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12 Trends in the E-Commerce Industry in 2017 You Need to Know.

People have started looking at Internet shopping very seriously in recent years. If you are into an ecommerce business, you need to know the latest trends. Go with the flow to succeed. Plan to expand your business with 12 trends in the e-commerce industry in mind.

1. Content of the Website

The basis of any ecommerce business is the content of the site. Content that provides the information needed to make a decision allows the customer to stay connected to your site.

During traditional shopping, we prefer to visit stores that have custom-tailored buyers that provide more product information. The site takes that place in e-shops.

Make sure you provide fresh content with all the details you need to make your online shopping free. Also, include live chat options on your website to drive more traffic.

2. Payment Options

Most of us want to buy things. But when it comes to paying all of us, look for more options. To increase Ecommerce sales, be flexible with different payment methods. They include Apple Pay, PayPal Express, credit and debit card payments. In addition to adding more options, you can also choose an affordable payment method.

3. Delivery and delivery

OK, we had a great online shopping experience with attractive content and secure payment options. What next? Delivery and delivery. One of the keys to online business success is talking about fast delivery. But do you know? 58% of online shoppers add more items to their carts if the free shipping option is marked on that item. That doesn’t stop there, every 83 customers out of 100 customers don’t have to wait long to get their products if the postage is free.

4. Return policy

Smooth shopping journey does not arrive after delivery. In fact, it starts after that. Wondering how? Yes, after receiving the product, people are considering a refund policy for various reasons. To stay ahead of your business in 2017, you need to prepare to take on the cost of transportation not only for delivery but also for return. People will get an order online at your site if they can replace it at no charge after they have personally viewed the item.

5. Custom shopping

Digital store owners agreed that personalized shopping attracts more customers than buying generic products. Without a doubt, this trend will grow in the coming years.

Expand your web portal with advanced technology. Provide more brands and more product selection options. Customize loyalty programs. Understand that all customers never think alike. Get their pulse right to sell your product.

Are you aware? Your competitors started moving before this trend. Don’t wait to start planning to adapt to your shopping needs.

6. Video

You Tube videos were named in 2016 for ecommerce shopping.

In 2017, the focus shifted to using on-site video. Video description products had higher conversion rates. A case study conducted by Tassimo shows that the conversion rate reached 74% and 340% of customer engagement with on-site videos, respectively.

7. Voice Search

Voice searches were picked up in serious online business. No longer does voice search work as a fun tool. Use voice search on your website to increase sales efficiently.

How to benefit from voice search? Optimize the content on your site so that it appears in Google search results. This helps customers find the product by simply talking to Google’s voice search provision.

See a Google research report that confirms that voice search contributes to 20% of search requests.

8. Mobile App Purchase

Needless to say, mobile shopping began with the galloping of computers. Just click this to find out more. Keep in mind that an online merchant not only creates a website that responds to mobile devices, but also combines the functionality of a mobile wallet pinned to your store.

E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Apple,, Walmart, etc. use a mobile app that contributes a significant share of revenue.

9. Fraud Alert Tool

Imagine making an expensive house and not providing a door. Yes, building a great website and lacking a fraud management tool pushes your business down.

Customers do not shop online when private and security tapes do not meet their expectations. 2017 will continue to have a significant impact on this trend.

10. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday are attracting more attention from online shoppers. The 2017 trend confirmed that the gap between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is narrowing. Both shopping holidays have moved online.

11. Multi-channel shopping

The shopping trend has gained popularity through multichannel. We know that people want a device to buy. Customers who pass by your store do not physically visit your store. But don’t worry, he / she pulls out a smartphone and looks online to gather product information. He then orders an order after leaving home. Think of a warehouse Google Apis says 42% of shoppers are present in physical online stores to get home. Sounds funny? No, it’s true.

12. Social Sales

The trend of sales on social networks will grow through 2017. Each online store owner focuses on promoting their brands through social media platforms.

In the early stages of an online business, fire up online sales using Facebook live videos and show off product features. Once your business starts collecting, include on-site videos.

Quick conclusion

Risk and race become part of all business. An ecommerce business cannot escape this. Just adopt these 12 trends posted above to improve your online business with the marketplace.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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