Natural daylight is key to getting clear, quality photos. But if you’re in a moderately lit room, adding a little extra lighting (like a table lamp) can make a big difference. Just make sure you avoid shadows.

    Also remember that you can download 12 photos at once to your account for free.

  • Run auctions during rush hour on eBay

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    Before you go straight and post your list, take the time to think if you must open a bid.

    All in all, the best time for ends any auction on Sunday evening. It has been proven that this is the time when most casual buyers go for viewing, so the time has come when auctions really start to heat up.

    So if you are going a maximum of 10 days of auction (which is always the best option as it increases the likelihood of getting more applications), list it on Thursday night increase the impact of potential buyers.

    As mentioned earlier, if you are selling a themed or seasonal product, think about what time of year it would be best to switch to eBay.

    For example, early October will be the perfect time to start writing off any elements of fashionable dresses you as people start looking for them Party outfits The Internet.

  • Write compelling product descriptions

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    Credit: Universal Pictures

    Now about the hardest part: writing descriptions that will sell your product. It is important that you spend on this, as a good description can make or stop a deal.

    eBay allows you to use up 80 characters in your title, so make the most of it. Make it clear, concise and use many keywords to make your item as easy as possible to find.

    How to write eBay product descriptions

    1. Avoid spelling mistakes – A typo may limit how easy it is to find a list in a search on eBay

    2. Write a description concise, meaningful and accuratehighlighting the main features and points of sale

    3. Use the popular Abbreviations for eBay for example, VGC (very good condition), BN (brand new), BNIB (brand new in the box) and BNWT (brand new)

    4. Be honest about all problems and defects – buyers can leave bad reviews and demand a refund if the item is not in the condition you described

    5. Mention if necessary how often the product has been used either why are you selling it

    6. Your items will have a much higher price if you have everything packaging, tags and textbooks

    7. Invite potential buyers contact you if they have requests

    8. List all your own Conditions, including payment situation, mailing and packaging, and refunds

    9. Try to use HTML function to make your description look more awesome – if you’re struggling with this, you can use simple eye-catching fonts and colors instead (professionally)

    10. Make sure you list your item in the desired category – if it’s not immediately visible, find what you’re selling and see where similar items are usually listed

    11. If you sell a lot of similar things at once, link to other sales in your description

    12. For ideas on how to do it words Your descriptions, see how top sellers describe their products that sell at high prices.

  • Never trade on an awl on eBay

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    “Shill-bidding” is when you spend a tariff on a product with the intention of increasing its price / rating, or make it more desirable, and not because you want to buy it. This wrong, so neither you, nor your friends, nor family members should ever bid at auctions.

    There are systems that allow you to notice this and prevent it on your site. For more information read EBay policy on bidding – They have very clear recommendations, so if you are not at all sure, the information on their site can easily put your mind.

  • PayPal promotion for payments

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    We would recommend accepting payments through PayPal.

    Although a PayPal seller charges a fee for selling on eBay, it is the safest method of payment, and most people on eBay use it to pay for their purchases.

    There’s also an extra level of security so people can’t cheat on you for your product.

  • Keep in touch with buyers on eBay

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    Once your sale is over (yes!), Be sure to send confirmation by email to your buyer as soon as possible and bill them for the full amount, including postage.

    Then you have to send them another letter once you receive their payment and when you shipped the item. We know this sounds like a lot of emails, but buyers appreciate keeping them in a loop, and if you’re too quiet, chances are they’ll become suspicious and inform you.

    Make sure you also ship the item as soon as possible and be careful not to be too ambitious with the return time declaration. If you calculate that it will take you two days to ship the item but you end up missing the self-imposed deadline, you may receive negative feedback and the buyer may ask eBay for a refund.

    When your customers receive your product, be sure to offer them excellent feedback. How the world of eBay works, and as the saying goes: what happens, happens.

  • Send things in a large envelope to save money

    Harry Potter Mail Hogwarts Letters

    Credit: The Warner Brothers

    If the items you sell can fit in envelopes, it can save you money by delivering the goods to the winner.

    As long as the envelope is in accordance with the post office recommendations of capital letters (35.3 cm x 25 cm x 2.5 cm), you can avoid the additional cost of selling parcels.

    Of course, not all items will fit in envelopes. But if you sell something small like CDs, jewelry or fine clothing, it can really reduce the cost of mailing and packaging (which will make your list even more attractive to buyers).

  • Always receive confirmation of postage when selling on eBay

    cat using a laptop

    Ship every item you sell recorded deliveryor at least get a confirmation email. Especially since, unfortunately, there are scammers of eBay buyers who create problems by saying on eBay that items have not arrived, even if they actually are there is was delivered.

    So just make sure you’re armed with evidence in case you need to fight your corner.

  • Send items with a written note

    envelope with paper and pencil

    Adding a personal relationship to your supplies makes a huge difference. If you write a small note to thank the buyer for their purchase, it gives them an idea of ​​the person behind the sale, which for them will mean much more than an anonymous eBay name.

    If you are selling something like antique clothing, you will be able to give a little information about the back history of the item in a note with details like when you first bought it, where it came from, and the reasons for selling it.

    It only takes a couple of sentences (the whole sheet will be a little higher) and it may even repeat things from the product description. But try to present it beautifully and you can be sure that eBay customers will appreciate it.

    It can even make buyers feel more inclined to leave you a positive rating on eBay and buy from you again.

  • Hopefully now you will need to equip the skills and know-how you will need to succeed as an eBay seller. Good luck!

    Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 





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