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Do you need to increase your bank balance without working on it? Looks like you could do by reading this list of ways to make free money.

Your parents may have told you that you would never get paid for anything, but unfortunately for that, it’s just not true. We found a bunch of ways to make free money with little effort!

Now an important part of the effort. Many other guides to making free money include such things paid online surveyswhich, in our opinion, is a bit misleading. Just because you do nothing but keep a minimum for your money means that it’s not free – that is, you work.

So with that in mind, we’ve included just the simplest and easiest ways to make free money – and don’t worry, you can still make £ 100!

  • Bureaus, scholarships and grants

    university with bags of money

    This is probably not news to many of you, but listen to us – after all we are a student money site.

    Although you probably know well that students can get paid in kind parcels, scholarships and grants (and that’s different regular student loans, they do not need to be returned). What you may not know is just how many people are eligible for this free cash.

    Many students tend to believe that these funds are offered exclusively to those who have higher grades, a talent for a particular sport or instrument, or those who have a less privileged nature. But so far these students usually are The right to support many can get and some free money.

    As we explain in our guide to the most amazing advice, grants and scholarships, funding is available to students for any reason. Whether it’s a vegetarian, a FIFA skill or just the right last name, you can get free money for just about anything – so there’s really no reason not to do it seek financing yourself.

  • Subscription proposals

    the person holding the phone

    Credit: sergey Caselove – Prison

    Before you create an account with a company that sells anythingYou should always check for registration offers for new customers.

    Far from just offering an introductory discount, many companies will give you free money for registration. And while you will sometimes need to make a qualifying purchase first, if it doesn’t matter what you’re going to buy, it’s 100% free cash.

    Sometimes the reward will come in the form of an Amazon voucher, but given that Amazon sells almost everything, the voucher is as good as cash. And if you use our Amazon Shopping Stores, you will be guaranteed a deal.

    There are many offers to register, but among our favorites there are bonuses of £ 5 join OnePoll and by subscribing to Plumand pay £ 10 subscribe to Curve.

    If you’re after, just go to transactions page for all the best ways to make free money by signing up for a company.

  • Money for switching bank or utility provider

    banks lloyds and tsb

    Credit: Barry Barnes – Prison

    One of the main things we advise students do before you start uni it’s open student bank account. But did you know that you can switch bank accounts even if you have already started university, and that you can get free money for it?

    Switching bank accounts it couldn’t be easier, and whether it’s pure cash or an Amazon voucher (which, again, is as good as regular cash), banks offer as much pounds to convince you to switch.

    And if you’ve never received a bank account yet, don’t worry – these offers are available for new customers as well, not just for those who switch.

    Just make sure to double-check the terms of each bank’s offer, as there is a chance that you cannot get free cash (for example, if you have already completed your first year of university). And remember, banks also offer cash for students who want to switch!

    What’s more, it’s not just banks that offer a significant amount of free money to switch. Energy companies are everywhere, of this kind The light bulb promises £ 50 and broadband companies often also run sentences.

  • Free money for sending friends

    friends' characters hugging

    Credit: Warner Bros.

    We absolutely love referral codes. In terms of how little effort it takes and how much money you could make, it’s hard to come up with a better way to make money than to turn to friends and family before signing with multiple companies.

    We actually have quite a few matches with our previous tips, as some of the best referral codes are offered by banks, energy companies and broadband providers.

    Often the promotions they hold for new clients (e.g. £ 100 per entry) are mimicked in dating schemes, but with one important difference – both you and the person you mean get a reward.

    The biggest and best deals are definitely coming from banks and utilities, but companies have a lot of companies. Some reward you with loans, while others will pay you cold, hard cash.

    Sites with cashback (which we too cover later) and automatic saving applications are some of the most reliable for this (despite specific offers that change frequently) and you can earn as much as £ 15 per registration.

    The bottom line is: check out all the apps and services you use regularly to see if they offer a referral program – you can rake in cash at once.

  • Get a student loan repayment

    piggy bank with a graduate student

    There is much to complain about when it comes to the current state Student Finance in the UK but most importantly Repayment of student loan have quite a sound. That is, as long as deficiencies in the system mean you end up paying money when it shouldn’t be.

    You see, two things have to happen to start repaying a student loan: you have to reach the first of April after graduation, and you have to earn above the threshold for the repayment plan.

    We explain things in more detail in our guide The student loan is repayable but over the past few years it has become clear that 100,000 graduates end up repaying their loans until April after their completion.

    While this is less than ideal, it means that 100,000 graduates are also called returns – a one-time indicator of free cash. at least a few hundred pounds.

    For a full explanation of how to check and claim a refund, and why you probably won’t need to pay later, find out our guide.

  • Check if you need tax rebates

    Income tax in the space of monopoly

    Credit: Money for pictures – Flickr

    Repaying a student loan is not the only way to repay the free cash you overpaid.

    Every year thousands of people across the UK accidentally pay too much tax – and if you’re one of them, you’re called to a discount.

    You can overpay the tax for one of a number of reasons (which we explain) here he is), but the good news is that it doesn’t matter if you’re guilty of it or not. And, even better, it also doesn’t matter if it all happened many months ago – you can demand a return up to four years after the end of the tax year in which you overpaid.

    It’s also worth remembering that students very rarely earn above the annual threshold for paying taxes (£ 12,500 a year), so if you think you’ve paid taxes if you’ve earned less than that, be sure to look at anything tax credit claim!!

  • Earn interest through savings and current accounts

    fuel and money tree

    Credit: Anon_tae – Prison

    We know that if you are a student, you may not have enough spare money. But if you can save money, we recommend be sure to put them in Individual savings account or regular savings account (or if you offer a decent interest rate, you can leave it your bank account).

    Despite the 2008 financial crisis, austerity measures, Brexit and even the coronavirus have kept interest rates relatively low over the last decade or so, there are still a few key proposals.

    Our list best savings accounts has a few gems that pay off on above inflation. This is important because due to inflation 100 pounds today will not cost as much as in a year (you will still have 100 pounds, because to buy so much will not work).

    So for this reason you should always try to keep as much of your spare money in an account with the highest interest rate you can find – if it weren’t for free cash, you could earn interest, but just make sure the money is saved its value!

  • £ 1,000 free each year with a lifelong ISA

    rose titanic 84 years have passed

    Credit: Paramount Pictures

    Owning a home may look like a remote pipeline now, but you can help make that dream come true by saving money in Lifelong ISA (FOREST).

    By annually offering £ 1,000 of free money, LISA is arguably the most generous source of free money we can come up with.

    To get the full total, you’ll need to contribute £ 4,000 to your LISA in one tax year (April to April), but don’t worry if you don’t get that much – the government will still offer you a 25% bonus on everything you will also save up to £ 4000.

    The maximum total bonus you can earn on an ISA for life is £ 33,000 (equivalent to 33 years if you contribute £ 4,000 annually), which is definitely a lot of free money. But, as is always the case in life, there are a few catches.

    For starters, you can withdraw money from your LISA only if you use it either to buy a home, or if you are over 60 (and most likely use it for retirement). If you withdraw money for any other reason, you will lose all bonuses received plus an extra percentage of your money.

    So while you should only invest in LISA if you are sure you will use them for your home or retirement, this is probably a trick that will help you make the most free money. Look at ours guidance throughout ISA for everything you need to know.

  • Use sites with cashback for online shopping

    We’ve mentioned this several times in this guide and if you’re a fan of making and saving moneyChances are, you’re already pretty good at handling. But, just in case you don’t, here’s a quick breakdown.

    When buying something online, you can do so directly or go through a refund site. If it were possible, we would always recommend using the site for a refund.

    If you shop with cashback sitesIf you are on the website of your chosen retailer, you will have the same buying experience, but with one important difference: a coming back site will track your activity and refund you a percentage of the total purchase (or, in some cases) . cases, set amount).

    So many of your favorite stores are like cashback sites TopCashback and Quidcoincluding Topshop, ASOS and sometimes Amazon (although they usually only appear during peak shopping times). Normally you will be looking for a maximum of 5% or 6%, but better than nothing!

    Big money, as you might expect, in big purchases. If you buying car insurance either get a new phonesites that refund money will pay you more £ 100 to acquire it through them.

    You can also get your money back in supermarkets. As well as sites that offer cashback refund to online food stores,, supermarket feedback apps Invite offers for a 100% refund on a range of individual items: from sweet treats to pet food.

    Use sites with cashback every time you shop online and you can easily make money a few hundred pounds in free money every year. Just read ours a guide to earning cash and get started!

  • It pays to use the Internet with Swagbucks

    a person who uses the swagbucks website

    Spend your life online? Well, if you don’t re-read all your favorite Save the Student guides (we understand some of them are timeless classics), you could make free money just by using the internet.

    Among the many ways make money from swagbucks this will make it the default search engine. Although this means saying goodbye to Google (or, God forbid, Bing), you earn 10-20 SB points (the virtual currency used on Swagbucks) for every 10-20 search queries.

    Using these numbers, we found that if you search as usual for six months, you will earn about £ 300.

    But the free money does not end there. Swagbucks too pay you to watch the video which, let’s face it, pretty much all of us still do online. You may find it hard to make money this way, as it’s not as easy as a simple search, but it’s definitely worth going for.

    Come to us a guide to Swagbucks for more information, or just go ahead and subscribe to swagbucks now.

  • Make money on the go

    the dog keeps the lead in anticipation of the walk

    Credit: Jaromir Chalabala – Prison

    We all know about the three main benefits of walking: it’s free, it helps you stay healthy and healthy, and it is completely carbon neutral. But what if we told you that wherever you go, there is a fourth reason?

    Thanks to such applications Sweatcoin,, BetterPoints and rainbow, walking is now even better than free – it’s a source of free money.

    These apps track your movement throughout the day and reward your actions with virtual currency. Such “money” can be exchanged for gift cards in a number of popular shops and restaurants and, more importantly, for free money too.

    We will not lie, you will not become a millionaire earning free money from paid running apps – but keep your phone until you’re going and you’ll start to see how it pays off through them.

  • Win free money from contests

    the woman crossed her fingers

    Credit: Dean Drobot – Prison

    Let’s be clear. If we say you can win free money from competitions for free – we are not talking about entering the lottery, which costs money and gives you less likely to win than these lunatics.

    We’re talking about hundreds if not thousands of other competitions being held now in the UK that can enter for free and can win you a free amount of free cash.

    Participants in elite-level competitions (that is, people who compete in the region) claim to host about 100 competitions every day, but for most people it is simply unmanageable. If you intend about 30 a week, you will still receive a significant number of prizes (be it cash, items or experience).

    One of our favorite contests is to win free money Choose my zip code. All you have to do is register on the site and you will enter the prize draw to win £ 500 every day – easy!

    But there are still many competitions that offer free money in the thousands of pounds, so read ours a guide to winning contests for all the best places to find them.

  • Scan receipts for availability

    card machine with receipt

    Credit: ADgangan – Prison

    And last but not least, in our list of ways to earn for free: receipts. If you are often faced with throwing out receipts or even completely refusing, you may want to reconsider your actions.

    Also to make it much harder to provide your consumer rights get honored if you don’t keep the receipt, you may also notice that you have lost free cash. So be sure to keep them – at least long enough to be photographed.

    Why? Well, reception scanning app such as the receipt of receipt, Shoppix and this will help you download scanned copies of receipts for any purchase from any store. And, until you receive actual cash payments for each receipt, you will receive several coins or tokens each time you make an application.

    Once you’ve accumulated enough coins to withdraw, you’ll be able to get free money either as a voucher (including Amazon, thank God) or as cash (usually through PayPal).

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