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Because “shopping” is the ultimate conversion, it is necessary to remove as many obstacles as possible from the buyer’s research and purchase cycle. Providing visitors with key ingredients in their shopping experience creates a seamless transaction process and hassle-free. It is easier to shop and buy more customers, it will overcome the natural hesitations that many feel before committing to pushing the final “full order” button.

Search functionality

If possible, create an extremely robust and accurate search function for the site. A good search function should be able to provide visitors with the information they are looking for, even if the products are misspelled in the search box or if the search products do not offer any at all. Beware, because nothing less than a perfect search function serves only to frustrate and not help visitors.

Navigation paths

Make clear navigation paths from the moment you add a product to your cart. This time it should allow them to continue their purchase, continue through the purchase process, or receive additional questions as needed.

Calls to action

Information and product pages must consistently use clear calls to action to encourage shoppers to shop now, except for later or posting reviews. This not only empowers your visitors, it also forces them to continue through the process.

Product presentation

Showcase your products in a way that allows visitors to quickly gather the information they need. Use clean images, enable multiple views and enlargements to give the visitor a full view of the product they are buying.

Product availability

The Product Availability List is a useful signal that customers can buy this product immediately and expect to receive it soon. At the very least, be sure to tell your guests if the product is out of stock or if there is a delay in delivery.

Product Comparison Guides

It is extremely helpful to allow customers to compare product features and benefits side by side. If you are not selling more products then make a comparison between your product and your competition. Be honest, if your product lacks what a competitor has, a document that is appropriate.

Customer reviews

If possible, allow your customers to post reviews on your product pages. Do not discriminate against the removal of adverse reviews, they can be helpful and show that your reviews can be trusted and that you stand behind your products despite occasional negative comments.

Up-sell / cross-sell

Be sure to use your full potential and cross-selling opportunities. Provide a list of related products that usually go with any current items in your cart or product being viewed. You can also show similar products that have different features that might be more customer friendly.


If possible, allow customers to purchase additional services such as engraving, customizing, gift wrapping, etc. These features can create a nice sales opportunity and provide visitors with the customization they need for special purchases.

Contact a representative

Some customers want comfort when they know they can call and seek help with their order. They may even prefer to order over the phone. Meet your visitor’s needs by easily finding a 1-800 contact number along with other contact information.

Billing options

Give your customers more options on how to pay for their purchase. Some customers are comfortable with one form of payment over another, and allowing their favorite option may be all it takes to hit the pay now button.

They are not your products but your customers, but they are your most valuable customers. Most likely, the same products you sell can be found elsewhere and at cheaper prices. This means that you need to make sure that your customers are treated accordingly. By ensuring that your site meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of customers, it provides a comfortable and reliable environment that will make it easy to buy and buy. This, in turn, will improve conversions by selling more products at a lower cost.

Thanks for visiting our site. As a way of saying "thanks" here's a FREE course on how to make $688 a day online using FREE methods: 


by Stoney DeGeyter




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