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A sales funnel is a collection of ideal events that lead through leads, and then move from potential buyer to buyer. This process can consist of only two events: a landing page and a reporting point – or a complex one through which some of the sales funnels are constantly going.

We have prepared for you 12 sales funnel templates that you can steal, customize and deploy in minutes. All of these funnels can be copied to your own ClickFunnels account and used immediately.

You simply need to replace your copies and images. You can convert your sales funnel and start it in minutes.

If you still have a ClickFunnels account, use the link above or just click here and you will get a 14-day free trial. You could play these streams right after you logged in.

Alternatively, if you are just starting out with sales funnels, you can read our article Examples and Best Selling Examples or get all the funnel books from Russell Brunson (creator of ClickFunnels) from start to finish: DotCom Secrets.

You better dive right in!

1. Free Book and Delivery Flow

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Free book flow

People often talk about the positioning power and authority you can achieve with a book. I wrote the book poorly and it helped me position myself in my market, however, attracting eyeballs to the book is expensive. The only option I had without breaking the bank was Amazon.

Although Amazon is a great source of book sales, competition is fierce.

One of the best alternatives found, it offers its eBook or ebook for free where the potential user pays for shipping. In this case, shipping costs also include the cost of a bare-bones book.

This allows you to deliver thousands and thousands of books, while covering all your costs, including the cost of low-level advertising.

This free book offering is specifically designed to generate a very large number of leads very quickly while covering all your basic expenses. You make a lot of money with the front deals of this funnel, but this will generate a very large amount of leads.

From there, you can enable the other two phases of the final, one-off offer, to download and generate profits.

2. Easy wheel to generate coaches, consultants and agencies

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Coaching funnel and consulting funnel

For those of you in the consulting, coaching or agency business, this funnel is a life saver. This stream is intended to get someone out as quickly as possible from a strategic or sales call.

There are four very simple steps to this flow:

Step One: Present a Valuable Offer

In one step, it represents a valuable offering that is directly applicable to the market they are looking for. In this case, it applies to dentists, and for dentists, one of the biggest problems is that they generate new patients when they need them.

The offer in this step is a free case study and training video that teaches them how to generate a patient on demand.

Step Two: Deliver

The second step is simply to submit your offer. In this case, I offered video training. What I provide on the second page is a 20-minute video training that also serves as a video sales letter.

From there, I turn my attention to the videos to qualify them and then point them in the direction of the app buttons below.

Step Three: Login

In three steps, I try to qualify to make sure that my phone time is lost. I do this through a simple application form. It takes them about 10 minutes and the consistency of many questions I would normally have to ask on the phone to qualify.

At the end of the applications, they have the option of booking a call directly or waiting for someone to call and tell them to answer.

Step four: Book a call

I try to avoid manual tasks as much as possible, so the cold booking and strategic session of this stream happens automatically. They can go to the page where the link for my calendar is embedded and reserve the time of my son’s choice when available. I also limit it to the first eight days from when they start booking. This allows me to make sure that when they book they are booked weeks in advance and then they will forget.

After that, it’s all about your sales process to close the price on your phone.

3. Simple flow of real estate

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Funnel for real estate

This simple funnel was created around the simple goal of attracting potential buyers to exhibitions. Combined with targeted Facebook ads, this stream generated 9 private shows with an average cost-per-view of $ 2.37. Of these 9 impressions, 2 deals were made and the apartment was sold at full price.

It is poorly replaced in detail samples for shared flow, but maintains a simple and powerful flow with a unique goal in mind. Related to real photography, this funnel is very powerful in creating customer responsibilities.

4. The perfect webinar funnel

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The webinar point

This stream takes the lead through easy-to-register webinars that lead straight to qualified video. They are designed to completely move guides through readily available content to provide value and display them for webinars.

If you have a lot of experience with webinars, it should start. They have developed a very powerful strategy for selling higher value products / services. If you want proven webinar scripts to help you get started, I recommend getting the perfect Russell Brunson script and training – for free!

Or you can invest in filling in the gaps of the Script Builder. Persecate the same tool I use for almost all of my workflows. Uses proven copy formulas to generate high copy copies in minutes. Verbatim.

5. Fish fragment

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A pond funnel is the best example of easy lead-to-flow lead generation for customers. Use a simple free quote on the front to convert traffic to leads, then use a discounted quote or a quote to convert a potential buyer into a buyer almost immediately.

One of the most practical flows forward, which works really well for offline companies.

6. A real funnel for things

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This stream uses a free sample or offers to get it. From there, they are currently offered the best deal to upgrade their order. Proven proven to work very well in the gym market where you have free trial or trial offers that can be subscribed to.

7. Funnel formulas for launching products

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This flow follows the flow of the classic product launch formula method, which has made more than $ 400 million in online purchases.

One of the highest methods of turning information products around, and works equally well with physical products. The flow is a simple, interesting letter about the sale of the videos with the plugin, followed by 4 videos in which you achieve incredible value. The precision of what each video should contain is in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. You can also find information about it in his book Launch.

8. Travel Offer Report

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This is a very simple funnel designed to create an audience of targeted leads while covering the cost of generating leads. It all starts with a free report quote that speaks directly to the market you are looking for. When someone signs up to receive a report, the page thanks the page for downloading the report as well as the recommended resource directly linked to the report.

If a potential customer clicks through to a recommended resource, they will redirect them to a simple sales letter to sell the tripwire product (typically $ 1 to $ 37). On the order page you also have the option of “bump” one-click bids to increase your profitability in sales.

To build an initial audience of 5,000 – 10,000 people with a list of 1,000 to 2,000 customers, the simplest funnel to use is consumed.

9. Simple advertising flow

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This simple one-step funnel is endlessly implemented for highly targeted advertising campaigns. We use ClickFunnels with this flow to schedule keyword points for hyper-targeted Google AdWords and Bing campaigns.

In a few minutes, we can tailor each stream to the target keyword and apply a high Quality Score and high lead lead stream.

This stream provides just enough information and social proof for the lead qualities and enables sales calls to turn them into customers.

10. Free Offer Consulting

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This is a new stream tested using copies of Frank Kern styles to deliver incredible value to highly qualified clients.

This funnel is infinitely repeatable, as is the copy formula behind it.

The linked line is tailored for marketing consulting, but can be used in any market and with any service (business brokers, real estate, copywriting, graphic design, architects, etc.).

11. One-on-one calling character

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let_s_talk__1-on-1 __% f0% 9f% 94% 8a

A friend needed a flow to help him manage a one-on-one coaching call booking and limit the number of reserved calls while he was distributing work. I put together a simple funnel for people who have an audience and wish they could book individual calls with them.

This stream has a simple cover to explain a bit more about the calls, a little social proof, and one single call to action to secure their place of call. This leads to an order form to secure their one-on-one call and is eventually sent to the Calendar Calendar page to book a one-on-one call upon payment.

It’s a nice and easy alternative to something like for those who want to offer one-on-one assistance to angry fans in your audience.

12. MedSpa Botox Stream Quiz

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MedSpa Botox Stream Quiz

This simple check flow is a great way to qualify for medspa deals before they arrive at your client’s medical spa. To qualify, they went through a simple 3-step process.

1) A 12-step quiz to qualify a potential lead guide by understanding if botox is right for them or have they done it before and do you want to switch clinics

2) collecting information (name, email address, phone number, and any other information you would like to record to track leads)

3) The following actions to turn a guide into your customer’s medspa client foot


I hope you enjoyed the pile of streams. Each has been tested and proven in many markets. Everyone has a direct link to share, and there is no discussion about why you need to start any of your business funnels within the next 30 minutes.

Go ahead and generate some leads!

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


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