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The invention of the internet pretty much eliminated every reason you ever had to leave the house. With a network connection, you can socialize, work and have fun. But you can also shop, replacing a trip to the store with a trip to your door. Not only has e-commerce changed the way we buy things, it has also expanded what we buy. Below are Boston-based companies that use the Internet to drive sales and get people what they need.


Based in Dania Beach, FL, Chewy is an online pet supplier with locations throughout the United States. From daily deals to fast delivery, it is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce retailers. Whether you buy gerbil or Great Dane, Chewy offers high quality products and products for a variety of animals.

bookbub ecommerce boston company

BookBub is an everyday email that avid readers will look forward to opening. Based on the chosen interests of users, BookBub sends new offers and discounts to suggested eBooks into its folder. Based in Cambridge, BookBub not only helps readers but gives authors and publishers a point of sale to find new fans and drive sales.

Cargurus ecommerce boston company

CarGurus uses complex analytics to simplify the car buying process. The Cambridge-based company can connect car buyers with high-end car dealers and dealers using unique filtering options and price drop alerts. CarGurus advocates transparency and offers analytically-determined ratings on offers ranging from “great” to “overrated.”

follain ecommerce boston company

Follain sells non-toxic, clean cosmetic products. Exposed at Vogue and InStyle, the company offers skin care products, makeup, hair and baths that are clean without harmful chemicals. Don’t know what products to choose? Follain also offers fully personalized skin care kits chosen by their professionals.

m.gemi ecommerce boston company

M.Gemi makes buying Italian shoes easier and cheaper with its growing choice for women and men. Customers do not have to spend thousands of dollars on shoes or traveling to Italy to get high-quality, modern Italian shoes. The company even offers proper consulting for all customers who want that perfect shoe.

newstore e-commerce company boston

NewStore is helping brick and mortar stores to build their online mobile network. By integrating with store technique, the company enables retailers to turn their sales windows into urban warehouses for faster fulfillment, capture mobile customers with smartphone-optimized experience, and still handle the physical seller cache.

rue la la e-commerce company boston
Rue La La

Rue La La is a member-only e-commerce site that offers short-term brand deals. “Boutiques,” commonly known as daily deals, include fashion items, furniture, and even travel experiences. Although the items are only available for a limited time, customers can show interest in the brand or product, and Rue La La will try to find it.

artlifting ecommerce boston company

The arts are not limited to those who have had expensive training and great success. ArtLifting exposes artists for the homeless and disabled, offering them a place to sell their artwork and license other creators. From original pieces to prints and posters, 55 percent of all income goes back to helping the homeless and disabled people create more art.

blueport commerce ecommerce boston company
Blueport Commerce

Internet furniture can be difficult to sell. Ignorance of what one piece will look like and concerns about its delivery may keep customers in physical stores. But Blueport Commerce wants to help physical retailers reach more customers by improving ecommerce by buying furniture while still reaping the benefits of brick and mortar.

custommade ecommerce company, boston
By order

For some people, finding the perfect piece is not something that can be done in-store. CustomMade connects customers with craftsmen to make custom-made furniture, jewelry and art. Customers describe what they want, receive offers, and sign up for a revival of their project.

endless ecommerce stores boston company
Endless shops

Buying online just doesn’t have the feeling of physically traveling to the store. But thanks to the advancement of VR headsets, users can better view products without leaving home. Endless stores allow sellers to offer customers digital repairs to store fronts, and provide shoppers with a more interactive online shopping experience.

an invaluable e-commerce company boston

Buying art is daunting, but invaluable options allow buyers to venture into the art scene before heading to the galleries. As a market for fine art, collectibles and antiques, the site works with auction houses, retailers and galleries to source high-end pieces that can fit anywhere. Customers can bid for items or buy them directly, while sellers can use invaluable marketing tools to sell art.

profitero ecommerce boston company

Online shoppers produce a lot of data, but not every site can capture that data and gain insight into it. Profitero keeps track of where customers are going and what they’re looking at on your ecommerce platform to better understand performance. By actively monitoring more than 300 million products, the company can dynamically display prices to maximize sales.

Grommet Ecommerce Company Boston

Each product has its own story. At Grommet, they combine storytelling with e-commerce, bringing together buyers and inventors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs. The company also has a mission-focused outlook, supporting sustainability, underrepresented entrepreneurs, and locally produced products.

ecommerce travel company, boston

Wayfair offers home decorating options ranging from furniture and lighting to window and floor treatments. The company is now the largest seller of clean play household products in the country with revenue of $ 786.9 million in the second quarter of 2016. By introducing a number of innovations, including the VR part for furniture testing, the company is also helping to drive technological innovation in the e-commerce industry.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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